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robert pancake gallery 04-06-2012 02:54 PM

Chris Crocker
Chris Crocker was released by the Bengals today, and I think the Browns should definitely go after him for the following reasons:

-He already has a history with the Browns, so it would be a great story seeing him return back to his roots to the team he was drafted after seemingly playing out a pretty solid career as a roleplayer type guy who was able to work his way into a starting role for several seasons thanks to his hard work.

-There is seemingly going to be a void to fill in wake of Mike Adams' departure; TJ Ward will likely continue to improve as long as he's healthy, but can we really go into the season with presumably Usama Young and Ward starting? There is also the possibility that Sheldon Brown could shift over and we could work someone like Skrine into the mix more at corner, but in any case unless we target a defensive back high in the draft it seems like there will always be some type of hole.

-Building on the previous point, our secondary has veteran Sheldon Brown, but outside of that we have a relatively inexperienced and unproven group of players. Someone like Chris Crocker who has worked in many schemes could play a great veteran role with this team.

-As you are probably aware if you like in the Cleveland area, on the westside situated in Westlake is Crocker Park, a trendy suburban shopping center; what better way to attempt to continue the success of the area than to bring in a player with the last name Crocker where you could potentially make Chris Crocker the face of Crocker Park and make Chris Crocker themed stores and large images of his face displayed throughout the streets.

-We already got Frostee Rucker this year, so by bringing in Chris Crocker you are reuniting two players who were possibly great friends who know each others' strengths and weaknesses in the defense. They could bring a synergistic relationship to the team that would work the same way getting both the Khan brothers in backyard baseball (if you are unfamiliar with that game series, if you draft both Achmed and Amir Khan they both play with elevated attributes since they are fueled by each others' presence).

-Again, building off the previous point we would have both Frostee and Crocker... this would open the Browns up for potential marketing opportunities with Wendy's (free frosties for all fans if the team wins a home game), and Betty Crocker (free cake mix given out before three home games).

-We already have Sheldon Brown, who shares a name with a popular internet sensation (the now deceased fixed-gear bicycle enthusiast who basically was the forerunner to the recent resurgence of fixed-gear/track bicycle popularity by creating his site with an abundance of information on the topic). By bringing in Chris Crocker, we would be bringing in another player to our secondary that shares a name with an internet sensation (the crossdressing youtube sensation who had that "leave britney alone" video a few years back that became wildly popular). What better way to connect with today's younger demographic that is so entrenched in the internet world than to have recognizable player names that they can mnemonically associate with their internet heroes, thus potentially creating cleveland browns heroes to admire in the process.

robert pancake gallery 04-06-2012 03:36 PM

forgot to mention that he has an alliterative name, which could be more aesthetically pleasing to some people who may not otherwise be fans, thus causing increased interest in the team and generating more revenue for the team.

keylime_5 04-06-2012 05:52 PM

the bengals cut him b/c he couldn't stay healthy. he's a decent starting safety during his career (including in cleveland where he had probably his single best season that one year). i think they will try to find safety depth either in the draft or in cuts after the draft. signing a guy who just got cut b/c of health issues isn't the style of this FO.

I think they might draft a cornerback high as well, which would allow them to move Brown to safety and solve the depth problem there.

jorgea 05-05-2013 08:48 PM

That was a very good move

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