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Cbrunn 04-14-2012 06:15 AM

Final Mock w/ Wallace trade
Ok this is my last attempt ...lol lets try to make everybody happy with this one

lets assume wallace is delt before the deadline to the Rams for one of their second and a 6th ...Now i don't think wallace would be gone ...but i think this is about as best of a deal as were going to get for him ... and seeing as the rams have 2 second round picks and i think a good bit of salary cap why not give bradford, Blackmon and Wallace

Another trade is Miami selects Tannehill , so with an extra third , they have to give him a weapon on offense and with their second they won't have any of the top tier guys left ... so the steelers trade them their 24th pick for their 2nd(42nd) 3rd(72nd) 5th(145)

that gives us

2nd: 39th (Wallace trade)... Bobby Massie , OT, Ole Miss ...Visted the Steelers and lets be honest we need help on the OLine

2nd: 42nd (Miami Trade)... Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin ... One of the best guards available , you want to get back to ground and pound? you have to improve the Oline

2nd: 56th... Brandon Washington. OG, Miami ... Will be the LG , Only had like 8 penalty in college , that's something we are not used to and think it would greatly improve the Oline

3rd: 72nd (Miami Trade)... Juron Criner , WR, Arizona ... Not sure if he'll fall this far but hopefully...with wallace gone we need help and the Steelers like him

3rd: 86th... Josh Norman, CB/FS, Coastal Caroline ... i think he can be a ball hawking FS and he actually make plays on the ball something the Steelers lack DB's that can make plays on the ball besides Troy

4th: 119... Akiem Hicks , DE/DT, Canada ... maybe a little high but Steelers brought him in for a visit and obviously has the talent just needs to get used to playing at the higher competition... good roational player and depth with great upside

5th: 145 (Miami Trade)... Ron Brooks, CB, LSU .. Fast, Made plays when giving the opportunity and a great special teams player and gunner

5th: 159... Hebron Fangupo, NT, BYU ... Maybe not NT of future but def. somebody that could hold it down for a few years since he's an older prospect and the Steelers brought him in for a visit i believe

6th: 171 (Wallace Trade)... Ryan Miller , OG, Colorado ... Has the versatility to play every position on the Oline a good backup and utility guy

6thth: 193... Marcus Dowtin , ILB, North Alabama ... this is my pick , many ppl might not think he's big enough to play ILB in the 3-4 , but i love his game

7th: 231... Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota State ... just look at his measurables http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings...2012&genpos=WR ... only played one year of football so a project but def. has the tools

240(Comp) Craig Diehl , FB, Clemson ... i think the best pure blocking FB in the draft

246(Comp) Greg Zuerlein , K , Missouri Western State .... well we need a kicker to compete now it's not the big school guy but some believe he's the best kicker in the draft

248(Comp) Shawn Powell , P, Flordia State ... http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/p...0/shawn-powell

Mr. Goosemahn 04-16-2012 02:17 AM

Lot of trades early on, haha.

Massie, Zeitler, and Washington would be pretty good for us, completely revamp the O-line..

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