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Default The BEST mock! (Explanations of Each Pick)

1. Chiefs: Geno Smith, QB

Obvious choice for now. Chiefs desperately need a QB. They get their man.

2. Jaguars: Jarvis Jones, OLB

IMO he's arguably the best player in the whole draft. They get a HUGE boost to their defense which desperately needs help. Sadly for them there is no OL or QB to take here, so OLB will have to do.

3. Browns: Manti Teo, OLB

The Browns need a difference maker and they get one in Te'o. He is not only a leader, but a great all round player and guy to have. He can be the face of that franchise. Like the Jaguars due to a lack of offensive talent, they must go defense, but they do get a great 3-4 linebacker for years to come.

4. Eagles: Star Lotulelei, NT

As an Eagle's fan I think we will switch to the 3-4. If we do getting Star is necessary. Finding good 3-4 NTs is hard in this league. Star can become the centerpiece of a front 7 anchored by Cox, Kendrichs, Graham, and Curry.

5. Panthers: DeMarcus Milliner, CB

The Panthers could really use CB help. Every time I watch them they get beat constantly. I think a great corner like Milliner could do wonders to improve that defense.

6. Raiders: Matt Barkley, QB

I think the Raiders reach a bit to get Barkley. Barkley is a cali kid that could fit in well with Raiders. They need a QB, so they get one.

7. Rams: Luke Joeckel, OT

If a QB were available they might take them, but for now they still need to get Bradford help. Jason Smith clearly wasn't enough. Another tackle could prevent further injury to the high payed QB.

8. Jets: Keenan Allen, WR

The Jets really don't have enough WR talent. While I think Sanchez and Tebow blow, they certainly aren't getting too much help from their wide outs. A good WR like Allen could bolster this core up next to Holmes next year.

9. Lions: Xavier Rhodes, CB

I predict the Lions will trade up to get Milliner. Since I'm doing trades in this mock, they stay where they are and take the 2nd best corner in this draft. They just have to take a CB, as their secondary is just THAT bad.

10. Titans: Damontre Moore, DE

I think the Titans offense right now isn't that bad. There's not too many offensive players worth taking so they might as well go defense. Moore has top 5 potential so they are getting a nice steal here at #10.

11. Chargers: Jonathan Hankins, DT

The Chargers could use a better NT than they have now. Hankins could fit that role.

12. Dolphins: Jonathan Banks, CB

After the Vontae Davis trade, they could use a CB. Their defense is bad, so a CB is always a nice safe bet to make the defense better.

13. Bills: Tyler Wilson, QB

I think the Bills are a talented team. They have some RBs, some good WRs, a decent OL, and a solid enough defense. I think with a good QB they might make a wildcard spot.

14. Cardinals: Chance Warmack, OG

The Cardinals have a great defense, but their offense is more than lacking. As no QBs are left, I think they must make their offensive line better. With all the QB injuries that have occurred for them, the oline must protect their QBs better.

15. Rams: Sam Montgomery, DE

Montgomery is another top 10 talent that falls. While DE is not really a need at this point, I think a rotation of Long, Quinn, and Montgomery could be one of the best in the league.

16. Cowboys: Barett Jones, OG/C/OT

The Cowboy's line right now is in some disarray. Getting an all-purpose lineman like Jones could help fix that. It is always nice having a lineman that can play all the positions on the line, especially when he can do it well.

17. Saints: Sheldon Richardson, DT

The Saint's defense needs some serious help. They have a very lackluster defensive line right now, so Richardson may be able to help.

18. Bengals: Barkevious Mingo, DE

Bengals could use a DE upgrade, Mingo fits the bill. They have a very solid roster currently and defensive line is the only truly shaky position they have. Plus, I could totally see the Bengals drafting someone named "Barkevious". It just sounds right XD.

19. Bucs: Bjoern Werner, DE

The Buc's offense isn't too bad right now so a defensive lineman sounds right for them. He is also one of the better players left on the board.

20. Seahawks: Tyler Eifert, TE

The Seahawks could really use a TE, so why not get the best one? Their defense doesn't really need much and they have their QB, RB, and OL. Getting Wilson a receiving threat will really help his progression.

21. Steelers: Kenny Vaccaro, S

Paulamalu's career is ending soon so they need a replacement. Vaccaro is my top player left on the board. Troy could use his last few years to teach him.

22. Giants: Tony Jefferson, S

The Giants just missed out on their S. They settle on Jefferson. They are a solid team. They have a good offense and their DL is stellar. Their LB situation is fine for now and they have a lot of young CBs that need time. A safety makes the most sense as that is their weakest position.

23. Vikings: Justin Hunger, WR

The Vikings finally have their QB in Ponder and of course Peterson behind him. Harvin is a good WR, but not enough. Getting a good second wide out is the best thing they can do to improve Ponder even more.

24. Colts: Jake Matthews, OT

The Colts finishing at 24? That is, IMO, the biggest jump in recent NFL history. It makes sense to as they are 7-4 as of now. They are getting by right now with Luck's pocket awareness, but that can't last forever. Their line is horrid in reality. They have some receivers, and a decent enough defense. A tackle is the best thing they can do to keep building on their current success.

25. Packers: Alec Ogletree, ILB

The Packer's defense has to be the focus of this draft. Their front 3 isn't all that bad, but they need another ILB next to Hawk and Matthews. Ogletree can fill that spot right away.

26: Broncos: Joseph Randle, RB

The Broncos do not have too many needs. Manning looks great again, they have good WRs, a good OL, and a fantastic defense. Getting the best RB in the draft will help balance out their offense as they have probably the worst set of RBs in the NFL.

27: Bears: Dallas Thomas, OG/OT

I really wanted to mock him to Dallas, but that's just stupid so I didn't, but the Bears could use some linemen badly! Their defense is very good/great, and they have weapons on offense. Bringing in another OL will keep Cutler safe for more years.

28: Patriots: Terrance Williams, WR

With speculation that Welker might leave a WR makes a lot of sense. Williams has put together a monster season WITHOUT RG3. Him and Edelman would be a good WR core.

29: 49ers: Robert Woods, WR

The 9ers just missed Williams, but take the local Woods. He hasn't been as dominant as he was the year before, but that is partly due to Barkley's inconsistant play. The 49ers STILL need WRs (every f**king year!). So here is another one. They don't have many needs so a WR should still be the pick.

30: Ravens: Jonathan Jenkins, NT

The Ravens don't need much so a NT would be a good addition. He would make this defense even scarier than they are now.

31: Falcons: Dion Jordan, DE

Jordan could go as high as #15, so this is good little steal here. The Falcons could use some front 7 help and Jordan brings just that. At 6'7" he is a massive force to put on the outside.

32: Texans: Eric Reid, S

The Texans, after winning the SB, don't need much either. They have a great offense, great front 7, good cornerbacks. Safety is the only thing I would suggest them upgrading.
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