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2 Live Crew 08-31-2011 10:25 AM

2011 Skins Predictions
Ok, with the 3rd preseason game out of the way...its that time to get excited for some real football. What are you predictions this season? This should be fun to look back after to see how wrong we are.

Give me the final record, Offensive POY, Def POY, biggest dissapointment...and anything else bold you have to say.

Final Record: 6-10

I was on about 5 wins for awhile, but with a nice preseason and lookin at their schedule(AFC West)...they should be able to get to 6. If everything goes right, I could see the ceiling being about 9 wins. A floor of 4 wins.

OPOY: Hightower

This is more about what I think of the OL's run blocking abilities. They showed me they were much improved and really getting the ZBS down in yr 2. Hightower, or Torain/Helu if he gets hurt...either way this running game is going to be nice this year.

DPOY: Cofield

He may not show up on the stat sheet that much, but he will make this 3-4 go. He will allow the LB's to have some nice years, and brings toughness to the middle of the DL that we haven't had in years.


On offense, I'll say Cooley. I just think his days are numbered here with Fred Davis. He wasn't good last year and he's battling injuries all preseason.

On D, I'll just say the secondary as a whole. I'm assuming Landry is gonna battle injuries all year again and not be effective for much of the year because of that. I still think DHall is overrated (still our best CB), but we have no real depth in the secondary after DH and LL. Luckily theres not many elite QB's on the schedule, but when we do face them I expect to be picked apart back there.

2 Live Crew 01-17-2012 09:15 AM

Not too bad, W/L prediction was 1 off. OPOY was probably Helu so the line of thinking was correct there.

DPOY i was off...probably Fletcher or Kerrigan.

Dissapointment...Cooley was definitely a candidate, his career is probably pretty much done but that was kind of an easy pick. And Landry battling injuries all year as expected and not contributing much.

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