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UTPATS 03-26-2012 12:06 PM

Mock Draft - DC Joint Mock
I had the 20th pick in our Joint Mock...

Took Devon Still out of Penn State.

Wanted DeCastro or one of the other Dlinemen, but Still was still on the board at 20. I think he would certainly help out.

Considered Luke Kuechly and Malcom Floyd, but took best DL on the board. McCarty has really come along and you guys dont need another headache WR when you can get good value in rounds 2-5 at WR. I don't like any other OL at 20 with so many off of the board already.


mightytitan9 03-26-2012 02:02 PM

I wouldn't mind it, but the Titans generally view DT's as gap fillers and only take DE's in the first round. The only DT they've ever taken in the first (when drafted) was Big Al. They generally look for DT help in the 3-7 range, although they have taken them in round 2 before.

Other than DeCastro I don't think we'll take O-Line. Was Mercilus, Perry, Kirkpatrick and Barron all gone?

Are you guys doing more than the one round?

UTPATS 03-26-2012 02:22 PM

Perry was there but I liked Still better. I considered Barron but wasn't sure who played beside Griffin and I am not a big fan of the safety class this year.

As far as I know its only one round.

Bobo 04-08-2012 04:45 PM

Interesting because I've been thinking a lot of Still at 20 lately. I think we have lots of solid options there, but first place I look is d-line, then probably o-line.

Caulibflower 04-16-2012 04:20 PM

Hey, I'm responsible for the Titans in the site's joint mock now; apparently something happened with whoever was doing it originally. Got Coples by default at #20 because I went on the clock at 5:30am my time, but I should be calling the rest of the picks. (Coples at #20 is not bad at all in my book; might've even made the pick myself.) I feel like I've got a pretty good idea of the kind of team the Titans are, but I don't watch them on a weekly basis. What are you thoughts for the next couple rounds? Some guys I'd have mind would be the likes of Dwayne Allen, Doug Martin, maybe Nick Toon or T.Y. Hilton, Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry, Billy Wynn, Shea McClellan, Josh Robinson, Trumaine Johnson.... Lemme know what you think of any of those guys (I'm inclined to go with whoever I think is BPA), and what the team's weaknesses are. I think Dwayne Allen and Jared Cook would be a pretty solid TE combo, but I don't know how you feel about Craig Stevens; you might already feel like you've got what you need there. You've got Chris Johnson, who's an All-Pro so RB doesn't seem like an immediate need, but a guy like Doug Martin taking the burden off and keeping his legs fresh could take your run game to new dimensions, even if CJ's total yards numbers end up lower. So here's your chance to make your desires known; if I'm playing the GM role, I need scouts. :-)

Bobo 04-16-2012 04:43 PM

If Coples is the first round pick for the Titans, then I think they've gained a bit of outside and inside pass rush. Needs are still OC, OG, or both (I think just one or the other), DT (maybe leaning towards big run stuffer), CB/NB, S, OLB and maybe WR.

It's hard to say what order for those since it'll depend a lot on who's available at each pick, but I put S, OLB, WR behind interior o-line and DT.

Pass rush was bad last year in TN. Wimbly will help, but I don't think he'll be an elite player and I have doubts on Coples as an outside rusher. Call me crazy, but I'd go the Giants approach and try to stack d-line. I may look at pass rush types like Irvin. A big DT that can push the pocket like Ta'Amu or Thompson would be nice. Miles Burris is an OLB who has rushed the passer a lot and been very productive.

Our DC Jerry Gray says he loves versatile players, throwing out different schemes, and blitzing from anywhere, so that's something to keep in mind. I think they'd like another guy they can use at NB like Finnegan, tough, fearless and all over the field.

No need for RB. We have Javon Ringer and they drafted Jamie Harper last year. Craig Stevens just signed a multi year deal and he's underutilized if anything. Cook is the playmaker. TE class kinda sucks anyway. I could see them going for a top WR if one drops, but really just depth is what I'd maybe go for.

Caulibflower 04-16-2012 04:44 PM

I was thinking about Ta'amu, but also thinking they needed more pass rush than run-stuff. But that's always the problem, isn't it?

mightytitan9 04-16-2012 04:48 PM

Ta'amu can take two blockers and push the pile, that's really what you want from a DT unless he's John Randle, Warren Sapp etc that can actually get 10+ sacks but those are rare.

I'd gladly take a big powerful man in the middle to free up guys on the outside

Bobo 04-16-2012 04:54 PM

I saw Ta'Amu push the pocket very well, that alone can help free up other guys for the pass rush. I think Coples best contribution could possibly be as a pass rushing DT (like his 2010 season at NC) and we have Karl Klug who had like 6-7 sacks at DT last year. We have a few other DE's that can move inside to pass rush.

Caulibflower 04-19-2012 03:07 AM

Any later-round prospects you guys have an eye on? PM me if you want to keep it a secret. ;-)

Bobo 04-19-2012 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by Caulibflower (Post 2955667)
Any later-round prospects you guys have an eye on? PM me if you want to keep it a secret. ;-)

Lots of guys talked about in the TN Titans discussion thread in the Titans forum.

Caulibflower 04-22-2012 06:02 PM

Titans 2012 Fantasy Draft: In Review

#20 - Quentin Coples, DE - North Carolina

Easily could've gone in the top ten, so the value alone at #20 makes this a good pick. He's a prospect who could turn out to be better than Jason Jones, who played a similar role as Coples likely will but left in free agency. Coples will immediately feature in the D-line rotation, and between Coples, Kamerion Wimbley and Derrick Morgan, the Titans are suddenly pretty deep and talented at defensive end.

