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Shane P. Hallam 01-15-2012 07:05 PM

January 15th Mock Draft
If you have constructive criticism, great, but don't whine because the position taken isn't a need (not all teams draft for need,) and try to have an open mind. If you complain about draft order, I neg rep you :) No trades, but kind of projected the typical one.

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck QB/Stanford

Seems pretty self-explanatory at this point. The Colts chatter may be gearing up for a Peyton Manning release and new franchise QB.

2. St. Louis Rams – Matt Kalil OT/USC

Trading down is a real possibility here, but the Rams have found out why Saffold wasn’t a first round pick. He’s not a left tackle and they need a stud. Matt Kalil would be it, allow Saffold to go to RT and Jason Smith to get healthy and find a spot.

3. Minnesota Vikings – Morris Claiborne CB/LSU

Absolutely terrible secondary for Minnesota. If Kalil is gone, Claiborne would be a slam dunk with his shut down tendencies. He is right up there with Patrick Peterson as a prospect.

4. Cleveland Browns – Justin Blackmon WR/Oklahoma State

If RGIII is there, I doubt the Browns pass, but a trade is likely to happen IMO. If so, the offense is still the weak point of the Browns. Add Blackmon with Little, I think the Browns offense could really turn around.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Trent Richardson RB/Alabama

Depends on the next head coach, but I wonder if they will feel Blount is a “franchise” RB. Richardson is and could be the focal point of an offense that sputtered last year.

6. Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin QB/Baylor

I think they make a move to go up and get him to 2 or 3, but the Redskins would be an ideal fit for RGIII. Biggest need, and the Redskins aren’t that far off from being successful.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dre Kirkpatrick CB/Alabama

With Blackmon gone, I think Gene Smith would move to CB where Dre Kirkpatrick is the best available. His physical play could bring injuries, but Kirkpatrick is moving up and fits in the top ten right now.

8. Miami Dolphins – Whitney Mercilus LB/Illinois

Not a huge Mercilus fan, but I can see him standing up and fitting into the Dolphins defense opposite Cam Wake. Insanely productive this year with good explosion off the step, a piece the Fins are lacking on defense.

9. Carolina Panthers* - Michael Brockers DT/LSU

They spend two third round picks on defensive tackles last year, so I am sketchy about this, but it is a tough spot with their needs and what is on the board. Brockers is pretty raw himself but a nice blend of athletic ability and towering strength could allow him to be a permanent starter for the Panthers.

10. Buffalo Bills – Riley Reiff OT/Iowa

As well as they played early in the season, the Bills offensive line went way downhill late. After paying Fitzpatrick, he needs protected. Reiff a safe option who can play numerous spots around the line.

11. Kansas City Chiefs* - David DeCastro OG/Stanford

After losing Waters, the Chiefs could use a franchise left guard to keep the offensive cog running. DeCastro is the best to come in a decade and well worth a top 15 pick.

12. Seattle Seahawks* - Janoris Jenkins CB/North Alabama

I don’t love Jenkins this high. Heck, he could easily fall to the second round. Corners do seem to be in demand and with top notch workouts, a team like Seattle may look the other way and try to bring in a big time playmaker for the secondary.

13. Arizona Cardinals – Jonathan Martin OT/Stanford

The biggest crux of the Arizona Cardinals has been the offensive line. An upside left tackle like Martin would fit perfectly, but there HAS to be top coaching to get him to reach that potential. Arizona could fall short of that goal.

14. Dallas Cowboys – Mark Barron S/Alabama

A tad high for Barron but it is a huge need. No corner worth the pick here and Barron has shown enough polish this year to start from Day One for the Dallas Cowboys.

15. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Kuechly LB/Boston College

Eagles LB’s are their weakness. Though Reid doesn’t draft them early, there is a first time for everything. Kuechly would bring leadership and solidify a weakness in a team that was getting hot toward the end of the season.

16. New York Jets – Courtney Upshaw LB/Alabama

Maybe a bit high, but I can see the Jets adding a pass rusher very early. Upshaw doesn’t bring much upside, but the tenacity he brings to the table is exactly what the Jets team needs.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (f/ OAK) – Alfonzo Dennard CB/Nebraska

This is high for Dennard, but with Leon Hall already locked into the #1 corner spot, Dennard as a #2 makes a lot of sense over Jenkins or Gilmore.

