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JHL6719 11-26-2012 01:25 AM

The SEC....
...has once again ended any argument about their position in the polls.

The SEC will have 6 teams in the top 10 of the final BCS standings. All of the losses incurred by these teams were at the hands of each other.

The top 7 teams in the SEC only lost to teams inside the SEC.

Any of the top 8 teams in the SEC would be title contenders in any other conference.

Let's look at some of the OOC wins for the top 6:


Beat #21 Michigan 41-14
Beat a 7-5 Western Kentucky team 35-0


Beat #13 Florida St. 37-26
Beat a 7-4 UL-Lafayette team 27-20
Beat 8-4 Bowling Green 27-14


Beat Georgia Tech (who's playing for the ACC title) 42-10


Beat a 7-5 Washington team 41-3

South Carolina:

Beat #15 Clemson 27-17
Beat 8-4 East Carolina 48-10

Texas A&M:

Beat 9-3 Louisiana Tech (who snuck into the top 25 at one point) 59-57
Beat a 6-6 SMU 48-3

Let's get to the bottom of the SEC barrell....


Beat Wake Forest 55-21


Beat a 7-5 N.C. State 35-21


Beat a 7-5 Arizona St. 24-20
Beat a 9-3 UCF team (who's a potential C-USA champion) 21-16

Mississippi St.:

Beat an 8-3 Middle Tennessee St. team 45-3


Beat #18 Kent St. 47-14


No quality wins. Played Clemson close.

Ole Miss is a quality team without any quality OOC wins. They've played everybody in the SEC tough.

Arkansas is in shambles.

The SEC is going to clean up again come bowl season.

By the way, for all you lovers of video game football.... there's a reason why you won't ever see any of those "exciting" 65-55 track meets in the national title game....

...teams that give up points like that can't get there.

Set your tv to one of the .com bowls or flip to the NBA if that's what cranks your tractor. You'll never see it in championship football.

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