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Originally Posted by Maroney22
Originally Posted by thah0ward2
Originally Posted by swangaz
I'm leaning towards dallas, because of two things Depth and Cersatility.

Dallas has shows that they can play at a 80 point, 90 point, 100 point and 120 point pace, and can adjust to their opponet. We saw them play at that high pace against San Antonio, because of San Antonio's inability to beat the Mavs that way, and we saw them grind it out against Pheonix, because that exposed Pheonix's thin roster.

They also have the best depth in the league, they have a ton of guys who can step in and contribute at anytime especially from 1-3 positions, and we saw how they were able to use their depth from keeping the Suns to blowing their lead even more when all the Mavs starters were in trouble.

Also look for the X factor in this series for my Mavs to be J-Ho, as we are undefeated this year(including postseason) when he scores 20. Dirk has shown now that he can be a clutch performer and has won a game or two for us in each round this year. Jt is also coming up big and is a great shooter, and if he's hot, he;s on *********** fire, and can start to heat up at antime eveident at the fact that he blew up in the second half in game 6 in pheonix. him and Harris aer going to have to minimize their driving to the hoop though, because of the fact that Zo and Shaq and Haslem will kill those layups
I read an article by Dr. Jack Ramsey and he syas that driving and creating foul trouble is where Dallas is strong. He also says Howard will give Wade fits and that the Mavs are SO much quicker than the Heat that it will be a major problem.

Wade is much quicker than Howard i think he'll be able to score.
He is not that much quicker than Howard and Howard also has a coule of inches on him.
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