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ellsy82 06-22-2011 01:55 AM

7 Round Ratbird Mock
Hey...trying to figure out 2012 team needs while bored outta my skull during this lockout. Let me know what you think of this 7 round mock front to back. I counted every underclassmen that's been labelled as round 1-4.

1. Robert Lester*, FS, Alabama
Obviously, with Reed reaching that age where he's less effective, a suitable replacement should be drafted to replace him. Lester should be a pro bowler in future year.

2. Kheestan Randall, DE, Texas
DE is always a good early round selection for 3-4 defenses. He's a guy that can pressure the QB and open up holes for your many linebackers.

3. Chris Galippo, ILB, USC
Eventually, you'll need to replace Ray Ray. Galippo or Hightower could be a choice here. Either way, you need a replacement for Lewis with him inching into the twilight of his career.

4. William Vlachos, C, Alabama
Not a huge priority, but Vlachos can play either guard or center and would be a great addition to a great offensive line.

5. Jermaine Thomas, RB, Florida St
Just insurance should you not resign McGinest. A speedy back to compliment a tough bruiser like Rice.

6. Darius Fleming, OLB, Notre Dame
Not a complete need, but it will help your depth at the position. You lost Scott, so adding another good OLB for depth can't be a bad idea.

7. Josh Pleasant, CB, Kent St
Pleasant has the speed to be a pick-off artist at the next level. Always has his eye on the QB and jumps routes accordingly. Would be a safe pick in the seventh round.

Anyway...I hope you don't eclipse 5 wins this year, but I'm sure we'll see you in the playoffs. Best of luck.

coordinator0 06-22-2011 09:26 AM

It's way too early to know what our needs are, but I think the one sure thing we're going to end up needing is a pass-rusher. Kindle has been cleared to play but even if he does contribute on the field he and Suggs are the only guys we have that can get after the QB. Not addressing that need until the 6th round would be a huge disappointment for me. Of course that could change if we add a guy or two via free agency.

A replacement for Reed could be a good pick early, it just depends on how he plays and looks next season. I think he still has a good 2-3 years left so at this point I wouldn't take a S that would sit behind him for a couple of years in the first round but like I said it depends.

A 5-technique seems like it could also be a big need. Across from Ngata we have Redding, Kruger, and the newly acquired Pernell McPhee. Redding shouldn't affect what we do at the position since he's a FA after next season and he's not a good option for the future anyways. I'm still holding out hope for Kruger but he's shown to be nothing more than a depth guy and McPhee is a raw 5th round draft pick that'll take a couple of years to develop.

ILB is also another obvious need. Next to Lewis we have a bunch of meh and although that meh is mostly young we need better talent. I wouldn't be surprised to see us take an ILB in the first next season.

C should also be high on the list with Birk going into his last year and us having no replacement for him at the moment.

RB depth could be a concern, but a lot depends on what we want to do with McClain. It seems like McGahee won't be back but if we re-sign McClain and move him back into his power RB role then I don;t see RB as much of a need at all.

Overall that's not a bad draft for the Ravens though.

drd23 06-23-2011 12:41 AM

Dont know much about the last 3 guys, but if we were to get a good FS, ILB, C and pass rusher in the first 4 rounds I'd be quite happy (based on the roster now)

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