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UTPATS 04-25-2012 02:02 PM

Potential First Round Pick
Let's get away from the 2012 Draft Thread and focus just on who we think the Cowboys will take in the first round OR who we would like them to take in round 1...

After going back and forth between Cox, Brockers, DeCastro, Barron and a few others, I wanted to take a more in depth look at Barron, since I am seeing him to us more than anyone else recently.

WalterFootball.com says Barron is like Adrian Wilson. A very instinctive safety who can hit but also is very effective against tight ends and backs.

He reminds me of a poor man's Brian Dawkins...

Anyway, he had a great Soph year, a poor Junior year, followed by a solid senior campaign. If we end up taking him, I hope he can learn from his Junior season and play more like his Soph and Sr seasons...

UTPATS: Mark Barron, S, Alabama

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