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georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.georgiafan is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default NCAA Football '12 (video game)

* They have yet to annouce any new features about dynasty, online dynasty or team builder.

Confirmed New Features and Additions
  • Custom Playbooks - Details to be announced
  • Enhanced Tackle and Collision System
  • Improved Zone Defenses
  • Three-man Gang Tackles and Double-Hit Tackles
  • New Authentic Formations in Playbooks: TCU's 4-2-5 Okie Across and more.
  • Nearly 150 new plays
  • User controlled dive catches
  • High Dynamic Range Rendering (HDR)
  • Higher Resolution Crowds
  • More Player Gear
  • Dreadlocks
  • Bowl & Conference Championship Game Patches on Uniforms
  • New Stadium Sound Events: Pregame Part 1 (Anticipation), Pregame Part2 (Runout), Pregame Both (Anticipation and Runout)
  • 3D Grass & Particles
  • Pylon Physics
  • New Coach- and Band-centric Cutscenes
  • ESPN & Conference Screen Transition Wipes
  • In-game atmosphere and tradition updates: Bands, Cannons, varying crowd noise (based on stadium size).
  • More authentic stadium & team entrances: BCS Game Open, Auburn, Boston College, Colorado, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Louisiana Tech, NC State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Purdue, Southern Cal, Tennessee, Texas, and more.
  • Over 140 New & Updated Uniforms: 2010 Nike Pro-Combats (Florida, Miami), Arizona State, Michigan State, Washington State, and more.
  • New & Updated Stadiums and Stadium Signage: Alabama, Oregon, and more.
  • Updated Field Art: Arizona State, East Carolina, Ole Miss, and more.
  • New Offensive Plays: Pistol Full House HB Off Tackle, Shotgun Spread Flex Wk Y-Stick, Weak I Normal Y Over Fly Sweep, Shotgun Twin TE Slot PA Slide, Pistol Spread RNS Switch Smash, Pistol Train Triple Option, Shotgun Wild Tiger Trey Fight Song, I-Form Twin TE Badger Power, Shotgun Trio HB Wk PA Husker Y Post, Shotgun Normal Flex Ark HB Wheel, Shotgun Wing Trips Wk Tiger Buck Sweep, I-form Twins UK Fade Smash, Ace Big Twins Weak Flood, Shotgun Trips Unbalanced Mizzou Jet, Shotgun Quads Trio Slot Pivot, and more.
  • New Defensive Plays: Nickel Normal Cover 6, ‎4-2-5 Over Thunder Zero Cop, 3-3-5 Okie NCAA Blitz 3, Quarters Normal Dbl Loop 3, Nickel 2-4-5 Slant Zone 2, Nickel 2-4-5 Cover 3 Bluff, Dime 3-2-6 Spinner Buck Dog 1, 3-4 Predator Cover 2 Sink, 4-2-5 Under Slide Rover Wk Dog, 4-2-5 Okie Across Bullets Dbl A, and more.

Some of the new Plays New Plays
EA has selected 25 new plays to highlight(there are more than 25 new plays in NCAA 12), They have all been released, they are:

