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bored of education 12-21-2011 07:49 PM

Casey Pachall - QB - TCU
Casey Pachall

Pachall has a unique personality that resembles that of a grouchy, gritty Philip Rivers. He has the natural skill set of a Big Ben. But who is Casey Pachall? How does his game translate?

I think he will be a first rounder next year after having a monstrous rs. Jr Year. He has a very good arm, smooth effortless arm action even though its not 100% over the top. He has the mobility to use in run action fakes but the past part is to slam the edges on those 15-25 yard throws to the sidelines. He has a very good arm and shows solid anticipatory skills.

I like his game a lot. It is hard for me to compare his natural abilities. I have him rated as my third overall available QB next year and could end up number 2 behind Tyler Wilson.

Please watch his bowl game tonight and take notes of this kid, BEAST.

Matthew Jones 12-21-2011 07:51 PM

Nice scouting report, +rep. Pachall was impressive against Baylor this year; definitely one to keep an eye on tonight.

TACKLE 12-21-2011 07:55 PM

bored of education....if you're the leader of the Casey Pachall bandwagon, I call being second in command. :D

This guy is the real deal. Very solid athlete, good size, an NFL arm and has been a very accurate and efficient passer this year. His attitude may turn some people off but I like it. He definitely looks to have the makings of a future first round pick. As for a comparison, physically, maybe a taller Tony Romo? Hmmm I'll have to think about it.

Right now, I'm really loving the potential of the 2013 QB class.

ElectricEye 12-21-2011 07:59 PM

He's big, mobile, has a good arm, and is pretty accurate. Haven't seen enough of him to say anything else, but it those things certainly count for a lot. I'm excited to get a look at him tonight too.

bored of education 12-21-2011 08:04 PM

He throws so well inside and outside of the pocket. You rarely see someone that can do both very well. I want to see how he anticipates his receivers, does he throw them open or does he wait until he sees them open after they make their breaks/moves.

Amped for tonights game!

TACKLE 12-21-2011 08:05 PM

I'll get a better feel for him after this game but his skillset and movement remind me of a more athletic Matty Ice.

Caulibflower 12-21-2011 08:15 PM

Nice third down throw... bad drop. Ouch.

bored of education 12-21-2011 08:21 PM

I agree solid throw, nice zip, good timing. VERY BAD DROP!

Caulibflower 12-21-2011 09:15 PM

Colby Camerson is making some nice throws tonight, too. Sleeper for next year? Eh?

Just got the starting job midway through this season and has had a couple huge games against the likes of Fresno State and Nevada.

Caulibflower 12-21-2011 09:21 PM

Pachall's receivers are not helping him out very much tonight. Man. That's frustrating.

bored of education 12-21-2011 09:25 PM

Yes, I agree. Ughh. Still in this game and the whole TCU team minus the punter and Pachall are still on the bus/plane

Caulibflower 12-22-2011 12:24 AM

That last touchdown throw was really nice. He had several throws tonight go off his receiver's hands tonight. Had nice touch on his deep ball and looked good throwing it when he didn't have much time to do so. Liked how he quickly got out to his left and got the ball off on the aforementioned throw; hard to do for a right-handed QB, and he did it with the rush coming fast. I think it was probably his best play of the night. Definitely some ability there. I liked what I saw tonight, despite it not being a very impressive showing overall by the TCU offense.

ElectricEye 12-22-2011 01:40 AM

Tonight didn't really tell me much either way. Obviously, his receivers didn't really help him out very much with the early drops. The entire TCU team looked like they were just going through the motions, actually(took them way too long to realize they were bigger, faster, and stronger than Louisiana Tech)...but some of it was on him for sure. His throws down the field weren't really all that impressive. He showed good touch on some of them, but he didn't put the ball where it needed to be every time and seemed to be half a step late getting the ball out on a few.

There's still a lot to like about him, obviously. Just a bit disappointed by his performance. We've seen him play better in bigger moments already through.

The one real thing I'm concerned about so far is his arm. He's not the type of guy who really rips it every attempt, but the velocity on some of these throws(especially down the field) doesn't seem to be as good as advertised.

Caulibflower 12-22-2011 02:54 AM

Yeah, he really didn't blow me away, but didn't really hurt himself either. If we're talking about him as a potential first or second-rounder next year, watching him tonight just makes me think, "Eh, maybe. Show me some more."

D-Unit 12-22-2011 12:01 PM

Let's be real. He wasn't on target with all those dropped passes. Several were a couple feet off. Don't just blame the WRs and give him a pass. He has A LOT to improve upon before crownage.

LaTech is not that good either btw. Even Hawaii smashed them.

That said... I would've been happier with him if he covered the spread. LOL.

bored of education 09-09-2012 07:18 PM

Casey Pachall was 9-9, 3 TDs, 201 yards in a game vs. the juggernaut that is Grambling St.

If Casey blows up this year and follows up last years amazing campaign can Casey Pachall be a 1st round pic?

Even with his off the field issues where he admitted to using substances deemed illegal by most forms of government. Can his candor be applauded or will it be lauded?

I still think he can become a 1st round pick.

bored of education 09-15-2012 10:51 PM

If it wasn't for the 2 red zone fumbles I would then say Casey Pachall had an A+ game. He threw with accuracy and velocity. His o line didnt play well but through well under pressure. Good ball placement and location. I really think this guy could end up in the last first-mid 2nd around 30-45 range.

The last 5 games of the season is where Pachall will earn his draft grade:
@ Okie St
@ W. Va
vs. K State
@ Texas
vs. OU

rawdawg 09-16-2012 09:16 AM

Big fan of Pachall, but I think he should and will stay in college for his senior year. And if he does stay, I think he can legitimately compete with Bray, Murray, Thomas (if they don't leave this year) and Mettenberger for the top QB for the 2014 draft.

YotoJets007 09-21-2012 04:44 PM

Because he snorted coke, I don't see he going to skip senior campaign.

Is that a good reason?

bored of education 09-22-2012 02:48 PM

I think he may be forced to declare. Then will be drafted in 2nd-3rd round. Sit a year or two in a situation similar to that of Foles last year. Pachall is a much better Qb than Foles and projects better.

Today he was getting hit a lot, the oline let up too many pressures. He throw some strikes to the opposite sideline, had some very good catches by his wideouts.

Todd Bertuzzi 09-27-2012 09:12 AM

Saw on twitter that the only big 12 qbs to ever have a higher passer rating through 3 games were Bradford and rg3.

princefielder28 10-04-2012 10:21 AM

DWI last night for Casey

TACKLE 10-04-2012 11:01 AM

Goddamnit Casey. On the field, he might be as high as my #3 QB in this class but he just makes such ****** decisions off that field that you just can't trust him.

y.f.s. 10-04-2012 11:21 AM

Casey gotta chill out.

Don Vito 10-04-2012 11:21 AM

He has talent but he puts himself in some really tough spots. What the hell is goin on at TCU?

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