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Originally Posted by elway777
Originally Posted by BuckeyeNation27
Originally Posted by DoWnThEfiElD
BN since your person opinion means absolutly nothing to me. I and everyone else was trying to shed some light as to why his dad did not sign the LOI on NSD, since it was evident that you did not know any of the underlying circumstancse, which i think even you can agree with. You knew nothing more than the fact that Vidals dad refused to sign in the letter on NSD. That led you to come to your own personal opinion that the guy is an ass. So you can call anyone an ass you want i guess, but nobody will value your opinion at all.

You cry like a little baby and ask questions that have been answered, calling me a kid because i presented facts, and information you did not know when you called Vidals dad a ass. All you say is he is a ass for not signing the letter. Well congratulations, i guess your own worthless, ignorant opinion on a matter you know nothing about can be your arguement. -That is literally all you have contributed to this topic, so really congrats on making us all waste time trying to enlighten your views on the situation, with facts you were oblivious to.

I have presented you with enough facts that should have been able to make you realize that what you said was an unjust opinion. Now if you wish to ignore everything everyone has said you may do so. I only hope the next time your going to argue like this how about you bring some actual knowledge of the subject at hand.

I mean the guy ended up signing the letter anyways, you make it sound like he never did and Vidal is worse off for it. So really i don't even know what to say to you...

You could have saved yourself an awful lot of typing and just typed "I don't understand BN's question, so I'm going to attack him for it".

Or you could've saved the time and not posted at all, instead of coping with the fact you can't put together an actual response that would help your arguement.
First of all, you don't even know what my argument is. Second, if you can't answer my question, then don't waste my time with your petty insults.
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