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Default The Main Page Mock

I'm old but new to the site (hence my low post count and old sig...I still miss Stroud), but was wondering if some of you agree with the pick posted for our pick on the Mock on the main page of draftcountdown.com? I'm not saying it was a horribly wrong pick (everyone is entitled to their opinion), just wanted some insight on what others thought.

I'll open by posting what i think and others can join in...it's called a conversation.

First off if you haven't seen the pick here it is.


Scouting Report
All things being equal the Jaguars would probably prefer a left tackle here but with Eugene Monroe, Anre Smith and Jason Smith already gone they might have to turn their attention elsewhere rather than reach for Michael Oher. Despite investing a lot of resources in wideouts over the years Jacksonville could still use a playmaker in the passing game and Jeremy Maclin would be a very intriguing possibility. A dynamic playmaker who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball, Maclin would give the Jags offense a new vertical dimension and serve as a stark contrast to guys like Matt Jones, Reggie Williams and Jerry Porter. Maclin is an even better prospect than former #9 overall pick Ted Ginn, Jr. was coming out of college and there really isn't as much separating him and Michael Crabtree as some might think. As I mentioned Jacksonville also has issues along the offensive line and in addition to being ravaged by injuries in 2008 they have also lost confidence in Khalif Barnes and might be inclined to bring in a replacement. Also keep in mind that Jack Del Rio is a Southern Cal alum and fellow Trojan Rey Maualuga could be a nice replacement for Mike Peterson at middle linebacker once he is inevitably sent packing this offseason.
I understand the whole "if the top 3 OT's are off the board, there's no point in reaching, so take the BPA". That's perfectly fine. I personally don't think that Maclin would be the next BPA, but that's all opinion. The part that probably annoys me more than anything is the last 2 sentences.

The part about us losing confidence in Khalif is opinionated, which yet again...no problem. But Khalif isn't going to be resigned by the Jags, so with him leaving and his replacement (Richard Collier) becoming an amputee after an off-field incident, the Jags have NO LT. Absolutely no one. Reaching at this point would be welcome if they don't take a LT in the FA (free agency). So "might be inclined to bring in the replacement" turns into...."has to bring in a LT or won't have a functional OL".

The last sentence irk's me to the point of return. I may be biased because I don't think Jack Del Rio would draft a player just because of his alma mater, but to say he will replace Mike Peterson is the biggest oversight to anyone who knows about the Jags roster. Daryl Smith has been playing the MLB position over the past 3 seasons, when Mike Peterson has been injured. He's actually started more games in the past 3 seasons at MLB than Mike Peterson has. Then Mike Peterson celebrated a sack while we were losing to the Bengals this past season, and JDR had had enough. He benched Peterson, and made Daryl Smith the MLB for the rest of the season and eventually telling Mike Peterson he wasn't going to play here again. Luck have it that Daryl Smith hit the IR late in the season, so by default Mike Peterson was playing the MLB position. And everyone forgot about Daryl Smith.

So in case you happen to make a Mock Draft....please do not draft a MLB or OLB for that matter. Daryl Smith is only 26 as of right now. Our OLB's Clint Ingram (only 25 years old) and Justin Durant (only 23 years old) are very good for the defense we run. We have a very young LB squad and LB should not even be looked at in the first round.

The Jags GM, Gene Smith, and owner, Wayne Weaver, have both implied that we will be going BPA. Granted it is a mock, the Jag's will likely trade back which was also implied by Weaver. This years draft is deep all over and with the supposed "release" of a few UFA's, the Jags will likely use their high draft pick to trade back and stockpile draft picks while literally going BPA every single round. If that means a QB is at the top of their draft board when it is our time to pick, the Jags will likely fish around looking for trades rather than just accept the fact they don't need that guy and take the next. It is the true meaning of drafting BPA.

Sorry for ranting.
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