18. San Diego Chargers – Nick Perry LB/USC

Nick Perry is an AJ Smith type of pick. Underclassman who has a lot of work to do to fit into their defense. The pass rush for the Chargers was pretty horrible in blitzing the passer, Perry could help fix that.

19. Chicago Bears – Alshon Jeffery WR/South Carolina

I wonder where Alshon ultimately goes, but in terms of body type, he is likely what the Bears will try to bring in. If Jeffery plays up to his potential, he is a true #1 NFL WR, especially with a QB like Jay Cutler.

20. Tennessee Titans – Cordy Glenn OG/Georgia

The Titans don’t have any glaring holes, but a versatile lineman like Glenn could be utilized by Munchak. He can play LG and RG and at worst will be a stud back-up.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Quinton Coples DE/North Carolina

Is Coples a top 20 pick? He may not be come April. Could be a real steal for the Bengals at 21 if he falls and gives them more rotational options at DE.

22. Cleveland Browns (f/ ATL) – Ryan Tannehill QB/Texas A&M

Will the broken foot cripple his stock? It may not with high demand for a QB. If the Browns don’t go out and get Matt Flynn, developing Tannehill is a nice option for a late 1st rounder.

23. Detroit Lions – Zach Brown LB/North Carolina

I actually love this fit. If Cliff Avril is gone, Brown adds a linebacker with the athleticism to rush the passer but still fill a hole.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Dontari Poe DT/Memphis

With Casey Hampton and Chris Hoke both potentially on new teams next year, the Steelers are all out of luck at nose tackle. Poe gives an athletic option that fits Lebeau’s defense.

25. Denver Broncos – Devon Still DT/Penn State

Still could go much higher than this, but a real steal for the Broncos if he falls to 25. Was consistent this year and upgrades an interior D for pass rushing that desperately needs it.

26. Houston Texans – Michael Floyd WR/Notre Dame

Will some off the field issues drop him? If it does, the Texans would likely scoop Floyd up. A big, fast option who will be one of the best run blockers on the team to spring Arian Foster. Sky is the limit for the Texans offense.

27. New England Patriots (f/ NO) – Fletcher Cox DE/Mississippi State

With the way the Patriots switch around their defensive personnel and scheme, Fletcher Cox can do it all. Fits as a run stuffing DT or 5-tech with some athleticism.

28. Green Bay Packers – Jerel Worthy DE/Michigan State

Worthy should be a first round pick as he is the best defensive lineman off the snap in this draft. Inconsistency could lower him down, but the Packers may snatch him up as a Cullen Jenkins replacement.

29. San Francisco 49ers – Kendall Wright WR/Baylor

Wright may not have the size, but he has the speed, hands, and football IQ to be a top NFL WR. As San Fran gets younger on O, Wright adds a new dynamic for them.

30. Baltimore Ravens – Peter Konz C/Wisconsin

Solid interior line prospect who can play center or guard. Fits the Ravens M.O. on the offensive line and with no left tackle worth a pick here, Konz makes sense.

31. New England Patriots – Melvin Ingram LB/South Carolina

If the Patriots actually keep this pick, a pass rusher like Melvin Ingram could be intriguing. He can put his hand down as a base rusher or stand up at linebacker when needed.

32. New York Giants – Vontaze Burfict LB/Arizona State

Burfict could fall this far and the Giants could reap the benefits if they can reel him in. With the pass rush in front of him, Burfict would have huge potential

Second Round

33. St. Louis Rams – Mohamed Sanu WR/Rutgers

With the first pick in the 2nd round, the Rams get their #1 WR. Sanu’s big hands and his ability to execute the double move to perfection leaves him as a fringe first round target.

34. Indianapolis Colts – Chase Minnifield CB/Virginia

Though Gilmore is a better overall corner, Minnifield would fit the Colts defense a bit better. This may not be the most pressing need, but it is a position that can use an upgrade and value on the board matches up.

35. Minnesota Vikings – Zebrie Sanders OT/Florida State

The Vikings lack an elite LT option. Sanders’ athleticism would allow him to play on the left or right side and though he isn’t an elite option, he should be able to start from Day One.

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Stephon Gilmore CB/South Carolina

Gilmore has first round talent but the interview process will determine where he goes. If Talib is on the outs, the Bucs will need a replacement. Gilmore has a similar skillset and should fit in whatever scheme the Bucs go with.

