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Byrd430 11-18-2013 12:14 AM

NCAAF Bracketology (Updated 11/17)
Hi, all. It's been a while since I've been around this place, but I'm glad to see this is still up and running. Truly, the best draftnik site on the planet here.

Anyways, I'm going to start posting this for anyone who might be interested. Basically, this is something I've done annually since the BCS was established back in '98. I arrange the top 64 teams in college football (using certain rules/guidelines, NOT personal opinion) into a March Madness-style tournament. From there, I run simulations (again, NOT personal opinion), play out the tournament, and crown a *true* national champion.

So, here is this week's bracketology:


(Morgantown, WV)
1 Florida State vs. 16 Western Kentucky
8 Cincinnati vs. 9 Notre Dame

(Columbia, SC)
4 Northern Illinois vs. 13 Arizona
5 UCF vs. 12 Georgia

(Tampa, FL)
3 South Carolina vs. 14 Texas Tech
6 USC vs. 11 North Texas

(Chapel Hill, NC)
2 Clemson vs. 15 Penn State
7 East Carolina vs. 10 Bowling Green


(Waco, TX)
1 Baylor vs. 16 Tulane
8 UL-Lafayette vs. 9 Houston

(Provo, UT)
4 UCLA vs. 13 Utah State
5 Wisconsin vs. 12 Georgia Tech

(Corvallis, OR)
3 Stanford vs. 14 Boston College
6 Ole Miss vs. 11 Rice

(Tulsa, OK)
2 Oregon vs. 15 Middle Tennessee
7 Minnesota vs. 10 Toledo


(Ames, IA)
1 Ohio State vs. 16 San Diego State
8 BYU vs. 9 Miami

(College Park, MD)
4 Michigan State vs. 13 Virginia Tech
5 Oklahoma vs. 12 Washington

(Blacksburg, VA)
3 Texas A&M vs. 14 Iowa
6 Louisville vs. 11 Buffalo

(Foxborough, MA)
2 Missouri vs. 15 Navy
7 Duke vs. 15 Michigan


(Gainesville, FL)
1 Alabama vs. 16 Ohio
8 Boise State vs. 9 Texas

(College Station, TX)
4 Fresno State vs. 13 Vanderbilt
5 Arizona State vs. 12 Kansas State

(Louisville, KY)
3 Oklahoma State vs. 14 Oregon State
6 LSU vs. 11 Marshall

(Birmingham, AL)
2 Auburn vs. 15 Maryland
7 Ball State vs. 10 Nebraska

Just Missed:
Arkansas State
Texas State
Washington State
North Carolina
Colorado State

MassNole 11-19-2013 12:54 PM

That could be a brutal second round matchup for Alabama.

Byrd430 11-19-2013 03:50 PM

Really? I can't see either team doing much to stop Alabama.

nehaali 12-03-2013 02:27 AM

Touches on serious issues, some FSU specific, some others very likely occurring on most football factory campuses.

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