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Rosebud 05-01-2012 06:41 PM

Sean Locklear
Hey guys, just wondering what your thoughts on him were.

[Giants related stuff]Initially I figured he was just there to battle Brewer for the backup RT spot, but since the giants were content to wait for late round project OL the team must be higher on the guys we had going into the draft than I was. Since I trust Diehl and still have hope for Beatty that means they like one of Locklear or Brewer a lot more than I do, and given how patient we are with youngins I'm starting to think the Giants like Locklear as our starter at RT next to Snee.

[/Giants related stuff]So what can you guys tell me about him, his stint in Seattle, what to expect moving forward, what he struggled with, was he consistent, was he durable, did he still have room to improve technically to fix some of the things he struggled with, etc.

[Draft-Related Sucking Up]Thanks and despite the blowback your getting for this draft, I like it a lot, that Defense needed to add some young playmakers to the front seven and that's what Irvin and Wagner will do for you, run around and make plays behind those big fellas, to whom Jaye Howard is a good addition. Beastmode/Turbin is not a pair of RBs I'd wanna tackle.

[/Sucking Up]Not so sure about how much better Matt Flynn ends up being than Matt Cassel is, but either way it's better than Tavaris and Clipboard Jesus and Russell Wilson will be interesting to see develop. Kid has great arm talent if that accuracy improves, he seems to have the work ethic to give you a better version of Seneca Wallace which isn't a bad thing while you're searching for a franchise guy, someone who can do well as a spot starter and backup for you for many years. Really liking the team you're putting together, just not a Flynn believer, which like Dalton and Fitzpatrick for the Bengals and Bills (two other teams who I like a lot), I think will keep you guys from contending for a SB until you are able to upgrade.

asdf1223 05-01-2012 07:52 PM

Eh, he's a decent backup swing tackle. I really really wouldn't want him starting though. Better pass pro than run block. But back injuries really sapped him of his strength and basically struggled terribly with power rushers. (Disregard what PFF says about him. His last year in Seattle was a total abdomination). I liked James Brewer quite a bit as prospect and my feeling is that the Giants want to run the ball more this year with Bradshaw and David Wilson and Brewer is the better fit there if they go that way.

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