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BengalMedic hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.
Default Excuses or Valid Points ??

This is at the bottom of the latest article on Bengals.com.


35.3 - at Baltimore 9/7/08 (L): Opener against NFL's most complex defense
41.4 - Tennessee 9/14/08 (L): Played in remnants of Hurricane Ike with gusts in the 40-50 mile-per-hour range.
43.4 - Baltimore 9/26/04 (L): Third NFL start and first against Ravens
44.8 - Cleveland 12/23/07 (W): 18-degree wind chill and 30 mile per hour winds.
51.6 - at Pittsburgh 12/2/07 (L): Rain on treacherous field.
While I will be more than willing to allow some slack in regards to this, here's my problem. It sounds like excuses and that's about it. "Most complex defense", "Wind chills", "Rain", or name the so called "reason" why things went wrong. Here's something else... We lost games to teams that, "GET THIS" were playing in the same circumstances or conditions the Bengals were.
Allow me to go a little further...

Baltimore 9/7/08- Ravens start a rookie QB who couldn't complete 50% of his passes and ran all over the place making Dhani Jones his b*tch.
Tennessee 9/14/08- 89 year old Kerry Collins throws 14 of 21 for 128 yards and a TD in the same conditions as Carson.
Baltimore 9/26/04- Third NFL start I'll give to him against the Ravens D.
Cleveland 12/23/07- We won the game, but D. Anderson threw 4 INT's while throwing for 250 yards and 2 TD's.
Pittsburgh 12/2/07- Ben threw 21 of 32 for 184 yards and 2 TD's. In that game, Carson threw the ball 44 times. WTF ??

I would rather see an article from the team saying they know they are "Currently" f*cked up, but are working hard to pull our head out of our collective a$$. Stop giving us excuses and start being a professional football team.

To Zimmer, thank you for trying to improve our defense and please keep bringing some heat !!! Maybe our offense will figure things out...
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