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Default Mid Season Top 62 for 2013 Mock

Why not trades ;)
Only returners: Tyler Bray - D.Milliner - Logan Thomas - J.Jeffcoat - DaRick Rodgers

1. TRADE Kansas City Chiefs (CLE) - Geno Smith /QB/ West Virginia
Whether they earn the top pick or not I think the Chiefs would trade up for Geno-most likely partner will be the Browns. Smith is basically this season's RG3. His physical skills aren't on Griffin's level and his arm talent is not much more than Barkley's, but he makes up for it with an incredible drive and work ethic. It's Brady-esque.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Star Lotulelei /DT/ Utah:
GM might want to go back to his bpa aproach. Knighton is a FA and has some questions with durability.

3. Oakland Raiders Tyler Wilson /QB/ Arkansas:
Playing for a terrible Arkansas squad doesn't stop Wilson from still being one of the best QBs coming out. This guy is like Tony Romo with fire. His mobility, arm strength, knack for producing under heavy pressure and ability to fit it into tight windows makes him a top 10 QB.

4. TRADE Cleveland Browns (KC) Keenan Allen* /WR/ California:
The Browns will be more then willing to trade out of the #1 overall when a team offers them an RG3 type package. Allen's a Dez Bryant caliber talent without the off field baggage. Browns may have just spent a supplemental on Gordon but thy still need a lot of help. Little's been a bust due to drops and Massaquoi's just an ordinary bust who's contract will be up.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Matt Barkley /QB/ USC:
Barkley has his critics but he looks a lot like Drew Brees at times. Realistically, I'd say he's something between a Brees and a lesser Matt Ryan. That's a far cry from a big armed athletic type like Freeman but Schaino might be looking for a better game manager. It's fairly quick to move on from Freeman but you get the sense that Schiano is not the patient type.

6. Carolina Panthers - John Hankins* /DT/ Ohio State:
Panthers on the verge of becoming a sorry team again. They need to get back to the basics of defending the run and running the ball to stay competitive.

7. New Orleans Saints Damontre Moore* /DE/ Texas A&M:
I thought Moore would have a strong season but he looks better then I envisioned. Huge fan now. They moved him to DE after playing as a stand up OLB last year and he's dominating. He's everything you hope Mingo can be.

8. TRADE St. Louis Rams(NYJ) - Oday Aboushi /OT/ Virginia:
With all their picks I think the Rams can move around to target guys they like. Here, I've got them trading up with the Jets for the top LT. He isn't getting as much love as Joeckel but right now, imo, he's the top blocker in the draft.

9. Indianapolis Colts Jarvis Jones* /OLB/ Georgia:
Jones is the prototypical 34 OLB but he' doesn't look like the greatest athlete to me. His numbers are eye popping but he's a little bit of an overachiever type. He's like a smaller Tambi Hali.

10. Tennessee Titans - Sam Montgomery* /DE/ LSU:
I'm not really sold on Montgomery yet but it's hard to tell with all the talent on LSU. For now, I've got him as the 2nd best DE.

11. Arizona Cardinals - Luke Joeckel* /OT/ Texas A&M:
Kolb is playing just good enough to prevent the Cards from drafting an elite QB;

12. TRADE Pittsburgh Steelers(DET) - Manti Te'o /LB/ Notre Dame:
Te'o's such a god fit I could see the Steelers moving up to get him.

13. St. Louis Rams (WAS) - Barkevious Mingo*/OLB/ LSU:
Mingo is expected to blow everyone away at the combine but he's doing very little as a part time player this season. I think he drops. Fisher is the type who could find a role for him, probably lining up at OLB and situational rusher.

14. TRADE New York Jets (STL) - Le'Veon Bell* /RB/Michigan State:
Jets need a player to breathe life into their offense. If they trade down they could try to get that player and fill some of the holes on both sides of the ball.

15. Miami - Jordan Reed* /TE/ Florida:
Reed looks like what Kellen Winslow II was before goofing around on motorcycles.

16. Seattle Seahawks - Robert Woods* /WR/ USC :
Seahawks should be in a position to draft one of the top WRs available.

17. Philadelphia Eagles Taylor Lewan* /OT/ Michigan:
I don't know about Eagles fans, but it's hard for me to come up with a scenario in which Reid isn't back with the Eagles. They might need to make a move at QB, but unless they're targeting Geno, I'm not sure there's a better option in the 1st then Vick/Foles.

18. Dallas Cowboys - Chance Warmack /OG/ Alabama:
Unless they spend money in FA, the Cowboys have to look again at the Oline.

19. Cincinnati Bengals - Corey Lemonier* /DE/ Auburn:
Lemonier has been one of the most consistent rushers in the country. Bengals aren't getting enough pass rush and Johnson's set to become a FA.

20. TRADE Detroit Lions (PITT)- Johnthan Banks /CB/ Miss. State:
Smh Lion defense...and ST. Lions could probably trade down and still land a top DB.

21. Buffalo Bills E.J. Manuel /QB/ Florida State:
Once Jackson and Spiller get healthy, the Bills should make a playoff push. The defense might need more help but if Manuel is available it would make a great opportunity to transition from Fitz.

22. Minnesota Vikings - Stedman Bailey*/WR/ West Virginia:
Blowing up this year as expected. He's kind of like a faster Golden Tate. The Vikings are thought to look at defense but Harvin needs help. I like Simpson but he's yet to really break out.

23. Denver Broncos -Xavier Rhodes /CB/ Florida State:
There's a bunch of quality RBs if the Broncos want to go that route but Champ can't play forever.

