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Default What a Difference a Year Makes?

I remember viewing this board around this time last year and nine out of 10 of the members listed stated Cam Newton was going to be a bust, Newton was going to need time to develop, Cam Newton should switch positions, Cam Newton will be drafted in the late to early second round, very immature and inaccurate. Gabbert is going to be the best QB in this class and should be the first QB taken. I too was shocked when they announced that Carolina was going to use the number 1 pick on Cam early in April, because at the time most of you thought he would be a late 1st rounder or even a second rounder.

Boy all of you were so wrong. Now all I hear is Cam Newton is a once in a 10 year type of QB, franchise QB, excellent tools, everything you want in a QB. Obviously there scouts saw something that we did not.

Being new to this board, how serious should I take any of your analysis of players in the draft since practically every single one of you in this board was completely wrong about your analysis of Cam Newton around this time last year?
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