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Default Advanced Football Questions (NFL QB Play)

I don't know where to put this but I'll post it here. I have a few advanced questions regarding Quarterback play on the NFL level. I don't expect the average football fan to know the answers but maybe there are a few people with advanced football knowledge.

1.) What does a Quarterback look for in Defenses pre-snap? I think one of the things he looks for is the depth of the Safeties, how deep they are and how far apart from each other they are. Do they also need to look at the Cornerback's alignment? For instance if they are in a squat stance to play press, or bail coverage. Or if they are in a 2 point stand up stance to play slide technique or off coverage?

Do they have to mix up their snap cadences to try and see which Defenders are blitzing and from where, and expose disguised coverages? and then adjust his pass protection calls accordingly. What else does a QB need to look for before the snap?

2.) What determines how a QB goes through his progressions? What does he look for when he goes through his reads? Is he looking for certain types of coverages, weak points in zones? Is he looking for a certain degree of separation from Defenders?

What makes him pull the trigger on his read? and what determines if he needs to move onto the next progression?

Thanks for any help.
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