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rmxfiles 04-03-2007 12:36 PM

Question about lineman
Hey don't laught at me but i keep hearing people taling about the 5 techingue and the 3 techingue or 6 techingue in reference to lineman what are they taking about?

Shiver 04-03-2007 12:46 PM

They are referring to the alignment, in respects to where the O-Lineman are. When you are talking about football, defensive and offensive terminology are not the same. The offense numbers the gaps and the defense letters the gaps. For example, to the right side of the center the gaps are even numbered 2,4,6,and so on. To the left of the center the gaps are numbered odd 1,3,5, and so on.

The defense on the other hand letters the gaps. For example, on either sides of the center are the A-gaps. The outside gaps of the guards are the B-gaps. And the out-side gaps of the tackles are the C-gaps.

draftguru151 04-03-2007 12:56 PM

A 5 technique is head up on the OT, a 3 is outside shoulder the OG, a 6 is outside shoulder the OT. 1,2,3, is on the OG, 4,5,6 is on the OT.

yourfavestoner 04-03-2007 01:18 PM

It's really really easy. "Techniques" are used to describe where a defensive lineman is lined up in reference to where the football is. If he's lined up directly across from the ball, he is lined up in the 0 technique. As he gets further and further away, the number gets higher.

The two techniques you'll hear about the most, are the one and three techniques. The one technique is usually the weakside defensive tackle, and he lines up in the gap between the guard and center (on the inside shoulder of the guard); he is called the nose tackle in the Tampa Two scheme. The three technique usually lines up on the strong side between the guard and tackle (on the outside shoulder of the guard); he is called the Under Tackle in the Tampa Two.

The three technique is usually more of a penetrating defensive tackle, whereas the nose is more of a run stopper.

Of course you'll get variations of where exactly they'll line up in every scheme and formation, as well as what position they're called and what they're responsible for. The numbering stays the same from team to team, though.

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