  • Pistol Full House HB Off Tackle – The Pistol Full House, aka the Diamond formation, was first unveiled last season by Oklahoma State and was later adopted by other teams across the country. A staple play of the three back pistol set is the HB Off Tackle play. Playart
  • Shotgun Spread Flex Wk Y-Stick - Another spin on a staple play of the Air Raid offense that’s used by Houston, as well as others. Shotgun Spread Flex Wk Y Stick calls for the halfback to motion out of the backfield to the right. This motion puts him in a spot that allows the Y-Stick concept to develop. Playart
  • Weak I Normal Y Over Fly Sweep – Oregon State’s Weak I Normal Fly Sweep has the TE aligned on the line of scrimmage to the split end side of the formation. This creates an u***lanced set to the left with extra blockers for the fly sweep. Playart
  • Shotgun Twin TE Slot PA Slide – This is a play action boot pass that has two deep crossing receivers and one receiver, usually a TE, who slides under the line of scrimmage and in the flat. Oregon likes to use this play once they get near their opponent’s red zone. They’re usually successful at getting the ball to one of the crossing receivers for a big play. Playart
  • Pistol Spread RNS Switch Smash – Hawaii’s run and shoot offense can now be run from the Pistol formation. The traditional staples such as RNS Switch Smash can now be found in the new Pistol Spread formation. Hawaii and SMU’s playbook also features the run and shoot version of Pistol 4WR Trips. Playart
  • Pistol Train Triple Option - Primarily used as a short yardage power set from the Pistol, the Train formation as it’s called by Nevada gives the offensive a variety of ways to attack the defense in short yardage situations. The Triple Option play is one such play that can be used to attack the defense. Playart
  • Shotgun Wild Tiger Trey Fight Song – Auburn’s offense features a wide variety of unique and imaginative plays. One of the more interesting plays in their offense is Shotgun Wild Tiger Trey Fight Song. In this play the left tackle aligns on the ball on the right side of the formation in a receiver position. The left tackle is used as a decoy to throw off the defensive recognition of the play. Playart
  • I-Form Twin TE Badger Power - A staple of the Wisconsin power running game, I-Form Twin TE Badger Power is a play that combines elements of both a counter and power play. The Badgers like to send the wing tight end in motion to the weak side and at the snap he becomes the second “puller” on the play. Factor in the fullback and Wisconsin can get three lead blockers at the point of attack. Playart
  • Shotgun Trio HB Wk PA Husker Y Post - Nebraska’s offense is known for generating big plays in the running game. To compliment their explosive rushing attack the Huskers will often use play action passes. Shotgun Trio HB Wk PA Husker Y Post is a play Nebraska uses with great success for getting the ball deep down the field to their tight end for a touchdown. Playart
  • Shotgun Normal Flex Ark HB Wheel - Shotgun Normal Flex Ark HB Wheel should be a familiar play to the fans of Arkansas. This is the same play the Hogs used to score a touchdown on the third play of the game against Alabama last season. The concept known as “Shark” in the Arkansas terminology uses a shallow cross/dig combination in the middle of the field and a post/wheel combination on the outside. Playart
  • Shotgun Wing Trips Wk Tiger Buck Sweep – Clemson’s new no-huddle shotgun based offense will strive for balance with the run and pass. A staple run play of the Tigers’ new offense figures to be Shotgun Wing Trips WK Tiger Buck Sweep. The play is an off shoot of the Wing-T Buck Sweep in which both guards pull and lead block for the ball carrier. Playart
  • I-Form Twins UK Fade Smash – I-Form Twins UK Fade Smash is a unique way that Kentucky likes to run the smash concept. In the traditional smash concept the slot receiver runs a corner route. The Wildcats like to use a fade route which gets the slot receiver near the same deep area of the field as if he were running a corner route. Playart
  • Ace Big Twins Weak Flood – A three tiered flood concept, Ace Big Twins Weak Food can be used to attack a variety of defensive coverages. The post route is the first read in the progression and if open the ball should be thrown there. The deep out route by the slot receiver combined with the shallow cross route of the tight end creates a hi/lo vertical stretch on the defense. Playart
  • Shotgun Trips Unbalanced Mizzou Jet – Shotgun Trips Unbalanced Mizzou Jet is a new addition to the Tigers high flying spread offense. The formation calls for the tight end to align on the line of scrimmage and places the split end on the left off the line of scrimmage. With three spread receivers combined with the halfback in the backfield, Missouri can get four blockers at the point of attack on the jet sweep. Playart
  • Shotgun Quads Trio Slot Pivot – Shotgun Quads Trio Slot Pivot is a play that’s designed to put a horizontal stretch in the underneath coverage of zone defenses. The inside receiver closest to the formation runs a shallow cross while the next receiver to his right runs a pivot route. Those two routes going in opposite directions creates a natural void in zones for the dig route that’s ran by the next receiver over in the formation. Playart
  • Nickel Normal Cover 6 - New to NCAA Football 12, Cover 6 is a split field coverage concept that has the secondary playing Cover 2 on one side of the field and Cover 4 on the other side. Add 2 plus 4 and you get 6, thus the name Cover 6. Playart
  • 4-2-5 Over Thunder Zero Cop – A new addition to the 4-2-5 defensive playbook, Thunder Zero Cop is an aggressive pressure scheme that calls for both inside linebackers and the strong side safety to blitz. The unique aspect of the scheme is the term “Cop”, which tells the defensive end to play man coverage, usually on a tight end. Playart
  • 3-3-5 Okie NCAA Blitz 3 - The 3-3-5 Okie formation is new to NCAA Football 12. This formation allows teams that base out of the 3-3-5 defense to get into a more rational “3-4 Normal” look. A widely used scheme from this look is the NCAA Blitz 3 which is a three deep, three under fire zone scheme. Playart
  • Quarters Normal Dbl Loop 3 - With the ever increasing popularity of spread style offenses in NCAA Football, we made the decision to add the Quarters Normal formation to the game. The Quarters normal formation features three down linemen, one linebacker, and seven defensive backs. DBL Loop 3 is an overload fire zone concept that’s used to bring pressure to the weak side of the offense. Playart
  • Nickel 2-4-5 Slant Zone 2 - From a coverage standpoint is a standard 2 deep, 4 under fire zone pressure. The play calls for the two inside linebackers in the 2-4-5 formation to move to each side of the formation to show blitz. Combined with the pre-snap movement of the nickel cornerback, remaining linebackers, and both defensive tackles, the play gives the look of an “exotic” blitz scheme in which any combination of the players could blitz. Playart
  • Nickel 2-4-5 Cover 3 Bluff – The complimentary play to the Nickel 2-4-5 Slant Zone 2, the Nickel 2-4-5 Cover 3 Bluff uses the exact same pre-snap movement by the linebackers, defensive tackles, and nickel cornerback. This scheme falls in line with what’s known as an “illusion” defense. The defense gives the offense the appearance of an all out blitz with the exotic look, but in reality it’s a basic 3 deep, 4 under zone coverage. Playart
  • Dime 3-2-6 Spinner Buck Dog 1 – An aggressive blitz pressure scheme that’s used by teams such as LSU and Nebraska, Dime 3-2-6 Spinner Buck Dog 1 is a good play to use in passing situations. The play uses a six man pass rush which includes the right cornerback. Playart
  • 3-4 Predator Cover 2 Sink – The 3-4 Predator is a defensive set that calls for the right outside linebacker to align in a three point stance. This gives teams that base out of the 3-4 the ability to get into a 4-3 look. Cover 2 Sink has both corners getting depth on their zone drops in order to take away the natural void in Cover 2 between the safeties and cornerbacks. Playart
  • 4-2-5 Under Slide Rover Wk Dog – 4-2-5 Under Slide is a new defensive formation for NCAA Football 12. This defensive look from the 4-2-5 calls for the secondary to align in a two deep look with one cornerback aligned tight and the other aligned in a loose technique. Rover Wk Dog is a pressure scheme that allows the defense to rush four defenders at the weak side of the offense. Playart
  • 4-2-5 Okie Across Bullets Dbl A – 4-2-5 Okie Across places the five defensive backs in the formation in a loose alignment of about 8 to 10 yards. In addition to the alignment of the defensive backs, the right defensive end aligns in a two point stance similar to that of an outside linebacker. Bullets
  • Dbl A sends both linebackers in the formation on blitzes in each A gap. Playart
New/Updated Team Entrances and Traditions

