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draftguru151 08-16-2011 03:24 PM

Thoughts from the Atlanta game
Just some random stuff.

Henne's last drive looked really good. Made some strong, accurate throws. Made some plays with his legs. Can't have the inconsistencies though. Moore made some nice throws, very confident. Athletic but got some happy feet.

Daniel Thomas looked good but didn't have much room to run. Nice catch, looked explosive. Don't think Kory Sheets has much of a future here, hoping at least. Interested to see Charles Clay and how he is used, moved around quite a bit. Hartline and Bess did what was expected. Gates looked good, very smooth, showed off the speed some. Wallace needs to develop some actual WR skills, showed off his physical tools though.

Pouncey looked ok. Didn't really move anyone but stalemated guys and turned them, kept them away from the ball carrier. Got to the 2nd level well, pass blocked well. Vernon Carey didn't look very good at guard, failed to get across guys faces more than once and didn't get a push. Pass blocked well, but don't know if he has the quickness to play inside. Colombo looked good at RT though.

Starting D wasn't in much but Dansby, Vontae and Starks all flashed. Odrick looked really good, very active. IAF had some nice plays. Edds looked good too. Nolan Carroll had a rough game, definitely has the athletic ability but not very good in coverage overall. Jimmy Wilson baaaaaalled. Excited about him. Chris Clemons made a few plays. Reshad Jones was pretty quiet. Spitler, Merling and Trusnik all struggled.

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