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Originally Posted by primetime21335
Originally Posted by elway777
Originally Posted by Moses
Originally Posted by elway777
Everytime id play against a friend and they were the falcons on 04 hed be
running everytime with vick,cuz they mad vick look fricken amazing in that game
Falcons were way too good in 2004. Everybody played with them.
piss me off when i was playing the tournament in long beach and i got beat in overtime by vick running 76 for a touchdown :x
:? Vick was so easy to shut down. Cover 2 double QB spy... anyone who planned on running too much was shut down. Broncos would own the Falcons in 04.
Yes and when you have 2 of your linebackers following nobody but the QB that doesnt suit well for pass coverage. Madden 04 was when the juke and spin moves were still insane, Madden 05 was better imo because they tuned down the effectiveness of the moves but also added in the hit stick.

And you seriously like the Madden soundtrack CC.. its all emo rock and crappy rap.
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