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robert pancake gallery 09-20-2012 12:39 AM

Ideas For Jimmy Haslam's Tenure With The Browns
I was brainstorming some ideas for Jimmy Haslam III to bring onboard now that he's the owner of the Browns franchise.
  • selling stadium naming rights to skoal
  • replacing cupholders with spittoons
  • replacing hot dogs and italian sausage with grits and biscuits with gravy
  • making WGAR 99.5 the official radio partner of the cleveland browns
  • bringing the pro-bullriding and rodeo circuits to cleveland browns stadium
  • replacing the great lakes science center adjacent to the stadium with a baptist church
  • providing a reduced-rate parking lot on gameday exclusively for american-made trucks
  • replacing available stadium beer selection with busch
  • making the cleveland browns brand an official sponsor of NASCAR
  • installing crucifixion insignia on the bottom halves of both goalposts
  • halftime cornhole tournaments on the field for registered republicans
  • making a bid to host the SEC championship game
  • replace game programs with bibles
  • show biblical verses on the scoreboard after big plays instead of highlights
  • pregame chili cookoffs where jimmy himself is one of the judges
  • promotional events such as "show off your daughter day", where if you bring your daughter in a short-skirt and/or low-cut top to the game that day, she gets in free and can enter a contest to meet jimmy in a one-on-one session
  • work to get cracker barrel to do catering in louges
  • at least one hooters restaurant kiosk on each stadium level
  • outsource team shop responsibilities to walmart
  • square-dance nights on saturdays before home games
  • hanging of the gadsden flag in each corner of the stadium by american flags
  • ban all rap music

these were just a couple ideas i had, let me know if you can think of some more

BuckeyeDan17 09-20-2012 01:54 AM

The nascar one made me laugh hard. In all actuality he is having 3 groups evaluate Cleveland browns stadium for a retractable roof so the stadium can be a venue to other events such as concerts, college games etc

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