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Originally Posted by vidae View Post
Cam Newton has the ability to come out of his "funk" and be a very productive QB. Vince Young was basically done in the NFL after his rookie year. The two are nothing alike.
Vince Young was a Pro Bowler in his rookie year. How is that being "done"?

How can you make assumptions about Cam being able to come out of his "funk"? You don't know that at all.

That's the whole point of this thread: to elicit discussion about whether or not Cam *will* follow the path of Vince Young or if he will, like you said, come out of his "funk" and work harder to be an actual NFL QB?

And please show me one QB who doesn't mind losing in the NFL. I don't give a **** if he mopes on the sideline. Losing sucks, especially when there is a ton of pressure on you to be the very best, like no one ever was. (yeah I went there)

Maybe he could handle it a little better, but there are immaturity issues after losing and then there is Vince Young level headcase issues. Two completely different things.
The reason people point that out is because as an NFL QB, you can't overreact to losing. It's not about "minding" losing, it's about being able to deal with it. It's being able to hold your head high and your work ethic on-point even when you are losing week-in and week-out, instead of just checking out.
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