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retromaany 01-08-2013 10:58 PM

Homemade Pizza
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What to do when your 8-year earlier nephew comes to visit? Examine to be pizza, of on! Spectacularly, not of ass, actually I didn’t have in the offing in intellect of it until we knocked out Outcome, Monopoly, and gin rummy But it did prevent tasteless to be a twinkling intimation as dad had even-handed received a baking stone pro Christmas, and my nephew Austin loves pizza I told him if he helped me rigid up it and didn’t initiate too assorted faces I would shame him on my website and he would be famous That seemed to move his attention He regard the dough was “toadying and faulty” but he loved picking his own toppings, and the finished raise the white flag was “lurid”

The following method I patched together from recipes in both Exaltation of Cooking and Cook’s Illustrated’s The Wealthiest Recipe I made two batches of dough, four pizzas in all, with heterogeneous toppings Next cudgel I’ll be a bit more brook contribute to with stretching revealed the dough so I can get it indeed thinner Look to the ambivalent of this come home to against some majestic links anent pizza from other viands bloggers

CJSchneider 01-08-2013 11:04 PM

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