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Wootylicous 11-02-2012 01:31 PM

NBA draft
We will be drafting 10 players. Goal is to build the best team for the next 3 years.

1- Woot
2- Rob
3- D-unit
4- Da-Phins
5- Scotty
6- Docta
7- Ravens
8- DG
9- Fenikz 623.734.3206
10- TBW
11- Paul
12- Bantx
13- ncst

Rob S 11-02-2012 01:43 PM

You know I'm in!

draftguru151 11-02-2012 01:51 PM

I don't remember who exactly was in the first one (other than Brody because his team was comically bad), but do you guys remember/want to try to do a blind auction draft. I'm on my phone so I dot want to explain the whole thing until I get home, but basically you create a dream team and put a monetary amount on each player, and there are rounds of bidding. Any interest?

EDIT: here is the link for it.


scottyboy 11-02-2012 02:05 PM

i'll be in for whatevs. i'm so excited basketball is back

D-Unit 11-02-2012 03:01 PM

Yay! Let's do this!

Da-Phins 11-02-2012 04:23 PM

Count me in.

Rob S 11-02-2012 04:26 PM

I'd prefer a non blind auction thing. I feel like I would get worked.

Docta 11-02-2012 04:32 PM

Gimme the loot.

Ravens1991 11-02-2012 04:32 PM

Ill do this

Rob S 11-02-2012 04:36 PM

One more, let's get this started. Get MS in this so Cousins can go in the 1st.

Da-Phins 11-02-2012 04:39 PM

Can I clone LeBron and then draft him over and over?

Rob S 11-02-2012 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by Da-Phins (Post 3170993)
Can I clone LeBron and then draft him over and over?

Lebron wouldn't be happy as a 6th man....major chemistry fail.

draftguru151 11-02-2012 04:46 PM

I'm in. Forgot to post that lol. I'm gonna do an auction one too soon though, completely forgot about wanting to do that.

Da-Phins 11-02-2012 04:46 PM

Good point. Guess I will just clone D-Unit's favorite player...James Harden.

Rob S 11-02-2012 04:51 PM

Lets get this show on the road, Frenchie.

Paul 11-02-2012 06:22 PM

I'm in and I will be more active. So no worries

scottyboy 11-02-2012 06:29 PM

in case this gets started while im doing alcoholic things: 732-882-8426

bantx 11-02-2012 07:11 PM

im in llllllllll

Paul 11-02-2012 07:14 PM

Salary Cap? Think that would make things more interesting.

fenikz 11-02-2012 07:35 PM

i want in and yes to a cap

Paul 11-02-2012 07:39 PM


Rob S 11-02-2012 07:52 PM

I'm in. I'd actually prefer no cap if this is 10+ teams as draft positioning can really **** people over moreso than a non cap. I'm not bothered either way though.

ncst8fan83 11-02-2012 08:23 PM

I'm in if there's room.

D-Unit 11-03-2012 01:30 AM

Yes to a cap.

TheBoyWonder22 11-03-2012 07:21 AM

Ah man, I'd love to. PM me if there's room.

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