37. Cleveland Browns – Lamar Miller RB/Miami

Peyton Hillis may be back, but even so, there is no runner on the Browns who can do it all. Lamar Miller would leap to first on the depth chart and give a tough runner with explosion.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dwight Jones WR/North Carolina

Jones has #1 WR upside but he isn’t quite there yet. His big hands and ability after the catch would give the Jags a dimension they don’t have right now.

39. Washington Redskins – Mike Adams OT/Ohio State

Highly inconsistent, but the Redskins injuries on the offensive line make depth a top priority. Should start as a back-up and develop into a starting LT or RT.

40. Carolina Panthers – Leonard Johnson CB/Iowa State

Chris Gamble was a Top 5 NFL corner this year, but with the lack of secondary talent around him, the Panthers struggled. Leonard Johnson is a playmaker who gets by on technique and intelligence, perfect for the Panthers.

41. Buffalo Bills – Andre Branch LB/Clemson

The lack of pass rush killed the Bills in the 2nd half of the season. Andre Branch’s versatility should be favored by the Bills who may be switching defensive systems again.

42. Miami Dolphins – Orson Charles TE/Georgia

Charles has the ability to find holes in zones and he has shown tenacity in blocking. Though Anthony Fasano is a fine option, Charles would create huge mismatches for Dolphins opponents.

43. Seattle Seahawks – Brock Osweiler QB/Arizona State

Osweiler screams to be overdrafted this year, and if Pete Carroll likes him, he will nab him. The big frame and strong arm is full of upside, but a long way to go for Osweiler.

44. Kansas City Chiefs – Alameda Ta’amu DT/Washington

Could see Romeo Crennel wanting a real nose tackle for his defense. Ta’amu is more about upside than production, but you can’t teach size.

45. Dallas Cowboys – Ronnell Lewis LB/Oklahoma

The Cowboys could use more pass rushers, even if just on a rotational basis. Lewis is somewhat underrated but would be a good fit for the Boys.

46. Philadelphia Eagles – Brandon Thompson DT/Clemson

Thompson is a first round talent, but just doesn’t have the pass rush ability teams savor. Rotating in on the Eagles defensive line would give them another healthy body to keep the defense stout up front.

47. New York Jets – Chris Polk RB/Washington

Polk isn’t overly fast or quick, but toughness and vision are assets he has that would be an upgrade over Shonn Greene.

48. New England Patriots (f/ OAK) – Ben Jones C/Georgia

Just a perfect fit. Vocal leader who plays at 110% every single play. With some interior woes on the offensive line, Jones would be a great 2nd round pick.

49. San Diego Chargers – Dwayne Allen TE/Clemson

Big, physical, red zone threat. Allen would be trained to be the heir apparent to Antonio Gates, keeping the Chargers offense the same for the next few years.

50. Chicago Bears – Kevin Zeitler OG/Wisconsin

Offensive line help always necessary for the Bears. Zeitler playing next to ex-college teammate Gabe Carimi would be very interesting.

51. Philadelphia Eagles (f/ ARI) – T.Y. Hilton WR/FIU
Hilton is the do it all return man and slot WR who can replace DJax but give me 5x the effort. May be a tad bit high, but with a great 40 time, he can be a 2nd round pick.

52. Tennessee Titans – Chandler Jones DE/Syracuse
Jones is a Top 100 selection who can rush the passer but also has the body type to hold up against the run. With some work on getting off the snap a bit better, Jones can be an NFL starter.

53. Cincinnati Bengals – David Wilson RB/Virginia Tech

Wilson gives a more explosive runner for the Bengals, something they haven’t had for a long time. He’ll lose a ton of yards, but gain a ton as well.

54. Atlanta Falcons – Jake Bequette DE/Arkansas
He feels like a Falcon. Solid pass rusher who can rotate in from Day One and eventually be a starter. Bequette turned it on late in the season and was dominant. He can be in the NFL too.

55. Detroit Lions – Jayron Hosley CB/Virginia Tech
Hosley more of a nickel corner, but a huge need for the Lions at any level. He could become a #2 with time and will at least provide a solid back-up in year 1.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers – Bernard Pierce RB/Temple
Pierce is a rich man’s Isaac Redman. With Mendenhall hurt and ineffective, Pierce would give the Steelers a RB who can carry the load.

