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Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Brothgar is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default DC Draft Dictionary

We throw terms around on this board alot. So I was thinking about putting together a list of terms that any new user could pick up and king of know what we are talking about.

__________________________________________________ _____

3-4 Nose Tackle (NT) - Usually a larger defensive tackle who is so strong that it takes two defenders to block him. It is not necessary that they have good pass rushing skills. These players tend to be on the heavier side (320+)

3-4 DE - Usually your undersized 4-3 DT, quick enough to get to the QB and strong enough to stand up against the run. More relied on to stand up against the run. Size and weight 285-300 lbs and 6'3+ are ideal.


Ballhawk n. - A defensive back who excels at making interceptions.

Ball Skills, plural, n. - ability to play a pass in the air while still covering a moving receiver, note that players with the skills are still dependent on sideline team mates shouting "Ball! Ball!" when his head is turned away from the ball but then can refocus on it in the air.

bubble: lower body thickness esp. buttocks area, as it relates to explosion and power.

Bust n. - A player who does not meet the expectations of their draft position.

Closing Speed n. - Describes a player who has the ability to catch up to a play that is behind him, usually a DB.

Cover 1 Safety: A deep safety assigned sole responsibility for covering the back end and preventing the long ball. See Mays, Taylor.

Cover 2 Corner n. - A cornerback that has the skill sets necessary for the cover two scheme. These are usually bigger more physical corners who can bump a WR of his routs. They also tend to be skilled at tackling Many times the cover two corner will be slower than a coverage back.

COD: Change of Direction. Usually used when assessing a skill position player in respect to how well they can make a cut or change direction.


Draftnik -- Someone obsessed with the NFL Draft in all its aspects. Term coined by one of its originals, Gil Brandt, scout, Dallas Cowboys, early 60s.

Deep Threat - Refers to a player, typically a WR, who uses their great speed to get open deep for the big play.



First Step - Usually referring to DE and OLB/DE(3-4). Initial step and quickness at the snap of the ball. Being able to get right up field.

Gunslinger - A QB willing to make riskier passes who tries fit the ball in to well covered receivers looking for the big play.

Game Manager (v.)- A Quarterback who does not take chances, sticks with shorter safter throws, often due to a lack of arm strength.

Headhunter - Typically refers to a safety who excels at laying hard hits on receivers trying to catch passes over the middle.

Handfighting, n - The practice of WRs vs. DBs fencing with hands attempting to control the other player's hands to catch or defend a pass in the air. Usually applied to WRs who are good at it, this is very close to pass interference & often results in an offensive interference call, see Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys, 1980s-90s.

High Motor - A player who plays with an extremely high level of intensity and effort throughout a given game, usually a DL.

Heavy-legged waist-bender: Term used for offensive linemen. It refers to a lineman who lacks the athleticism and flexibility to drop and then flip his hips in run blocking, and compensates by bending at his waist, eliminating leverage and power.

Initial Burst n. - Describes a player who has an explosive first step, usually a WR or DB.

Intangibles - Unteachable skills that certain players naturally possess. Examples include leadership ability, heart, instincts, clutch play, postseason success, etc.



long-strider - a wide receiver (or any receiver for that matter, but typically a wideout) who has a long stride, which is thought to limit that player's ability to change directions quickly and thus the ability to create separation when running routes

Lunch Pail Players - The "grunt laborers" of the NFL, players who are not extremely talented or rated highly yet do their job well on the field, generally fundamentally sound players. Usually used to describe a OL.



NFL arm - descriptor for a quarterback's arm strength used to denote the ability to throw staple NFL throws such as the 15 yard (often far side) out or the 18 yard dig; does not necessarily indicate outstanding arm strength, merely enough to complete all the requisite passes

Overachiever - Generally a player who appears to be limited physically, yet usually gets the job required of them done on the field (see also: "Football Player")

Power Blocking Scheme -The opposite of the zone blocking scheme. A man-to-man scheme. Usually the run plays go up the middle, and if its a toss, a tackle will throw a hook block and use a fullback. Counter is a very popular play with the scheme, due to the lineman not pulling very much. Dives, Blasts, and Off-Tackles are some more popular examples of the power blocking scheme. Pittsburgh runs it.

Project n. - A player who has physical tools or has the potential to gain those tools but who's football ability is raw and needs developement after the draft.

Possession Target - Refers to a player, typically a WR, who lacks great long speed but makes up for it with great size and strength to out-muscle defenders when catching short range throws in traffic.

Power back- a husky running back typically used in short yardage situations.

Quick Twitch - Describes a player who usually has quick, explosive movement on the snap of the ball, usually a DL.

Reach - Used when a player is drafted higher then expected.

Return Specialist - A player who does not play any offensive or defensive position particularly well but has the uncanny ability to break a return to the house.

Roverback, n: A college combination SS & LB with no specific defensive zone or offensive player assignment who can "rove" or go to the spot where he can affect the forthcoming before the ball is snapped. It was favored by DC Joe Kline everywhere he has coached Div. 1 defenses, emulated by others mostly in the SEC, MWC & WAC. Most famous roverback in the NFL now is Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears, who played the Loboback variation of it at the U. of New Mexico (Loboback after the UNM Lobo mascot). Offensive counters include no-huddle, play action & quick snaps to "freeze" the rover before he can move.

Scat Back - A running back, usually one who is small and fast, that typically can't handle playing every down but excels at running to the outside, catching the ball out of the backfield, and splitting out wide. See Third Down Back as well.

Sleepers- Players who aren't expected to produce much but then end up doing just that.

System QB n.- A player who's quarterbacking ability is augmented by the system he is playing in. Generally is shown by huge passing numbers in pass happy systems.

Small School Prospect n. - A player who doesn't get much TV time because of the school he goes to but is known around draftnick circles.

Swingman, n - Lineman, usually a backup OL, who is versatile enough to play multiple positions.

Third down back n - Typically smaller, more agile backs who excel at pass catching that teams like to bring in on 3rd downs to give them a more versatile option.

Tweener - A player who plays one position but is more physically suited for another.

Two-Down Player - 1. a player usually a linebacker who have a considerable skill set playing against the run. But has trouble against the passing game.
2. A defensive lineman who does not have the endurance to stay on the field for all four downs.

Underachiever - Generally a player who appears to have a great deal of potential and talent, yet does not translate it into success on the field (see also: "Workout Warrior" as it pertains to the draft).

Value Pick - A selection that doesn't fill a need but the player selected was too good to pass up.

Workout Warrior n. - A player who pick has very impressive workout numbers but his production on the field doesn't impress at all.

Workhorse Back - A running back, usually one with good size, who can take 25+ carries a game without wearing down or losing effectiveness.

X Factor - Also known as "It" it is the ability to turn a game around with one play also thought of as "home run hitters" or "game changers"

Zone-Blocking Scheme- A run-blocking scheme to take advantage of the lack of size to use leverage against defensive linemen. Usually these Offensive Linemen can accelerate up field quicker, and block linebackers. Usually these plays are either double teams or down blocking.

-zzz sufx. - A player who has strong oppinions on either side (greatness or not) can be used as a joke. Many times used to discuss white RBs, CBs, and WRs
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