#52 - Doug Martin, RB - Boise State

I'm a big fan of Doug Martin, and if it weren't for the NFL's obvious shift towards Madden-style football he'd be a first-round pick. I still won't be surprised if he goes late first in this year's draft, but at #52 I couldn't pass up the value. Chris Johnson is a phenomenal talent, as everyone knows, but he's a 185lb feature back. That's just not sustainable in the NFL; it's remarkable that he's been as durable as he has been. Tennesee's running game was dismal last season despite having perhaps the most explosive running back in the league. Javon Ringer, their second-leading rusher, didn't even have 200 rushing yards. Chris Johnson needs more support than that. So I drafted Martin thinking Johnson stays the clear focal point of the offense, but the Titans are now freed up to be a lot more creative with him; they can gameplan more with the intention of getting him in explosive situations, rather than having to rely on him for every yard gained on the ground. Doug Martin will come in and be good for 50 yards on the ground right away, keeping Johnson's legs fresh and tiring out the defense, so instead of having to just imagine how Chris Johnson might be destroying a given defense if only he wasn't so tired and overpowered, you've got an actual power back for the power running, and you allow Chris Johnson to focus on plays which take more advantage of his speed. I'm perfectly fine with the idea of him getting fewer touches per game if it means his ypc going back up into the 5.0-range. In other words, drafting Doug Martin ought to make Chris Johnson more explosive - when you have player as rare as Chris Johnson, you don't want to get stuck in a mindset of thinking you don't need anyone else at that position; you want to keep putting the players in place which will give you the highest return on Chris Johnson. If he retires tomorrow he'd have been worth the first-round pick that was spent on him; drafting a guy to take the physical burden off of him will hopefully mean that Titans fans will still be able to see that breathtaking speed years from now.

#82 - T.Y. Hilton, WR/Ret - Florida International

You think an offense with a 4.24 player on it is explosive? How about another guy who ran a 4.34 at his Pro Day and has 6 return TDs to his name, as well as TDs passing, rushing and even throwing? With T.Y. Hilton you get a 4-year starter with exceptional production, and not simply total yards, but lots of big plays (scoring catches of 74 and 83 yards in the same game against Lousiville, the return TDs, etc.). The Titans already have a legitimate no. 1 receiver in Kenny Britt, assuming he can regain his pre-injury form, and Nate Washington stepped up in his absence last year and proved he's at least a valuable no. 2. Which means there's a perfect role for Hilton in this offense - he won't be asked to carry the team, he'll be called upon to do the things he does best. The Titans will be able to move him all around the field and feature him as their return man. And if you picture an offense with Chris Johnson in the backfield, Britt and Washington out wide, Jared Cook in at tight end and T.Y. Hilton in the slot, you're talking about a whole lot of speed on the field all at once and some pretty significant matchup problems for the defense. Britt and Washington will command the attention of other team's best covermen, leaving Hilton's 4.3 speed and Jared Cook's 4.5 speed in the middle of the field for whatever unfortunate safeties or nickel backs don't have the cover skills to work on the outside. For a young QB like Jake Locker, that's a dream scenario. Not to mention that the Doug Martin pickup will ideally get Chris Johnson back closer to '09 form, making that lineup even faster and more explosive.

#115 - Jaye Howard, DT - Florida

Color me confused, but for the life of me I can't figure out why a 6'3" 300lb defensive tackle who ran an official 4.82 at the combine, showed the requisite strength with 24 bench reps, improved every year in college and in his senior season posted 65 tackles, 10 for a loss and 5.5 sacks - in the SEC - isn't a hotter commodity. In real life, he's one of those guys who hasn't gotten a lot of buzz who I could see popping into the second round. I posted this earlier, but he reminds me quite a bit, athletically as well as stylistically, of LaMarr Houston, who Oakland picked in the second a couple of years ago. With the addition of Jaye Howard, in my opinion, the Titans could have one of the best young D-lines in the NFL.

#155 - Chad Diehl, FB - Clemson

I'm sure a lot of people saw the video of him I posted a little while ago, so he's definitely one of "my guys." I considered picking him in the fourth, but thought I probably valued him higher than anyone else, and Jaye Howard was just too enticing. When he was there in the 5th, he offered too much value to me as a pure football player for me to pass up. Tennessee already has a pretty good fullback in Ahmard Hall, but he's 32 and Diehl looks like he has the potential to be a real mauler as a lead blocker. He's not going to offer much with the ball in his hands, but this is another pick that I think will help to take full advantage of Tennessee's most valuable player, Chris Johnson. You pair him with a 225lb running back to help him wear out defenses, that 4.2 speed is going to feel more like 3.9 to defenders at the end of a game when he's still fresh. You put a 260lb fullback in front of both of those guys who has the ability to truck defenders out of their shoes (and helmets, for that matter) and you have a potentially lethal run game. And besides that, even if Ahmard Hall starts for a few more years, with Diehl you've got a guy who is going to play on all of your special teams, be worry-proof insurance for Hall, and maybe even provide some depth at linebacker. In my mind, if there's a guy available in the 5th round you know you can start on your team, you take him.

#190 - Chris Greenwood, CB - Albion

Division III player, Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Defensive Player of the Year. Showed up at Michigan's Pro Day at 6'1" 193, and then ran a 4.41 40, had a 43 inch vertical and an 11'02" broad jump. And had 16 bench reps. That's about as elite a corner workout as you're going to get, so in the 6th round it's well worth it. He dominated at his level of play, so it's just a matter of whether the massive transition will work. With those tools, I feel comfortable taking the chance and seeing what we've got to work with.

Tell me how I did!

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