Auburn - War Eagle Flight
Boston College - Players touch Eagle Statue - Picture
Colorado - players run out behind Ralphie - Picture
Florida - Players touch a Gator head Statue - Picture
Florida State - Osceola and Renegade pre-game ritual - Osceola/Renegade -
Georgia - Uga, can be seen barking. Hairy Dawg run out with the players - Hairy Dawg - Uga
Georgia Tech - The Ramblin' Wreck rides out in front of the players - Picture
Indiana - players run by and touch "The Rock" - Picture
Louisiana Tech - Players Touch Bulldog Statue when entering field
LSU - Mike the Tiger in a cage
Miami - Sebastian runs out with a flag in front of the players(not sure if its any different than NCAA 11's intro) - Picture
NC State - players touch Wolf Statue - Picture
Nebraska - Tunnel Walk - Picture
Oklahoma - Sooner Schooner - Picture
Oregon - Mascot rides out on a Motorcycle with the team running out around him, Players jump and tap a "Win the Day" sign - MotorCyle Entrance - Win The Day
Purdue - Big Bass Drum - Picture
Tennessee - players tap a big "T" sign - Picture
Texas - Big Bertha and Bevo - Bevo - Mounted Longhorn Horns - Big Bertha - Big Bertha 2 - Texas' Locker Room - Texas' Cannon
USC - Tommy Trojan plants the sword, players also tap a "I'm in" sign in the locker room - I'm In - Tommy Trojan









* this info was got from forums of other sites so credit goes to them

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