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Caulibflower 06-04-2012 01:04 AM

Scoring the Forum Mock
Decided to put this in the normal draft section so people would see it, so hopefully that's alright. Scores are taken by subtracting the draft position a player was taken in the forum mock from the slot they were taken in the official NFL draft. I.e., the Jaguars selected Bryan Anger with the 70th overall pick, and he was taken at 252 in the forum mock; thus 70 - 252 = -182. Lower scores then ought to reflect how well a member understands the way NFL GMs evaluate talent, but the draft is a gamble anyways, so these are simply numbers. Players like Anger do a lot for the scores of their teams, which is why I included several categories. Players who went undrafted are subtracted from 254. If nothing else, some of these numbers are going to make it pretty clear which members of this forum are on top of things. I know some of these teams were co-GM'd, but it was too hard to go through the whole thread and find every single one. So if you see your team listed in the leaderboard but not your name, speak up and I'll edit you in so you can get your props. :-D Enjoy perusing!


10 Best Values

1.) 252. St. Louis Rams (comp) - P Bryan Anger, Cal -182
2.) 198. Baltimore Ravens - G Josh Leribeus, SMU -127
3.) 229. Atlanta Falcons - DE Frank Alexander, Oklahoma -126
4.) 193. Pittsburgh Steelers - WR TJ Graham, NC State -124
5.) 218. Kansas City Chiefs - HB Evan Rodriguez, Temple -107
6.) 171. St. Louis Rams - RB Ronnie Hillman, SDSU -104
7.) 240. Pittsburgh Steelers (comp) - OG Adam Gettis, Iowa -99
8.) 210. Minnesota Vikings - OG Joe Looney, Wake Forest -93
10.) 234. New Orleans Saints - WR Danny Coale, Virginia Tech -82
10.) 197. Philadelphia Eagles (from GB) - CB Coty Sensabaugh, Clemson -82

10 Biggest Reaches

1.) 68. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - RB Chris Polk, Washington +186 UDFA
2.) 76. Houston Texans (from PHI) - OT James Brown, Troy +178 UDFA
3.) 72. Miami Dolphins - DE Cam Johnson, Virginia +165
4.) 98. Minnesota Vikings - CB Chase Minnifield, Virginia +156 UDFA
5.) 108. Green Bay Packers (from NYJ via DEN) - DT DaJohn Harris, USC +146 UDFA
6.) 80. Arizona Cardinals - CB Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska +144
7.) 120. Denver Broncos - C Michael Brewster, Ohio State +134 UDFA
8.) 121. Houston Texans - WR Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M +133 UDFA
9.) 123. Denver Broncos (from GB) - CB Leonard Johnson, Iowa State +131 UDFA
10.) 125. Houston Texans (from SF via DAL) - WR Dwight Jones, UNC +129 UDFA

Number of Picks Lower Than Actual Selection

1.) Cleveland Browns: 6 (DeepThreat)
1.) Denver Broncos: 6 (Grizzlegom)
1.) New York Jets: 6 (Hurricanes25)
1.) Philadelphia Eagles: 6 (Menardo75)
5.) Miami Dolphins: 5 (draftguru151)
5.) New England Patriots: 5 (Matthew Jones)
7.) Atlanta Falcons: 4 (ATLDirtyBirds)
7.) Baltimore Ravens: 4 (TACKLE)
7.) Buffalo Bills: 4 (redbills)
7.) Minnesota Vikings: 4 (marshallb)
7.) St. Louis Rams: 4 (TheBoyWonder22)
7.) Tennessee Titans: 4 (Caulibflower)

Draft Scores by Team

1.) Atlanta Falcons: -241 (ATLDirtyBirds)
2.) Baltimore Ravens: -167 (TACKLE)
3.) St Louis Rams: -140 (TheBoyWonder22)
4.) New York Jets: -134 (Hurricanes25)
5.) Philadelphia Eagles: -94 (Menardo75)
6.) Pittsburgh Steelers: -67 (Shane P. Hallam)
7.) Kansas City Chiefs: -64 (Tha Wootster)
8.) San Francisco 49ers: -57 (phlysac)
9.) New England Patriots: -53 (Matthew Jones)
10.) Cleveland Browns: -21 (DeepThreat)

Best Average

1.) Atlanta Falcons: -40 (ATLDirtyBirds)
2.) Baltimore Ravens: -21 (TACKLE)
3.) St. Louis Rams: -16 (TheBoyWonder22)
4.) New York Jets: -13 (Hurricanes25)
5.) San Francisco 49ers: -11 (phlysac)
6.) Kansas City Chiefs: -9 (Tha Wootster)
6.) New England Patriots: -9 (Matthew Jones)
6.) Philadelphia Eagles: -9 (Menardo75)
9.) Pittsburgh Steelers: -7 (Shane P. Hallam)
10.) Cleveland Browns: -2 (DeepThreat)

Draft Overviews by Team

Matthew Jones 06-04-2012 01:28 AM

I really like what Cleveland did.

Caulibflower 06-04-2012 01:31 AM


Originally Posted by Matthew Jones (Post 3021507)
I really like what Cleveland did.

Think Cleveland and New England were my top two, as I was going through them all. So nice work on your part, too. They were in all the top categories without having flukey picks in the later rounds driving their overall scores up. Solid, consistent picks. Denver was really solid too, with the exception of taking two UDFAs in the middle rounds. Other than that, Denver was gold.

TheBoyWonder22 06-04-2012 02:15 AM

Bryan Anger gave me so many points. Overall I like what I did and other than a reach or two it was one of the better drafts. There's no competing with what Deep pulled off though.

scottyboy 06-04-2012 03:18 AM

well if i knew i was going to get graded/compared to real life, I wouldn't have made that Francis pick!

ok, I still would have.

and wow, I liked Fletcher and he was my worst pick, by far.

Also, lolz at me picking Mike Daniels 1 pick ahead of where he really went haha

Caulibflower 06-04-2012 04:13 AM

Mine woulda looked a whole lot better if I didn't reach for my boy Chad Diehl... did he have concussion issues before the draft, anyone know? I might've just been a little biased 'cause he was a player I came across on my own, but he looked really, really good to me on tape as a lead blocker. But maybe that's just the way of the NFL now. Those guys aren't as important.

Caulibflower 06-04-2012 04:15 AM


Originally Posted by scottyboy (Post 3021527)
well if i knew i was going to get graded/compared to real life, I wouldn't have made that Francis pick!

There were definitely some players who were dropping and people in the discussion were saying it was unrealistic. A couple of QBs come to mind, like Weeden and Osweiler. Some of the points are definitely "garbage time" points, if you know what I mean, when some team just finally said, "Goodness sakes, this guy really shouldn't be on the board anymore."

Caulibflower 06-04-2012 04:18 AM

I think if you're looking at value, though, Atlanta ran away with it. They didn't have as many picks as other teams, which is part of what makes a good draft, but ATLDirtyBirds was just coming in behind everyone and cleaning up.

Caulibflower 06-04-2012 04:23 AM

And then you've got teams that did better in the beginning than the end, like Detroit and myself (Tennessee), or teams like Baltimore who look like they kept getting good players as the rounds went on. Interesting to look at, I think. Stayed home sick today and decided to crunch a bunch of numbers. Haha.

But I mean, Baltimore is literally an inverse bell curve of sorts. Starts out higher than actual, then gets closer and closer til he hit it, then started getting better and better value.

Caulibflower 06-04-2012 04:27 AM

The thing I wish I could do, though, is weight the scores to make differences between player position count for more towards the beginning of the draft. But that's too much math to do off-hand. And I'm going to go to bed now.

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