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mightytitan9 02-05-2012 03:04 AM

Titans Mock Offseason
The Tennessee Titans are approximately 30-40 million dollars under the cap for next season with rookie pay included in that.

We put together a fairly impressive season with the amount of turnover we experienced.

Our roster is fairly solid with some areas needing upgraded and some fairly high profile free agents at others.

Notable Free Agents:
Resigned in Bold
RB Javon Ringer
FB Ahmard Hall
WR Lavelle Hawkins
WR Donnie Avery

OG Jake Scott
DE Dave Ball
DE Jason Jones
DE William Hayes
LB Barrett Ruud
CB Cortland Finnegan Franchised.
FS Michael Griffin
SS Chris Hope
SS Jordan Babineaux

In addition to these free agents, the Titans cut the following:
DT Shaun Smith (estimated savings of $2 million this season)
TE Daniel Graham (estimated savings of $2.75 million this season)
C Eugene Amano (estimated savings of $3.1 million this season)
LB Will Witherspoon (estimated savings of $3.5 million this season)
Total additional savings = $11.35 million

Titans 2012 Free Agent Class

Chris Myer C, HOU - I think he'd excel in our running game and he's solid in pass protection. I think our blocking scheme and his relationship with Bruce will help get this done.

Jacob Bell, OG, STL - Bell is still a solid guard, he's still stating caliber and his relationship with Munch may lead him back here.

Robert Mathis, DE IND - Mathis is still an elite pass rusher, he should come at a fairly decent price.

Red Bryant, DT SEA - Gray likes big guys who clog the middle (he coaches Sam Adams and Paul Williams). Casey and Klug are both studs, but a big man in the middle would be great for us, he tried to get that in Shaun Smith but I think that failed.

Rocky McIntosh, LB WAS - Gray coached him and he had some of his best years there.

Tyvon Branch, SS OAK- While I'd love Laron Landry, I think that is going to be too steep of a price for us. We don't sign the top guy but we sign one of the best.

Reggie Nelson, FS CIN - Nelson really resurrected his career and is a ballhawk.

I estimate these FA's to cost us around 25-30m. It may look a little unlike the Titans, but we are letting some players that we had signed to big contracts go (Scott, Hope) and cutting some higher paid guys in Smith, Amano, Graham and Witherspoon

2012 Titans Draft Class (please note I used cbs player values for these, so I do not use my own player round values)

1) C Peter Konz 6'5" 312 Wisconsin - He will start at Guard until Myers contract is up or until he unseats him to start at Center.
2) DE Vinny Curry 6'3" 260 Marshall - I like his power and pass rushing skills, solid rotational guy who can take over in the future.
3) LB Travis Lewis 6'2" 228 Oklahoma - Perfect WLB, posted I believe 9 ints in his college career
4a) LB/DE Bruce Irvin 6'3" 245 WV - Elite pass rusher who could also play LB for us
4b) CB Coryell Judie 5'11" 198 Texas A&M - This guy is perhaps the most underrated cover corner in the draft
5) DT Akiem Hicks 6'5" 324 Reginia - Big stout DT to develop
6) WR Jerrell Robinson 6'3" 222 Arizona State - Big WR I actually like better than Dwight Jones
7) RB Bryce Brown 6" 220 Kansas State - Elite talent but had a poor college career by some bad mistakes, worth the risk here.

Titans Projected Depth Chart
QB: Jake Locker, Matt Hasselbeck, Rusty Smith
RB: Chris Johnson, Jamie Harper, Bryce Brown
FB: Ahmard Hall
WR: Kenny Britt, Damian Williams, Lavelle Hawkins, Gerrell Robinson
WR: Nate Washington, Marc Mariani, Donnie Avery
TE: Jared Cook, Craig Stevens
LT: Michael Roos
LG: Peter Konz, LeRoy Harris
C: Chris Meyers
RG: Jacob Bell
RT: David Stewart

LE: *Robert Mathis, Derrick Morgan
DT: Red Bryant, Akiem Hicks
DT: Jerrel Casey, Karl Klug
RE: Jason Jones, Vinny Curry
LOLB: Akeem Ayers
MLB: Colin McCarthy
ROLB: Rocky McIntosh, Travis Lewis
CB: Cortland Finnegan, Alterraun Verner
FS: Reggie Nelson, Tommie Campbell
SS: Tyvon Branch, Jordan Babineaux
CB: Jason McCourty, Coryell Judie, Ryan Mouton

The Alex 02-10-2012 06:39 AM

Give me a receiver and a middle linebacker in free agency and I'm more than okay with this. Also, breaking the bank for Carl Nicks might be cool.

mightytitan9 02-10-2012 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by The Alex (Post 2855745)
Give me a receiver and a middle linebacker in free agency and I'm more than okay with this. Also, breaking the bank for Carl Nicks might be cool.

WR when we have Britt, Washington and Williams?

Meyers should come relatively cheap at C and is a huge upgrade over Amano, since there's only so many teams he fits with the market is limited.

I dont want to pay Nicks the 8m a year he'll want

The Alex 02-10-2012 04:47 PM

This free agent class is loaded with receivers. I would really like to pick up one for depth.

mightytitan9 02-11-2012 05:12 PM

We don't need a WR for depth, paying one of the top WR's in the class will likely cost 7+ million a year, we have Washington who cost around 3.5m.

Our receiving corps is fine

TitanHope 02-12-2012 07:35 PM

WR wouldn't be an issue had Britt not gotten hurt, and that's why people are spooked on WR.

If we were looking at another year of Hasselbeck, then I'd say getting another WR as both another weapon and insurance for Britt's post-injury performance would be important. But since it's likely Locker will start more games than Hasselbeck next year, we don't have to worry about an arm fading. Although, having another good, vet WR for an inexperienced QB would also be nice, but with the way Britt played before injury, how Hands stepped up into a 1,000-yard receiver, and how both Damian Williams and Jared Cook ended the season as strong as they did, then I'd say Locker has the weapons. We'd be better off drafting a guy to develop for the time Britt, Hands, and/or Williams hits FA. And this is a very deep draft at WR, so we can get a talented receiver in the 3rd or 4th RD. Maybe earlier if the value is tremendous.

mightytitan9 02-13-2012 03:09 PM

That's why I had us taking Gerrell Robinson, I really like his potential to develop

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