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tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.tjsunstein is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default Only if you have time.

I figured I'd do this instead of just posting seperate random threads about each topic.

I'll start with the section related to the Packers first. Yesterday's game was pretty frustrating to watch from both sides it seemed. I had a problem with the play calling and our run defense and Vikings fans weren't to satisfied with the team in general it seemed. It might just be the Packers who do this because I haven't followed each team enough to notice their trends but we play the feild position a little too much. We would rather be conservative on a third and long and get an extra five yards on the punt then try to convert. It really showed yesterday when we're 1-11 on third down. I can't credit our defense enough for their ability to keep us in those games and almost win them for us. Charles Woodson always seems to come up with interceptions at the most crucial moments for us and has my vote for defensive player of the year.

I know the conversation about DPOY usually starts and ends with Haynes but some players are being overlooked. You could argue that Jenkins is as valuable as Haynes at this point for each team and that Woodson has come up with the biggest plays. It'd be a travesty to overlook Aso as well but unfortunately for him, his team is in the darkest of black holes. Pun intended.

Who is the worse team right now? Oakland or Detroit? My vote goes out to Detroit. Oakland has the talent but not the motivation. It didnt help that Russel was hurt and Walter had to leave the game too and Marques Tuiasasaasasasasopo had to make an appearence. Detroit has Calvin and.. um.. uhhh. Get my point? Both teams are struggling right now and its gonna be hard to force myself into tuning to the Detroit-Tennessee on Thanksgiving. I know Detroit has the tradition of being televised on Thanksgiving but what are the chances its blacked out in the Detroit area? lol I'm obviously kidding but I hope it isnt as bad as the Jets-Cowboys game last year.

I wasn't lucky enough to tune it for the game on NFL Network so I was forced to watch it on my laptop with Eisen, Dukes, and Terell Davis. I'm just going to say thank god that not one Packers game is on NFL Network this year. I think the online version showed about a quarter of the game and felt the need to have Dukes and TD on the screen instead of the game while they are commentating it. They used all their witty remarks before the game and praised Brady Quinn like he was Tom Brady. Very annoying if you ask me.

Young Quarterbacks. Rodgers, Ryan, Flacco, Quinn, even Thigpen gets a shout out here. It's extremlely early to rank each as a player but not the situations they are in to succeed. I have them in order already. Rodgers is easily on the most talented team of the bunch but they are also the youngest. There's going to be some learning curves and things that will get one frustrated, see two safeties. A fair amount of time to assess these guys will be when they start for two seasons. You can say that three years is enough time to give someone but it depends what situation they are in. Are they groomed while backing someone up, Rodgers, or are they thrown into the fire with nothing under their belt but one preseason and a practice? It makes all the difference.

Is Thigpen for real? Who knows. But he will certainly give the Chiefs options during the draft. The way he has been performing will allow for KC to pass on a first round QB for the likes of a Crabtree-Bowe-Gonzalez tandem or dominant force on the defensive side depending on where they pick. Rey and DJ at LB would be a sick core to build around.

I went through the worst team in the NFL, so who is the best? Tennesse is undefeated but it's the New York football Giants that get my pick. A strong team all around that can win any type of game. A shoot out, a nailbiter, you name it. Just don't name the Browns. Tennessee is impressive but I think it's becoming more evident that there is a set game plan to stop them. Green Bay had it but not the run D. Chicago had it but they also had Grossman. I think Tennessee sees their first loss come AT HOME against the Jets. The Jets were a better team than their record implied just weeks ago but now hold a share of the AFC East. They're my favorite to win that division now.

While I'm on it, I'll touch on all of the AFC East. The Patriots are showing that the team is a real team and not just Brady. The injury gods feel no mercy for them with Adalius now to join Harrison, Brady, Crable, and Maroney. I credit the mastermind on this one. The same one that was behind spygate. Bill. The Dolphins are surprising me and everyone else it seems with their play. Chad needed a change of scenery, although it brought tears to Coles' eyes. A fresh start with no one breathing down his neck except the big tuna seems to be refreshing for him. No Kellen Clemens and no NY media. If it weren't for the undefeated Titans, Sparano would get my coach of the year. And lastly the Bills. The same Bills we have came to love. It seems to me that no matter how good or bad they start, 8-8 is their destiny.

Best team no one is talking about. Some could say the Panthers and I would agree that they are being underrated this year but I like the Cardinals as being more underrated? They are coming out of the NFC West and thats no secret but I like them more because of their offense. Q and Fitz is just dirty and Hightower establishing a solid run game should give them just enough to keep you honest. They wont shut you down on D but they will play you tough and make you earn your yards. As it stands they are 9th in run d, who would have thought. If you're a gambler take the over whenever this team takes the field because the ball will be airborne all game.

I'll end it with the best player no one is talking about. Call me a homer but dont refute unless you look at the stats. Five interceptions with 3 returned for a touchdown. He leads in both and it isnt very many times he is beat. I'm sure there are more worthy candidates on other teams such a linemen and stuff but as far as underrated goes, Nick Collins.

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