57. Denver Broncos – Lamichael James RB/Oregon
If the Broncos are committed to this new offense, Lamichael James could add the big play element they need. Not sure if he holds up in the NFL, but he could make the Broncos offense better than it is.

58. Houston Texans – Jared Crick DT/Nebraska
Crick’s injury knocked him down boards, but he could be a steal for the team that gets him. Usually looked on as a 5-technique in a 3-4, I’d be intrigued by him running Wade’s nose tackle position.

59. New Orleans Saints – Audie Cole LB/NC State
Cole is such a solid player and if the Saints keep a 4-3, he can move to the outside where they need him. Even in a 3-4, Cole could be a Sean Lee type of player.

60. Green Bay Packers – Bruce Irvin LB/West Virginia
The Packers pass rush failed them in the playoffs. Getting Bruce Irvin, a one trick pony who could put up sack numbers, may help.

61. San Francisco 49ers – Brandon Boykin CB/Georgia
Boykin would give the 49ers some corner depth as well as a dynamic returner since Ted Ginn is a free agent. Don’t be surprised if he runs an offensive play or two as well!

62. Baltimore Ravens – Dont’a Hightower LB/Alabama
Not the prospect some think, but it turns into a steal for the Ravens. Hightower can play inside or outside, adding youth for the Ravens.

63. New England Patriots – Vinny Curry LB/Marshall
I don’t think the Pats draft two pass rushers, but do you really think they keep all 4 of their picks? If no Melvin Ingram earlier, Curry and his high motor would work.

64. New York Giants – Kelechi Osemele OG/Iowa State
Osemele has some versatility and he has been tough enough to play through injury. Fits in with the Giants scheme and could even play some as a rookie.

Oakland Raiders (3rd Round Comp) - Bobby Massie OG/Ole Miss
Can move inside to guard and gives a versatile developmental starter for Raiders

DeepThreat 01-15-2012 07:10 PM

It sucks and I hate you.

bored of education 01-15-2012 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by DeepThreat (Post 2827685)
It sucks and I hate you.

A+ for the Chiefs, give the Chiefs Allen from Ill in the 3rd to play RT!

Duffman57 01-15-2012 07:14 PM

Love it for the Chargers. The 1st pick is great, and the 2nd pick, i'd be happy with either Allen or Osemele. The RT and OG position could end up REALLY badly depending on the McNeil/Dielman retirement situation and if we resign Gaither.

Vaylor 01-15-2012 07:16 PM

Can't agree with the Patriots not taking a single DB in the first two rounds. Dammit Robert Lester going back to school really hurts the safety class.

Nalej 01-15-2012 07:17 PM

I'd be happy if this was the Pats draft.
Grab a safety in the 3rd and it'd be great.

As for the Dolphins... is K.Misi not doing well? I thought he was but didn't keep up with the Dolphins that in depth.

Shane P. Hallam 01-15-2012 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by Vaylor (Post 2827701)
Can't agree with the Patriots not taking a single DB in the first two rounds. Dammit Robert Lester going back to school really hurts the safety class.

I waffled a bit. I could have given them someone instead of Curry, but as I said, they won't have the 4 picks.

Hines 01-15-2012 07:30 PM

Hampton isn't a free agent. He has one more year. I could see the Steelers drafted a NT, but not Poe, who I think is a 5-tech. Also, Hightower in the second for the Steelers over Pierce. I'd go Konz then Hightower for the Steelers.

jared3 01-15-2012 07:35 PM

No way does Vontaze Burfict fall that far.

For the Colts give them Stephon Gilmore the 2nd round. Yes, Chase Minnifield would fit the Colts scheme more but I would expect with a new GM, Ryan Grigson, that he would would add more size to his defense.

coordinator0 01-15-2012 07:37 PM

It would be interesting to see both Konz and Burfict on the board when Baltimore picks. Either would be fine with me but I might prefer to go with Burfict. Konz would represent a more glaring need though.

Hightower... meh. I really don't think he would be a good fit for us. Our LB corps need an infusion of speed and the ability to cover and Hightower represents neither of these. Can't argue with the value at all but I don;t think he has a role here.

