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View Poll Results: Which team has the best chance at survivng their second scenario?
Team Gun Slingers 8 33.33%
Team Zed Face 5 20.83%
Team TITs 11 45.83%
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The Great Migration
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Default Zombie Survival Voting Scenario 2

Scenario 2

Your team is in major need of medical supplies so your team will have to venture out to the nearest hospital which is an hour away. You will leave at noon to go to the hospital at your transportation of choice. Again explain what you will use to get to the hospital.

Now you reach the hospital explain how you will go about scouting, going into the hospital, and extracting the items. Now by the time the search ends you have your supplies you need. But it is night so your team is now forced to wait it out till dawn to head back to camp. You must explain how about you will do this and planning the safest way of survival.

The hospital is 3 stories with a basement. There is no electricity running in the whole building. Even with thorough scouting there are still chances of zombies roaming around the hospital.

It is dawn you must safely get your team and your items to your transport and go back safely to your camp.

Now I was a little lenient on some rules last scenario, but I will be enforcing them this round.
You will only have your 2 weapons of choice to use. There will be no additional items that you've created (remote control cars).

Anything that is common in a hospital is fair game to use for your survival during the night of waiting.


Team Gunslinger

In need of medical supplies, my team must head to the local hospital (Christus Sophn in Alice Texas). Departing at noon, we depart our ranch hold-up via jeep departing North by way of Hwy 281. We set a rally point at Alice International Airport. The open terrain gives us a 360 degree vantage point. From there we move to the hospital by foot. In front is Zod and CJ. In the rear, 30 meters behind is Brent and Metsox. Knowing the most likely avenue of zombie approach would be from the North due to a map recon, Zod and CJ are armed with the sniper rifle and AR-15.

Initially a external perimeter is set and security in conducted with Brent and Metsox setting up at the South side of the hospital and CJ and ZOD scanning around the exterior, noting other possible means of entry as well as resources located around the exterior.
Upon entry to the hospital, a room to room search is conducted, clearing any possible zombies.
Zod and Brent keep “eyes-one” security at the main South entry point while Metsox and CJ act as a work party.
All entry points to the basement are sealed. Using a make shift saw from a bone-saw, we cut pieces of furniture to create barricades and block entry to the basement. Similar devices are used to fit mattresses, found in the hospital’s first floor, over possible window entry points.
Metsox and CJ clear the 2nd and 3rd floor of the hospital. When complete both teams reunite to trade duties. Metsox and CJ hold entry point security while Zod and Brent collect supplies with emphasis being on the following:

bandages, sterile combine dressing, and gauze pads
adhesive tape, and gauze tape
medical tweezers
surgical razor or scalpel
disinfectant pads
latex gloves
Antibiotic cream
Epinephrine and antihistamines
Rubbing alcohol
suture kit or sterile disposable surgical stapler.
oxytetracycline tablets
Pain relievers of various sorts (OTC and prescription)
sheets and blankets
surgical tubbing
Hydrogen peroxide
Sunscreen/sun glasses(we are in Texas right?)

Items of interest will also be taken if they present themselves.

As we go to leave, the decision is made to hold up for the night in the hospital.
Prior to the sun going down, Brent and Zod search the first floor for essential night items such as candles, flashlights, glow-sticks, lighters, matches or anyother means of creating fire (and there by a lightsource). Upon their return, Zod and Brent clear the exterior by cleansing our entry point with bleach found in a janitor’s closet. Metsox and CJ work quickly to set up defensive positions. We move as much furniture as we can up against large glass doors to prevent zombies from walking right into the building; we use everything from waiting room couches and file cabinets to vending machines. Once complete, Zod and Brent conduct a second security sweep of the building, while Metsox and CJ hold entry point security.

Finally, the saw is used to cut remaining furniture to create a final barricade, closing up the entry from the inside that is easy to remove from the interior in case of the need for a quick exit. Zod and Brent establish security check points at the Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest corners of the 2nd floor of the building. Every hour on the hour, one two man team will move to each checkpoint as a pair, starting in the Northwest and rotating clockwise, stopping at each point to visually scan the exterior of the hospital for zombies. In addition first floor checks will be made by CJ and Metsox after their 2nd floor security scan is complete.

Using bedding from many of the hospital beds, a makeshift rope ladder is made in case the first floor is compromised and exit from a higher floor is required. Teams take turns napping while one team remains awake. The group decides a command center behind the corner from the main entry is best as light from scavenged sources will not be so readily seen. Late in the night, the team dines on a fest created from items pillaged from a vending machine.

At first light, a security scan from the established four visual checkpoints will be made. The team will remove the entry point barricade and when finished, CJ and Metsox will establish entry point security while Zod and Brent make a final security scan from the second floor. The team will then travel back to their rally point at the airport and travel South by jeep back to the ranch.


