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Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Jvig43 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default Jvig's 10,001 Post

Because I forgot that I was waiting to post this for my 1,000th post and ****** it up. Oh well. Anyhow I really have never been someone to spend alot of time on any forums, never would I have thought I would spend this much time here when I first made an account. Needless to say, I love this place. I first came here due to my lack of interest to vigorously keep up with college football and prospects, I rarely post in the college sections because as much as I love the draft and looking at prospects I just havent ever devoted the time that Scott, Jbond, and a bunch of the other users have to weighing the pros and cons of each prospect. Needless to say this place is awesome for me to keep up with guys to keep an eye on and quickly youtube film of them and get an idea for myself.

But really this place has become more than that, because the posters on here are ******* awesome. The community is really what got me to stop being just a viewer and take part of actively posting. Sure we have trolls, but even the worst ones don't really take anything away from just how awesome this community is. So I figured I'd post some things on various posters I have interacted with and if I forgot anyone sorry, just let me know and I'll add something super nice to say about you to make you feel better about your day and my 10,001 post.

First to all my Patriots buddies on here. Normally we get a bad wrap, having a successful franchise can really tend to bring out the band wagon, obnoxious fans who like to just throw **** in lesser teams face. With the exception of RC, you guys are all amazing, realistic, down to earth posters who I truly enjoy posting with. I know I can be a bit of a pessimist with this team but I guess my take on that 2007 shattered all my expectations for anything in life so I try to stay grounded with expectation as to not get heart broken like that again. I look forward to the next few years with you guys and hopefully BB and Brady can get us another SB.

APS - you drunk bastard. I love you, and if there was a reason for me to ever go to Canada it would be to drink with you until we can't feel feelings anymore. ******* GRENDAES!

Caddy, Kal, APS, Fenikz, titanscjftw as a group - I will never forget our zombie/cod teams. Hilarious times protecting our crawler brodeur while running around getting weapons, or me running around trying to save all your downed asses. Fenikz always running off on his own suicide missions with nothing but a pistol was just too hilariously stupid to ever be upset about. Kal get an xbox. APS, get back online. Greydmo, I miss your drunk swearing.

Kal - I will give you Emma Watson. Even if it means becoming friends with my evil ex in order to do so.

Brodeur - I give you alot of **** for wrestling, but deep down we will always be partners in fighting crime, and you know that I <3 you.

Brent- Most likely the most hilarious poster on here imo. The packer post is HoF worthy, and I aspire to become a teacher like you from listening to how much you just don't give a ****.

Caddy - Your sexy aussie accent and awesome internet access is something I will tell my grand children about. As well as how much you hated that terrible show the walking dead. Speaking of which....

Vidae - Thank you for understanding how terrible Twd really is. I will always have your back with this show. Not to mention in any future mafia games despite if we are on separate teams (we are way too logical for these other chumps).

CJ- I will always cherish that story about the *** clown on roller skates you shared with Kal and I that no one else will ever know about because they werent on skype. Yeah thats right guys, its as awesome as it sounds.

Scottyboy- I hated you when I first got on here. I think me and you rep raped eachother more than anyone else. Maybe it was because I didn't understand your type of posting, maybe you didn't get mine. Whatever by gones be by gones I can't hate you anymore, even despite the fact that we lost to your Giants twice in the SB. Ray rays thighs will always be stuck in my mind.

Fenikz - Just someone I usually tend to agree with on most matters, and I never could be upset at you for doing stupid stuff on Cod. You *****, whores dont get cars.

Bulldogs - Only person who can match me and most likely is better than me at any of the Halos. Some epic times were had rolling around in btb ctf. ******* GRENADES! yes that needs to be said again because of how infuriating it really was.

YFS/DS - Yes while banned I still think I would save a spot for one of the most well thought out posters on here. You are missed by everyone but you brought alot of great discussion to this board and I always read through whatever it was you had to say on any given topic.

Theunseen - Doesnt really post anymore but someone I rather enjoyed talking philosophy with. Wish you were still around now that I am much more engrained within my studies but figured I'd give you a shout out.

Njx - Watching you systematically tear people apart on pretty much anything centered around the broncos or Tebow is something to write novels on. Although you most likely will do so before I even post this, because your just so underground.

Zach Saints - were FB pals now. Hurry up and move to boston so I can buy you a beer or two.

Beer Barron - Seriously one of the best and most awesome posters who could have an in depth conversation with just about any fan of any team and be able to keep up with any topic on any player. Your write ups are always awesome, much better than any **** you'll find on other so called sports outlets.

Raidernation - Just a shout out because I like the majority of your posts.

*** orc - Cutler still sucks. No but our heated debates over this were awesome no matter how pissed you got at me. I even stuck up for Cutler in the Alex smith thread.

Metsox - Just another poster I decided to give a shout out to, enjoy your posts and I hear your pretty good at Cod.

BBD - Another awesome poster, who thankfully is someone that truly appreciates defense. I'm with you all the way on that issue, and hate that people want to just over look 2/3s of the game because offense is "more exciting"

Killswitch - you must hate me, but we enjoy similar tastes in music and despite us being fans of a heated rivalry (not so much anymore sadly) you are still an awesome guy. Interesting fact, my roommate who is a die Hard Colts fan introduced me to this board. But killswitch still sucks, sorry.

Diab/phsylac - Any metal fan is a friend of mine.

Scotty - Awesome lions fan who I just felt should be added here.

UKfan - Another Colts fan who I think deserves to be mentioned, really cool guy and no matter how intense the Colts/Pats games ever got I always had fun chatting with him on here about it.

If I forgot anyone well I am a dick, but I'll add you if you let me know. I love you all anyhow and yeah I should be studying for my huge art history test in a couple hours but **** it.

Also - Moth I have to add you in here for being a pretty rational Boys fan and for our Gears of war team earlier this year.

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Jesse realizing Walt was Santa Claus could really shake things up.
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I don't know how old you are, but if you can get to 24/25 without getting arrested or killed, you've done well for yourself lol.

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