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bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.bucfan12 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default bucfan12's Top QB Prospects for 2013

I'm going to evaluate the top QB prospects heading into the 2013 draft. This includes possible eligible JR prospects as well. Enjoy.

1. Geno Smith QB West Virginia: 6'3 220 LBs.
- Watching some film and video breaking down his progress from Sophmore year to now, I've come away impressed. He's the perfect example of the dual threat QB, but only he's a pass first QB who uses his explosiveness with his feet when he has too.

Does a nice job going through his progressions. Great ball placement, accuracy, awareness. Very good Arm-strength, deep ball accuracy, and can throw on the run and is a threat to take off and make a play running.

If I had to find the flaws, it's probably he'll sometimes rely on his strong arm and throw off his back foot time to time. The competition he faces isn't the best, but then again, neither was RG IIIs or Andrew Luck when it came to terms of Defenses. However he did throw for 400 yards and 2 TDs against that LSU Defense in 2011. The offense from West Virginia is a shot-gun pass oriented as well.

Here is tape from Sophmore Year:

Junior Year:
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrUpzWQr0x4

Overall: I like the way he's progressed from Sophomore year to Now. I can't really compare him to one particular prospect. I see a more athletic and bigger version of Aaron Rodgers/Romo in terms of his release.

GRADE: Top 10 pick

2. Matt Barkley QB USC: 6'2 230 LBs.

- Barkely is probably going to be the #1 pick on most boards, and it's not that he's a bad QB prospect. But nothing of his game really screams "Elite." He's a good qb and might be the most polished QB mechanically wise out of all QBs. He's got a slightly above average arm, accurate QB and comes from an NFL Offense. Some will compare him to Mark Sanchez but I disagree. He's got good field awareness, good at reading coverages and schemes, but not great at it. Not very mobile and his accuracy can be erratic at times. Doesn't throw a great deep ball.

Overall, he's solid and will be taken in the 1st round. I just don't come away impressed with him to take him 1 overall. I think he's a QB that can have success right away under the right team and coach, but don't think he can carry an offense alone.

My comparison to him coming out is some what of a poor man's Carson Palmer and better than Matt Leinart. Leinart had the potential, he was just a lousy worker. Barkely will become a solid starter in the league. I just don't see his Ceiling being any higher than that.

Grade: Top 20 Pick.

3. Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas. 6'2-6'3 220 LBs.

- He was one of my favorite prospects entering this year and really wanted to see how he'd handle the early test against Alabama. Unfortunately, he suffered a concussion that held him out of that game and haven't been able to get a pure evaluation.

From 2011, he was very good who I thought if he developed and corrected his mistakes, could be the top signal caller of the 2013 class. He still can be, as his upside is very good. He's a tough player, leader, who has a rocket arm, very good pocket presence and awareness, and can mkae a play with his feet. He's got some accuracy issues with hthe deep ball, but does a good job going through his progressions.

He's got some issues with his footwork though and his mechanices, he's a bit side-armed. He struggled a bit against LSU and Alabama where he had his two worst games.

Overall, he's got a high ceiling that warrants a 1st round selection, but right now, I haven't seen much of him to move him up. Potential to go top 5 but right now, it's a risky pick. He's got a mix of a Tony Romo type player, who's gutsy and can manover around the pocket, with a Phillip Rivers type release.

Grade: 1st Round.

4. Landry Jones QB Oklahoma: 6'4 220.

He's a 1st round talent and intriguing prospect, but hasn't put it together consistantly. I honestly like him better as a prospect than Bradford.
Has a strong arm, good accuracy, and does a good job at reading the defenses. He does a nice job at going through his progressions, making reads, and hitting guys in stride.

His struggles are he's not very mobile and doesn't handle pressure very well. Has struggled with the "Clutch" factor and is very inconsistant.

He can be a very good and successful NFL QB, but he needs to put it together. He's very erratic sometimes, but hte NFL QB tools are there. If hes taken under the right staff in round 2, he can do well sitting behind a starter for a year (Buffalo?).

I compare him to Alex Smith. Needs to put it together, but not sure how long it'll take.

Grade: 2nd Round.

5. Tyler Bray QB Tennesee 6'6 220 Lbs.

Big strong armed QB who is very frail and needs to pack on some weight. Although that isn't my biggest concerns.

He's got a rocket strapped to his shoulder and can make all the throws required. He has tremendous upside.

However, he hasn't played well in the few big games in his young college career. He's very inconsistant and erratic accuracy. He can make throws in tight windows that makes your jaw drop, then others with wide open space that leave you shaking your head. His pocket presence and footwork need a ton of improvement and his release is very awkward and needs coaching. I question his leadership ability as well as he seemed to pull a Cutler in that Florida game, dropping his head, even when they were down a score.

Overall, he's your typical boom or bust pick. He shouldn't declare, but I've seen dumber decisions. If he does, he's a 2nd/3rd round range pick. He needs another year to improve.

Grade:2nd/3rd Round.

Rounding out the top 10:

6. Zach Dysert QB Miami Ohio: Somewhat of a sleeper to keep an eye on.

7. EJ Manuel QB Florida State: Heck of an Athlete, but really raw as a passer. Probably only a back up in the NFL.

8. Mike Glennon QB NC State: Unpolished QB who does a lot of things you like, but a lot you don't. Typical mid-round selection in my opinion.

9. Logan Thomas QB Va Tech:
Probably the most overrated prospect I've seen. Has a big arm and is very mobile. But he should not declare at all.

10. Colin Klein QB Kansas State: Here's an intriguing prospect. Very tough and mobile, with a big arm. I'm interested to see his development the rest of the season. He could be a mid to late round steal if he can develop as a passer.

Have at it Folks. Open to your criticism.
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