Team Zed Face

The Zed Faced Killas have run low on medical supplies and decided they need to leave the comfort of their barracks to raid the nearest hospital. The group eats a hearty breakfast and gather their supplies for the hour long drive to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Once again, EATW is positioned in the bed of the truck overlooking the land throughout the duration of the trip, scanning to make sure the coast is clear. The men are approaching the hospital from a wooded hill, which has elevation over the hospital, and provides a great vantage point to scope things out, and since they are wearing their hunting camo, is should be near impossible to see them from distance. Borat and Broth use binoculars, EATW uses the scope from his .270 to find their point of entry. The men set their eyes on what looks like a garage on the first floor of the hospital with a man door right next to it, this is where the ambulances with the most severely injured patients arrive. After careful scanning (two laps around the hospital to eliminate threats) the men see no imminent threat near the doors, and execute the plan they came up with while on the hill and circling the hospital.

EATW uses his crowbar to open up the man door, hammering the pins out of the hinges, then prys the door out of the hole. Broth and Borat enter through the man door, moving swiftly, and lift up the steel garage door enough to back the truck into the bay of the hospital and close the garage door while EATW puts the pins back in the hinges and closes the door back up. Everything at their point of entry looks exactly the same as it did before their entry, except for a few scratches on the hinges of the door. The men then barricade the man door and the garage door, but Broth rigged up a quick release type of barricade that can be taken down with a quick jab to a shelf, which they found in the garage.

It is now roughly 2:00 and the men, having secured their room of entry, move on to the rest of the hospital, clearing out room by room, using only their close range weapons like the crowbar and baseball bats to avoid bringing more attention to themselves, if there are any zombies in the hospital. As the men clear out the hospital, they make sure to barricade any and all exterior entrances from being broken into, by zombie or human, using the hospital beds, chairs, desks, shelves and more. By 4:00 the men have cleared out the first floor and basement of zombies and barricaded all exterior entrances on the first floor. The men move up to the second then third floors, continuously in contact with eachother, not leaving more than one hospital room's distance away from eachother. They are once again clearing rooms out methodically, one by one. With less exterior entrances to the hospital in the second and third floors, they only have to barricade the outsides stairwells and the entrances to the roof, and are finished barricading and clearing out the hospital of zombies by 5:30. If there are any threats from this point on, they are not coming from inside the hospital.

Now that they are sure that all zombie threats inside the hospital are over, the men load up on medical supplies. Disenfectants, pain killers, gauze, bandaids, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and any other drugs they see as beneficial. They load all the medical supplies into the bed of the truck with pillows and blankets, which will not only be used to help keep warm when they get back home, but are packed in with the medical supplies in glass containers to keep them from breaking during transit. The men also grab as much medical tubing as they can find, they will be using this to tie down what they bring back to further prevent damage in transit, as well as save enough to make slingshots and other weapons for hunting small game near their barracks.

As dark approaches, the men go to the surgery rooms and take as many surgical intsruments as they see fit, which they will use not only in case of emergency, but to fashion tips to use for weapons. The men also pick up oxygen tanks, and place them strategically in the hospital in case of any zombies somehow sneaking in. They also bring a few cannisters back to the truck for use back at the base. The men also stop by the cafeteria and look for any canned food and bottled water to take back to camp. While they were clearing out rooms, Broth notices the hospital's backup generators, and the men decide to take one (only enough room for one with the medical supplies, O2 tanks, and food already loaded up) and some gas. The men have also grabbed an additional small amount of batteries and have loaded that up for future use as well.

With it being dark, it is decided it is too risky to drive back to camp, the lights from the truck would be seen for miles in this now dark, desolate land. They go back to the cafeteria and chow down on some of the food they don't have room for in the truck, and prepare for night. They decide to take three hour shifts, two asleep in the truck while one is right outside the truck watching and listening for any threat, ready to wake the others, release their barricade on the door, lift it, and go. But luckily none of that has to be done, and the men get a solid night of sleep.

The men organize in the mornign in the cafeteria again, eat breakfast and plan their escape. They decide to go back to the third floor and look out from each side of the building, getting a panoramic view of the area around them to decide the best way to leave. They head back to their truck, loaded up with medical supplies, food, fuel, and power sources, Borat hops in the drivers seat, Broth releases the barricade, EATW opens the door, and the truck rolls on out of the hospital like nothing ever happened as Broth and EATW hop in the cab of the truck and they roll out, once again scanning as they move, with much less to worry about knowing they are now safely on their way back to their base with enough medical supplies to last a long time.



