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BallerT1215 04-05-2013 01:34 AM

Draft Boards - And your projections.
This is a two part question/answer for you guys:

1.) Do you believe, with less than 3 weeks to go, that all drafts boards are currently finalized for the most part at this very moment?

2.) By reading through all the workouts, visit info, and random info - who do you envision as your teams top 3 players @ the moment.

1. I think boards are locked up at this point with some room for minor changes, but not at the top of the board.

2. This is tough for the Bills because while we have worked out literally every QB, they don't seem impressed enough to go 1st rnd so I'm thinking top 3 could be:

1. Dion Jordan (personally hope it is Jarvis)
2. Lane Johnson
3. Cordarrelle Patterson

jrdrylie 04-05-2013 08:29 AM

1). Depends on what you mean by finalized? I doubt they are set in stone but at the top, they pretty much are. Individual interviews could move a guy up or down. Serious injury or arrest could take a guy off the draft board. But nobody is going to be moving up or down now based on film or workout.

The only exception might be that some guy nobody has ever heard of at Butt Crack Community College shows up at a random Pro Day and runs a 4.17. Maybe he gets on the boards as a late round flier.

2). For the Bears, my big board is

A. Arthur Brown
B. Jonathan Cooper
C. Tavon Austin

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