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Originally Posted by JoeJoeBrown View Post
Props on being a great fan.

However, SC has been great in the 2000's because of the talent Carroll brought in. He's gone. The school may be getting some sort of serious banhammer brought down on it. And UCLA is ready to swoop in during probation.

If it weren't for all of the shadiness that Carroll is leaving town for, the job would be a top 5 for certain. However, due to that, you may or may not get the coaches you desire. Despite that, I think Fischer or Del Rio would be great (and possible) hires.

And speaking of the quality of team, remember the 80's and 90's? A few Rose Bowl wins and a few top 10 finishes. Good, but not great. Often mediocre. The talent was in California but USC didn't get it. This is a real problem that will manifest itself again if the NCAA cracks down.

UCLA and others will scoop up the players that are scared off. Things go in cycles and this may be the end of an era.

It's a shame that dirty boosters and a complicit athletic department let this happen. And Carroll is going to get away unscathed. That last part really bothers me.
I agree with most of that, however I think these "looming sanctions" are about a 50/50 in reality. We have yet to see what shakes down.
College football does go in cycles, that's why I was so surprised Pete could keep the Trojans on top for so long. But what im getting at with the SC job being so attractive is the fact that Pete's successor will inharet 5 years of top end prospects. The talent is already there, if you can coach them up then winning big shouldn't be out of the question. Its comparable to Saban leaving the talent at LSU that Miles used to win the title in 07. Not to mention a good recruiter would be druling at the in-state talent and the national talent SC is capable of attracting. Since there is no pro team in LA, if you can win big at the college level you can be the king of the town.
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