Team Tits

Area: Middle and Eastern Tennessee

[Weapon 1] - Crowbar
[Weapon 2] - Shark Suit
[Item Reward] - Walkie Talkie

[Weapon 1] - Remington 1100 Autoload Shotgun
[Weapon 2] - Sig 556 Semiautomatic Rifle (w/ Suppressor and Scope)
[Item Reward] - Walkie Talkie

[Weapon 1] - Katana
[Weapon 2] - Shark Suit
[Item Reward] - Walkie Talkie

[Weapon 1] - Aluminum Bat
[Weapon 2] - Shark Suit
[Item Reward] - Walkie Talkie

Shark Suits are essentially chain mail armor. They were raided from the Tennessee Aquarium, located in East Tennessee. It's nonrigid so it bends with the body allowing full flexibility, is mesh so it breathes, and is strong enough to prevent skin punctures from shark bites. Even if a zombie gets close enough to bite and infect us, it will not be able to bite through the suit, which makes the protection worth using the weapon slot for it. In return, the three suit wearors have reliable melee weapons, and since the suit takes the inherent risk of getting close to a zombie to attack it, it proves a hack and slash ability that nonsuit wearors wouldn't be able to do, unless they were foolish.

Drew has a crowbar, which provides a utility use. If a door needs pried open or leverage need be applied to something, this allows for it. And as a weapon, it's a blunt instrument that's easily wielded.

Doughie has no shark suit, but is the holder of the firearms. The Remington 1100 is an automatic shotgun ranging from 12 gauge to 20 gauge. It requires to pump action while taking the same rounds as a pump. This will only be used in emergency, since it's loud and will be most effective when we need an escape. The Sig 556 is a semiautomatic rifle, and with a suppressor and scope, it not only provides a firearm that can be fired with little noise, but at long ranges. It's scope provides a utility of reconassaince to check distant areas for signs of zombies or human presence. Doughie is also the tallest, so he has more range of sight.

TH has a katana. It provides a cutting utility tool, while is fairly easy to use since it's a slashing weapon and not a lunging/stabbing sword.

Rufus has an aluminum bat. It's a blunt instrument and is the easiest of our weapons to use. It's utility use would be to smash windows and other minor demolition instances. It can also be combined with the crowbar to split wood. Just wedge the crowbar noncurved end into the wood, and use the bat as a hammer to hit down on the curved end.

All four have walkie talkies enabling communication in case the group splits up or a member is separated, whether willingly or not.

Three members of Team Tits each now have a weapon, armor, and a communications device. Doughie has guns, SO DEAL!


Like last time, our mode of transportation will be a modified 4 Wheel Drive Subaru Outback 4-door hatch. We feel this is the best combination of Protection, functionality, fuel consumption, and stealth. It's 4WD allows it to go offroad, something better gas consuming cars like hybrids can't do. It's quieter and uses less gas than a truck. It keeps the riders safely inside, which bikes, horses, and motorized recreational vehicles (dirt bikes, ATV's, etc.) don't do. And it allows enough storage space so that the riders aren't disadvantaged by it. Oh, and it has a sunroof, cause Team Tits likes to party even in the end times.

The modification will be to the hatch. Instead of the window, we'll create an escape door on a vertical rail using thick plastic as the door and a simple locking mechanism to lock it in place. That way people will be able to get into the car through the hatch without needing to have enough space to lift it up.

Drew will help navigate while I drive. Drew knows Middle Tennessee well and I know East Tennessee and the mountains well. I've delivered pizzas before, automatically making me an expert driver. But mainly because we're going to a hospital, a place I know the most about. We'll use the backroads as best we can, and leave them using 4WD when it's possible. Doughie and Rufus will ride in the back, with Doughe being able to stand up through the sun roof and shoot if need be.

[The Hospital: Entering]

Upon arriving, we'll do a loop around the hospital looking for signs of a break in while Doughie uses his suppressed rifle to take out any immediate zombie threat. Signs of break in would signify possible zombie or human presence inside.

After scouting the area, we pull up to the hospital loading dock in the back. Depending on the hospital, there could just be a double door back there, a place for us to actually pull the car into, a ramp for us to pull up on, or simple an elevated level for trucks to back up to.

If there's just a door, Drew and Rufus will exit the car while Doughie stays in the car but protruding from the sun roof to cover their backs and watch ours. Drew would bash the lock with his crowbar and Rufus would use his bat on the crowbar as a hammer if need be. They'll crack open the door to look inside for signs of company. When the coast is clear, they take the door off from it's hinges and I back the car up to the door, park it, and lock it. Me and Doughie then climb out the escape hatch in the back. Now the door is now blocked by the car and when we leave the hospital, we'll be protected since there won't be enough room between the car and the building for a zombie to stick his head in to bite us, let alone multiple zombies.

