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Don Vito 10-02-2012 12:45 PM

Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss
It has been a couple of seasons since I have been able to shamelessly pimp an Ole Miss player. Bobby Massie has some talent and could develop into a decent starter, but he is a talented project and not much more at this point. A few seasons ago I got to needle at this board with my relentless ranting on guys like Greg Hardy, Mike Wallace, Dexter McCluster, Michael Oher, Peria Jerry, John Jerry, Kendrick Lewis, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Brandon Bolden was the only guy I really advertised last year and he is coming off a 137 yard 2 TD game, so if there will ever be a rare time that I have credibility it is now.

Moncrief is a stud for Ole Miss and will be in the NFL. I am talking like a top end NFL receiver talent, not many people know of him because he we have been pretty bad the last few seasons. Moncrief is a true sophmore and has been the best player on our team since he stepped on the field. He goes about 6-2 210 and has close to the total package physically. Defenses know that he is THE guy to take away when you play us, but he still gets it done. Now that we are playing a little better and have something resembling QB play people are seeing what he can do. He has size, speed, hands, playmaking ability, and plays his ass off. If you don't know Donte Moncrief, get to know him. If we win some more games and get some exposure then people will find out about Donte, but he is a stud already and has been since week 1 his freshman year. Isn't draft eligible until after the 2013 season but if he can stay healthy, which (knock on wood) hasn't been an issue yet, he will be the best receiver to ever come out of Ole Miss and should be a first round pick.

Ozzy 10-03-2012 07:57 PM

Donte Moncrief is a solid player, like his ball skills and natural pass catching ability. Not sure he is a 1st round talent though, could play himself into that but arguably there is easily four receivers in the sophomore class alone that would get picked over him, so could be hard to break into the 1st round depending on who comes out. Did Pat Patterson get kicked off the team awhile ago, is Melvin Harris still around or he gone too? Nickolas Brassell was a giant loss I must say, might be why Moncrief did not get more attention as a freshman, it was all about Brassell, and he was moving to corner this year, damn shame he could not stick around.

Ole Miss is not too bad, Bo Wallace I like his potential in the long run, decent prospect and love his size and toughness. Jeff Scott has potential as a speed guy and 3rd down big play back, wish he showed more potential as a return guy. Cody Prewitt really impressed me at defensive back against Alabama, made some damn aggressive tackles, if he keeps up that level of tackling he will be in the league.

Have not paid attention to D.T. Shackelford, has he been playing at all yet off injury? I really like Aaron Morris as well at guard, he has pro potential I think, big thick kid. And Massie from last year, crazy he is starting right. Thought he was ok project guy will be interesting if he is that good or if the Cardinals are just desperate. Will be interesting to see how Issac Gross develops, is a small tackle but has some ability to get penetration, got pancake crushed once by Warmack in that game, it was flipping great, still good player though.

Oh and I am not a closet Ole Miss fan, just try to follow most of the teams with any talent and they have some talent from time to time. Seem to be headed in the right direction as well with the new coach.

ChiFan24 10-03-2012 08:26 PM

The sports world is overdue for another good Moncrief, so I'll buy the hype.

Don Vito 10-03-2012 08:27 PM

Ozzy, I'll try to hit all of these.

-Patterson did get kicked off. Very talented but very stupid. Top 50 high school player, didn't even make it to his Sophmore year.

-Brassell got kicked off for academic reasons but he might be coming back. I hope he does because he and Moncrief were the team last year. I like him at corner personally, he is explosive with the ball in his hands and should be returning kicks and punts but he looks like an NFL corner. Another top 50 high school recruit who didn't make it to his sophmore season.

-Melvin Harris got some hype because he was 6-6 and change, could run, and could do backflips. Pretty much just fast, really tall, and had hops. Was a string bean who would never be able to go over the middle.

-Bo Wallace needs to cool it on the turnovers, but he is easily the best quarterback we have had since Snead (sopmore year Snead). He can make plays with his arm and feet, but if he didn't carelessly give the ball away against Bama we would have legitimately been in position to keep that a game til the end.

-Cody Prewitt is a true sophmore and is going to be a draft pick, he could get All-SEC looks this year. He is about 6-3 205 and is an incredible athlete for a safety. Probably the most all around athletic guy on our defense. They didn't know where to play him when he came here, he was one of our top recruits but came from a small MS high school. He flys around and he hits like a truck, his combo of size, athleticism, and toughness plus his developing all around game makes him look like a future high draft pick.

-DT Shackelford missed all of last season, came back and got hurt again, and will probably miss all of this season too. He was the heart and soul of the team, but the last time he played was his sophmore year. He was a true senior this year and he could get a redshirt but some think he might hang them up. It is a shame because he was our best player 3 years ago, think Eric Norwood from South Carolina. Not very big or very fast, just a very good college linebacker/DE who made plays.

-Aaron Morris is the best lineman we have had since Oher. We are still trying to find what is the right spot for him, but he is big and talented and plays pissed off. Love watching him play.

-Issac Gross is a true freshman and is starting weighing about 260-270 at DT. He is going to be good, but he is a classic case of a very talented kid who needs more time but is thrust into it too soon because the team needs help. Could have went anywhere but picked here because he wanted to stay close to home and play early, he is getting it and he is also getting some valuable experience playing against guys like Warmack.

-We wanted Jeff Scott to be our Jeff Demps. We ran him a little too much the past 2 years, and guys like him (and Demps) are most effective when they get 10-15 touches a game. He is an explosive player but has been in and out of the doghouse and oft-injured.

Moncrief is the real deal. Still needs some work, but he is a talented player. He has the physical package and just gets it done, he catches the ball and makes plays. Can run by, around, or through people.

We have a lot of work to do, but the best players on our team are sophmores. The cupboard was empty for a few years and this year is about a learning curve (still 3-2!), but next year and beyond there is some talent on this team and I think we will be able to be a 9-4 type of squad again while putting some people into the league early.

BRAVEHEART 10-03-2012 08:51 PM

I'm on the Moncrief bandwagon since last year. Kid is pretty legit.

Don Vito 11-25-2012 03:52 PM

7 catches 173 yards 3 TD's yesterday. Feed Moncrief.

Don Vito 11-25-2012 06:37 PM

Torched Johnathan Banks until Mississippi State finally put someone else on Moncrief.

JHL6719 11-25-2012 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by Don Vito (Post 3192005)
Torched Johnathan Banks until Mississippi State finally put someone else on Moncrief.

..and proceeded to torch him (Darius Slay) too.

duesouth 11-27-2012 03:25 PM

Just got through the Egg Bowl and he looked really good. Caught a 43 yarder early on Banks - then as the two above posts mention caught TD's on Slay (late round/UDFA type) and then Banks (first round). I'll be keeping a close eye on him next year.

As for Banks, been waiting for someone to test him and he failed. Got beaten by a TE for a TD as well - can't tackle (whiffed on Barry Brunetti) either.

Don Vito 11-27-2012 03:35 PM

Moncrief caught two TD's on Banks and another bomb early in the game that was not for a score. I'm not saying this just because I am an Ole Miss fan but I think Banks is pretty overrated, has not had a great year. His freshman year he looked like he would become a top 10 pick but I think he has leveled out since then and had a down year this year. Has height/length and athleticism, but is not physical and will get beat. Has some tools but I think he is overrated.

TACKLE 11-27-2012 04:04 PM

He came on my radar when I picked him up in my SECFF team last year. He is a stud and seems to elevate his games vs. top secondaries. Long, athletic, smooth receiver who can also go up and get the ball. Definitely a name for people to keep an eye on.

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