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Caulibflower 02-25-2012 03:13 AM

2008 Alaska State Champions - Soldotna High School
I know it's technically not college football, but it is football and I don't know where else I'd post it. It's the best football you'll see in Alaska, though. I found this on my brother's Youtube channel and it only had 10 views. He didn't edit it as a fan, but as an assignment, because he is a film editor, for the coach (Although he does have an interception at 12:15 ;-) ).This is probably one of the better football teams in the state's history. I was a senior the year before when we won our first championship, then in the next years the school went four of five for state titles. It's kind of an exotic offense, triple-option based. There's some legitimate talent on this team, too, which I was kind of surprised to see after a couple years of looking at a lot of other film, and then going back to watching people I'd played with. This team put up some crazy numbers. I think they might've even been mentioned in Sports illustrated at some point for leading the nation in rushing yards per game, or something along those lines. For what it's worth, student body is only about 500 students, and this team was ranked #1 in the state over all the large schools, some of which have student bodies over 2000.

QB had 32 completions for 600+ yards, 16 TDs and 0 interceptions. And 10 interceptions as a CB.

HB had 1700+ yards on 133 carries and 14 catches for over 300 yards. I think 30ish TDs. State player of the year, also first-team all state linebacker.

Multiple running backs averaging over 10 yards per carry.

Three consecutive shutouts.


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