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norcalgsr 12-21-2012 07:35 PM

Terron Ward, RB Oregon State (Sophomore, 2014/2015 class)
This kid caught my eye during the Arizona State game.

Terron Ward
5'7" 195 lbs

Brother of Cleveland Browns Safety TJ Ward. Went to same High School as Maurice Jones-Drew. How was this kid only a 3-star recruit? You can't help but notice the strength and power in such a small package. If he can get up to 205+, I see him in the MJD/Ray Rice mold. As of right now at his current weight, I see him as a stronger, more powerful Dion Lewis/Kendall Hunter, though.

Storm Woods is probably the fastest in that Oregon State backfield, but this kid may have more success at the next level. He's everything JacQuizz Rodgers was/is except much quicker and faster. (Remember JacQuizz ran a 4.6 at the combine)


VS Arizona State:

Stiff arm:

Two TDs vs Cal:

Breaks tackle on reception and TD run vs Stanford:

In high school he was only 185, but check out the strength and balance after contact:

Caulibflower 12-21-2012 10:25 PM

My inner GM wants him.

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