24. San Francisco 49ers - T.J. McDonald /S/ USC::
Mcdonald, imo the top safety.

25. San Diego Chargers Justin Hunter* /WR/Tennessee:
The next Malcolm Floyd? :)

26. Green Bay Packers - Joseph Randle /RB/ Oklahoma St.:
Quietly stepped up his game in the absence of Weeden and Blackmon. A complete back who should be a first round pick.

27. New York Giants Alec Olgletree* /LB/ Georgia:
Forces Blackburn to take a seat.

28. Baltimore Ravens Kenny Vaccaro /S/ Texas:
The tatted one is overrated imo but the Ravens are probably ready to draft high for this spot.

29. New England Patriots - Barrett Jones /OG/ Alabama:
Will become more valuable because of his versatility.

30. Atlanta Falcons - Alex Okafor /DE/ Texas:
Okafor is the best Texas defender imo.

31. Houston Texans David Amerson /S/ NC State:
Exposed at CB and might now be the #2 safety.

32. Chicago Bears - Johnathan Cooper /OG/ North Carolina:
Trying to change this up by putting the Bears here. Can Chicago go anywhere but Oline high THIS year?


1. Cleveland Browns (supp) - Josh Gordon /WR/ Baylor:
Flash had somewhat of a breakout game against the Giants catching 2TDs, nearly a 3rd if not for an errant Weeden pass.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tyler Eifert /TE/ Notre Dame:
It's clear now that Lewis is strictly a blocking TE. Jags needs more options in their pass game if they expect Gabbert to improve.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (OAK) Marcus Lattimore* /RB/ South Carolina:
The law firm is nowhere near elite and his claim to fame, having never fumbled, is gone.

4.TRADE Cleveland Browns (KC) Bjoern Werner* /DE/ Florida State:
I'm not as high on Werner as others but he brings a Jason Babin type style and eventually might figure out how to be a good pro player.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jake Matthews* /OT/ Texas A&M:
Schiano's run attack hasn't got off the ground. Improving there and getting a solid pass blocker for a possible new QB should help a lot.

6. Carolina Panthers -Tavon Austin /WR/ West Virginia:
Chudzinski needs another weapon other than Smitty/Newton.

7. New Orleans Saints forfeited:

8. New York Jets - D.J. Fluker* /OT/ Virginia:
Fluker hasn't been incredible but he's an imposing run blocker.

9. Miami Dolphins (IND) Dallas Thomas /OG/ Tennessee:
John Jerry's a pedestrian guard.

10. Tennessee Titans - Eddie Lacy* /RB/Alabama:
Everyone's tired of C2k now.

11. Arizona Cardinals - Dion Sims* /TE/ Michigan St.
Anything that can improve the blocking and run game should help. Sims is a solid receiver too.

12. Detroit Lions - Eric Reid* /S/LSU:
Upgrade but Reid's not having as good a season with all the surrounding talent gone.

13. Washington Redskins - Tyrann Mathieu*/CB/ LSU:
If he declares he could rebuild his stock with a good post season.

14. TRADE New York Jets (STL) - DeAndre Hopkins* /WR/ Clemson:
Hopkins stepping up like a #1 WR this season.

15. Miami Dolphins- Dion Jordan* /DE/ Oregon:
More pass rush is never a bad thing in a division with Brady.

16. Seattle Seahawks - Terrance Williams /WR/ Baylor:
Enough with the underachieving vets at this position for the Hawks.

17. Philadelphia Eagles Collin Klein /QB/ Kansas State:
Klein's stock will rise once evaluation starts. Project pick similar to Kaepernick.

18. Dallas Cowboys - Jesse Williams /NT/ Alabama:
Gets a shot this year at the nose but with his impressive movement skills he also makes a good 34 DE.

19. Cincinnati Bengals - Baccari Rambo /S/ Georgia:
Off the radar a little because of the suspension but his stock could rise.

20. TRADE Detroit Lions (PITT)- Jonathan Bostic /LB/ Florida:
More defense.

21. Buffalo Bills Cobi Hamilton /WR/ Arkansas:
Bills like their cast of no names but it's time to improve their depth.

22. Minnesota Vikings - Desmond Trufant /CB/ Washington:
Winfield is STILL playing?

23. Denver Broncos -Andre Ellington /RB/ Clemson:
Undersized speedster might end up a better pro runner once he adds strength.

24. San Francisco 49ers - Brennan Williams /OT/ North Carolina:

25. San Diego Chargers Rick Wagner /OT/Wisconsin:
Depth or upgrade on either side.

26. Green Bay Packers - Shane Skov /LB/ Stanford:
Not a huge fan but he's made a decent recovery from injury. Hawk might not be back and Bishop's coming off injury.

27. New York Giants Michael Buchanan /DE/ Illinios:
Giants defensive line is aging.

28. Baltimore Ravens Kenny Stills /WR/ Oklahoma:
Jacoby Jones bought them time but it's time to transition to fresh legs at this spot.

29. New England Patriots - Kawann Short /DT/ Purdue:
BB likes his DTs. Haven't seen him yet this year but wasn't a fan of Short last season so I have him lower.

30. Atlanta Falcons - Larry Warford /OG/ Kentucky::
Need to look at Warford a lot more but he's a big sleeper.

31. Houston Texans John Jenkins /NT/ Georgia:
Overrated imo but you can't coach up size.

32. Chicago Bears - Sean Porter /LB/ Texas A&M:
Productive backer who'll probably move to a 43 scheme.

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