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RCAChainGang 06-22-2012 05:20 PM

Player Evaluations
So this Colts forum is just depressing. We have hit the driest spot of the offseason. Just for football conversation I want to know what you guys think about our roster. Obviously we don't know a lot about the rookies, but evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, and question marks of players with some nfl experience would be rather enlightening.

Some players I would like an opinion on are:
Darren Evans

etc etc.

falloutboy14 06-23-2012 02:41 PM

A lot of this comes from my memory of them as draft prospects.

Castonzo I'd say is on the slower side as LTs go. I don't think he's light on his feet like some of the top LTs in the league are and that's probably something he can't improve much at least without dropping some weight (which I wouldn't recommend). Technique wise, he was a little hit or miss, better then would be expected from a rookie, but still room to improve. I'd say his ceiling is maybe in the top 8-15 range, with his foot quickness being the limiting factor. Considering we got him in the 20s, I'm happy with him so far. I suppose in fairness I should add he had an ankle sprain for most of last season.

Ijalana was very raw coming in, he came from a D2 school iirc. To add onto that, he only got like a half of playing time in the regular season before his injury. I assume he'll start the season at RG. At some point during the season, he might be promoted to RT. I think his quickness/agility is a notch above Castonzo, and if their technique were equal, he'd be the better LT, but he's got a ways to go before he's there. In the world where teams have 2 very good pass rushers, having both these guys should help a lot.

Reitz was probably the 2nd best O-lineman on the team last year. He apparently played basketball in college, and went from TE to OL at some point He made his share of mistakes, but I believe this was his first year starting. If the day comes where he's our main OL concern, that will be a good day.

By and large all three O-lineman are in a similar boat with Castonzo being the furthest along of the bunch. Physical talent to be a starter, but all are short on playing experience & need some work before they can get where they need to be.

Ijalana, Reitz, Satele, ???, Castonzo might be the ideal o-line a few years from now.

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