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Big Bird 05-04-2011 05:56 PM

Is Kevin Kolb Cleveland-Bound?
Browns New Quarterback: Is Kevin Kolb Cleveland-Bound?

Just because there is no true off-season in the NFL right now and transactions are frozen doesn't mean we can't speculate and hear tons of juicy rumors!

The latest rumor involves arguably the most talked about Quarterback in the league right now, Kevin Kolb. Everybody knows the Philadelphia Eagles (Kolb's current team) plan to move the young signal caller once the lockout is lifted. The heavy speculation has been on which team Kolb would end up with.

Arizona? Seattle? Miami? All need Quarterbacks, but do they all have the necessary ammunition needed to swing a deal for Kolb?

One team certainly does, and that is the Cleveland Browns.
Rest of the article is in the link and can also be read here.

Hope everybody enjoys!

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