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DraftSwag 10-31-2012 04:28 PM

Bradley Roby vs. Johnathan Banks
If Bradley Robey decides to come out this year do you think he will jump over Johnathan Banks as the top cover corner in the draft next year. I know everyone is talking about Amerson, but after I saw him get scorched by Tennessee I can't even grade him as a true cover corner.

keylime_5 10-31-2012 04:30 PM

Amerson has dropped out of the first round in most of the good mock drafters' mocks. He might be a good safety in the NFL. Roby has elite speed, and he leads the nation in PBUs (16 or 17 or18 I think, idr). I think he had like 6 or 7 PBUs against Penn State last week, that's ridiculous. I hope he stays in college another year. He will be a really high pick next year.

DraftSwag 10-31-2012 04:42 PM

I think their is a legitimate concern with Amerson's speed, after I saw Cordarelle Patterson just flat out run by him on a reverse I lost interest. I think at best Amerson is Jimmy Smith from the Ravens which isn't bad, but definitely doesn't warrant a top 15 pick. He's no Revis thats for damn sure. I love Roby, but I love Banks swagger. The dude just seems like he loves to compete and make plays. I heard the Alabama receivers got at him a little bit last week, but from everything I've seen he's gonna be a big time corner at the next level. If Roby's smart he comes out this year because the strength in college football right now is the underclassmen.

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