If we can pull in and there's a pull down door, then Drew and Rufus will exit the car while Doughie stays in the car but protruding from the sun roof to cover their backs and watch ours. Drew would back the lock with his crowbar and Rufus would use his bat on the crowbar as a hammer if need be. They crack open the bottom of the gate, and peek underneath to see if there are any feet inside. That way a zombie or human won't surprise them. They'll open the gate, and when the coast is clear, I'll pull in and they'll close the door behind me. The car is now protected and we'll be safe when loading it up.

If there's a ramp, we'll pull the car up on the ramp, and depending on if we can pull in or not, use one of the above methods.

If there's an elevated level, we'll park the car immediately adjacent to the elevated level, park it, and lock it up except for the sun roof (we'll place a removable cover over it, so if the cover is moved, we'll know there's something inside). That way if there's an emergency, such as zombies have surrounded the car and taking them out would a alert the herd close by, we can jump from the elevated level onto the roof of the car and climb into the car through the sun roof. The supplies will just have to sit in our laps rather than the trunk.

[The Hospital: Inside]

Once inside, we use my knowledge of hospitals to manuever through it. We stay together as a group despite having walkie talkies. There's a rule we have: Never initiate the zombie contact unless it's absolutely needed, and stick together. This is a hospital. If there's a zombie apocalypse, hospitals will be ground zero. This is where they'll take the infected, the dead, and where future zombies will sprout from. Odds are there's a good number inside, so we'll need everyone to stay safe in these narrow quarters. It will be night by the time we leave, so getting out as quickly as possibly isn't an issue. We'll be here all night anyway.

We're already in the loading dock, so we can raid this place first for supplies. Odds are, there's a dolly and empty boxes. We'll load up the dolly with what we need, and keep the empty boxes for the rest. Doughie is the biggest and has no armor, so he pushes the dolly. Drew and I will lead, and Rufus will take up the back. All of us have armor and melee weapons, so we'll be quiet and protected. I lead because I know where to go. Drew leads with me because he has the crowbar. Rufus takes up the rear by default. Drew will roam on the stairs - he'll help lift the dolly up and down stairs while I take the front and Rufus takes the back, and if there's a zombie, he'll help take it out.

We're heading for the basement first. Along the way, we'll look for a map that shows the layout of the hospital. We'll remove it from the case or rip it off the wall and take it with us. That way we don't go door to door looking for the pharmacy and other locations, which means no opening a door with a zombie(s) in it and alerting a threat that otherwise may not have been alerted. The pharmacy will be down in the basement though. There's a pharmacy upstairs on the main floor for customers, but there's one in the basement where the drugs and supplies are received, sorted, and stored (and it will be less looted). Things may already even be packed up for us. I'm not a doctor, but with my medical history, I know that ********** is actually (X)anax (for anxiety), phenergan is promethazine (for nausea), ultram is ******** (muscle relaxant), etc. It's easy to see "cillin" at the end of something and know it's an antibiotic, but I give my team an edge with the others.

By this time, we may have everything. The pharmacy will have the medicine, bandages, needles, syringes, bags of intraveinous fluids, etc. The loading dock/storage area will have blankets, cleaning supplies, etc. If not, we'll use the hospital map we grabbed to head to nurse's stations on the first floor.

We will totally avoid patient areas, such as inpatient floors (In a 3 story hospital, the inpatient floor will be the 2nd floor and the 3rd story will be for surgery/ICU/critical care.) If there are zombies in the building, that's where they'll be. There's where the infected patients will be taken, and where the nurses and doctors tending to them will have been when the zombified patients bit them. It's not where we want to be, and we'll avoid it like the plague...literally.

Oh, and MEDICINE WILL NOT BE ON THE 2ND AND 3RD FLOORS! If you're inpatient and need medicine, the nurse has to ask the oncall doctor to order it, and then the pharmacy sends it up from the basement. They'll have some supplies and medicine up there, but there's nothing up there that isn't in the pharmacy.

After we have our supplies, we'll head back to the door we have in at and load the supplies in the floor boards of the car UNLESS IT'S PARKED WITH THE ELEVATED LEVEL SCENARIO. That way if we need to escape in the hatch, we're not having to climb over supplies in the back, which could crush them or destroy them. Now we're no longer down a person, and the four of us can commandeer a room close by our exit. If it's the elevated level scenario, we keep the supplies with us. We'll look for a door with a window overlooking our car outside. Now we'll be able to see when the sun comes up and if there are zombies outside before we even leave the room. We'll lock ourselves in using the door lock or wedging the crowbar and take turns keeping watch two people at a time. That way no one accidentally falls asleep. If possible, everyone stays awake. No talking. No leaving the room. We **** in the corner if need be.

At dawn, we exit the room and return to the car and depart.

Please vote for most efficient and safest plan!!

Point out any rule breaking items if I missed any!

Stay Alive

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