Smash28Dash34 01-15-2012 07:56 PM

Can't say I really agree with the Panthers' picks. Both are reaches at where they are picking. I don't understand this Brockers hype at all. Wasn't even the best player on that line.

phlysac 01-15-2012 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by Shane P. Hallam (Post 2827674)
29. San Francisco 49ers – Kendall Wright WR/Baylor

Wright may not have the size, but he has the speed, hands, and football IQ to be a top NFL WR. As San Fran gets younger on O, Wright adds a new dynamic for them.

61. San Francisco 49ers – Brandon Boykin CB/Georgia
Boykin would give the 49ers some corner depth as well as a dynamic returner since Ted Ginn is a free agent. Don’t be surprised if he runs an offensive play or two as well!

Pretty sexy! Couldn't really complain if it fell that way at all.

indyfan1985 01-15-2012 08:44 PM

With Addai likely to be cut if we go younger for the Colts, they could use another RB since we dont know about Delone Carter just yet so give the Colts RB Lamar Miller in the 2nd. Miller has drawn comparisons to Lesean McCoy and Grigson the new Colts GM drafted him so he could be a target.

SickwithIt1010 01-15-2012 09:06 PM

I like the eagles mock, I agree that it may be a little high for Hilton but I agree with why he might go there.

rawdawg 01-15-2012 09:51 PM

Jeffery or Floyd? Would be a tough decision for the Bears. Personally, I'd take Floyd, who I think has less bust potential with the upside being pretty similar.

As for the 2nd round pick, YEP...gonna whine about the position. I like Zeitler alot as a prospect, but the Bears had Chris Williams who was playing really good football at LG before he got hurt. Lance Louis was forced to RT, but he showed enough to be in the mix at RG (where he started the season). Chris Spencer played RG and was OK, definitely going to be in the mix. And Edwin Williams played well in place of Chris....well enough to be re-signed as a backup. Throw in Garza and the Bears have 5 players already who can play guard.

DiG 01-15-2012 10:15 PM

skins draft is on point.

Pat Sims 90 01-15-2012 10:16 PM

Dennard is not a upgrade over what the Bengals already have.

TimmG6376 01-15-2012 10:20 PM

Worthy's inconsistency worries me, but definitely need DL reinforcements. I'll take Irvin all the way to the bank though. He's being underrated IMO.

LonghornsLegend 01-15-2012 10:22 PM

Always enjoy your mocks Shane, good job with Dallas. The Barron pick is a great pick with Kirkpatrick going early and Decostas who are both probably high on our board. Barron may be slightly early but he's a longterm starter at a huge position of need.

Lewis also fits as a long term starter. Spencer is gone in FA, and pass rusher opposite Ware has long since been a need. Good job for us. Though, in the future keep an eye out for good CB value at either picks, it's probably the biggest need but we won't reach if your mock falls that way.

vidae 01-15-2012 10:23 PM

Solid KC mock. I'm a big DeCastro fan, just mehhhhh. Second round pick is solid too I suppose. And I do agree with building inside out.

marshallb 01-15-2012 11:54 PM

You nailed the Vikings picks needs wise, Claiborne is the perfect pick with Kalil, and while I like Sanders, I like Mike Adams more and would prefer him, but I'm not sure what to think of either's draft stock at this point.

Brown Leader 01-16-2012 12:26 AM

If Tannehill can't workout out at all, I think it will definitely hurt his stock. I'd say Osweiler takes his place then. As for the mock though, no complaints.

49erNation85 01-16-2012 12:49 AM

Love the SF picks.

Abaddon 01-16-2012 01:02 AM

Who the hell is Bobby Massie?

holt_bruce81 01-16-2012 02:14 AM

I'm warming up to Kalil as the Rams pick.

My only concern would be can a Left Tackle make the transition to Right Tackle easily?

And it's not like Rodger Saffold is bad, he's really got the potential to be a really good left tackle. I can probably list about six sacks that weren't even his fault this year. The thing he is horrible at right now is technique, it's complete garbage, he doesn't use his hands well at all which is why he's struggled with the bull rush this year.

Hopefully better coaching improves this, because Saffold deffinetly CAN be a Pro Bowl quality Left Tackle.

And I like that you've kicked Burfict down, so many people have him in their top 15. Even 32 is a bit high for me but I can see him going there just because he has so much potential.

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