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Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Trogdor is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default 2013 Offseason Mocks

For all initial salary cap figures I used the compiled list in this thread:

Initial figures PRIOR to making any cuts or signings puts us at $147,596,344 or $26.6 million over the cap. With that in mind I'll dive right in :)


Step 1. Re-negotiate Miles Austin to an amenable amount.
*Note* Not a full restructure we cannot afford to push anymore bonus money to the end of the contract. He either takes a pay cut, which I predict, or he gets his papers. Approach Miles Austin and let him know he is a vital part of the team but not for his cap hit. Guarantee him money through 2014 in exchange for losing salary off the back of the contract.
New 2013 Cap number - $2,355,000
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $5,947,000

Step 2. Cut Doug Free: Designate Free as a June 1st cut
New 2013 Cap Number - $4,175,000
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $7,000,000

Step 3. Cut Jay Ratliff: After June 1st
Cowboys attempt to renegotiate (i.e. paycut) but Jay refuses. Combined with his lack of "team support" while injured - Eaton actually approached the organization to find out if he was suspended as he was not on the sidelines with his teammates and his blow up with Jerry it's hard to see him around at if a suitable replacement is found.
New 2013 Cap Number - $3,000,000
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $4,000,000

Step 4. Restructure Brandon Carr's Contract
Convert Carr's $14,300,000 2013 Salary to a $10,000,000 signing bonus, plus a $4,400,000 salary
New 2013 Cap Number - $8,900,000
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $7,400,000

Step 5. Negotiate a New 5-year Contract for Tony Romo
Get Romo to sign a new $85 million contract
Include a $25 million signing bonus, plus a $2.5 million first year salary
Include $40 million guaranteed (2nd year salary of $13.5 million guaranteed)
New 2013 Cap Number - $12,818,833
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $4,000,000

Step 6. Restructure Jason Witten's Contract
Convert Witten's $5.5 million salary to a 4.5 million signing bonus, plus a $1.1 million salary
New 2013 Cap Number - $4,500,000
2013 Cap Savings - $3,500,000

Step 7. Designate Josh Brent NFI (Non-Football-Illness)
Total 2013 Cap savings $575,000

Step 8. Restructure and extend DeMarcus Ware's contract
Convert Ware's 5.5 million salary to a $4 million signing bonus, plus a salary of $1.6 million
New 2013 Cap Number - $9,321,750
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $2,900,000

With these 8 steps, the Cowboys can reduce the 2013 salary cap charge to $112,274,344.

Additional cost cutting measures:

Cut Phillip Tanner
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $555,000

Cut Donavon Kemp
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $480,000

Cut Lawrence Vickers
New 2013 Cap Number - $100,000
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $1,100,000

Cut Dan Connor
New 2013 Cap Number - $1,350,000
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $1,650,000

Cut Marcus Spears: After June 1st
New 2013 Cap Number - $1,050,000
Total 2013 Cap Savings - $950,000

FINAL cap number prior to FA / Draft::::::: $107,539,344 ($13,360,656 in cap space) = Figure $6,000,000 for the rookie pool leaving $7360656 for free agency


L.P. Ladouceur: Resign (~750,000 per year) - Best LS we've ever had. Period.
Sammie Hill (1,500,000 2013 cap hit) - 4-3 NT we'll need a hoss in the middle as all as our line is in desparate need of a little beef.
Ernie Sims: 1 year 750,000 - Veteran backup at LB.
Phil Costa: (715,000 2013 cap hit) - Depth and competition at center
Anthony Spencer: Resign (6 years - $38,000,000 (see Ahmad Brooks with more guaranteed and less incentives): 2013 Cap hit $3,000,000 - Creative cap work to give Dallas two agile, intelligent DEs to fit the Tampa-2. Will need to be creative for run defense however with two light ends.

Remaining Cap Space: $6,645,656

Whew - Checked all the boxes and came in with $645,656 under the cap including the incoming $6,000,000 rookie wage pool. Not bad.

Cowboys TRADE the 18th pick in the NFL draft to the Bills/Jax/Philly in exchange for the 2nd (~40th) and 5th (~140) selections in the 2013 draft and their first round selection in the 2014 draft. (Almost carbon copy of the JP Losman trade in 2004).

2T)Margus Hunt, DE, SMU
Dallas is waifer thin at DE in the new 4-3 scheme even with Anthony Spencer retained. Hunt offers an EXTREMELY high ceiling and fully capable of wreaking havoc from any spot on the defensive line. Kiffin is going to get a strong voice in the draft room and a pressure player on the front 4 is likely to be the object of his affection.

2)Dallas Thomas, G/RT, Tennessee
Dallas waits less than a minute to walk the card up for a player of the same name Mr. Dallas Thomas, G/OT, Tennessee. Cowboys plan to kick him over to RG after he successfully transitioned from LT to LG during the 2012. He had no problems dealing with elite NFL prospects playing against the top DTs in the class from the SEC.

3)DJ Swearinger, FS, South Carolina
After missing out on Kenny Vaccaro in the first and watching Reid and Thomas taken off the board prior to their second selection in the 2nd round Dallas is ecstatic for landing Swearinger. A rangy yet physical safety capable of ball-hawking as well as delivering the bone jarring blows he is an EXCELLENT fit for Kiffin's incoming scheme.

4)David Bass, DE, Missouri Western
Raw but incredible athlete. Honestly would of loved him regardless of scheme (3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE). For as quick and fluid as he is at 265lbs he could be an absolute nightmare of passing downs.

5t)Zach Line, RB/FB/H-Back, SMU
Dallas nabs the slipping Zach Line who doesn't have an NFL position by modern convention. A quick interview with Jerry Jones reveals the 'Boys are interested in using him as as a power back/FB combo and utilizing his excellent hands and blitz protect. After the unsuccessful utilization of traditional lead-blocking FBs Line is much more athletic and adept to pass catching while still being no slouch in lead blocking and protection.

5)B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary
Extremely quick and fast. Elite recovery speed. Undersized and projects to play inside at CB.

6)Kerwynn Williams, RB/KR, Utah State
Explosive, excellent lateral ability and balance, great hands, packed into a small frame. Obvious weakness lies with his diminutive frame however is a willing blocker.

Primary UDFA / Trade for 7th Rounder: Alex Carder, QB, Western Michigan
Carder will slip due to being injured the latter half of the season but he has all the tools to become an NFL starting QB. He's played through injury, team captain, and has a live arm. He has a knack for keeping plays alive by moving his feet but also has a reputation of forcing throws. Dallas takes him to groom as their, inactive, 3rd QB this season.

Primary UDFA: Ryan Griffin, TE, Connecticut
Projected to be the 4th TE and has a chance to make the 53 based on special teams play and ability to block. Griffin is an active and able blocker more committed seemingly than some of his UCONN teammates. Has the size and ability to be a large red zone target as well.



QB (3)
Tony Romo
Kyle Orton
Alex Carder

RB (3)
DeMarco Murray
Lance Dunbar
Kerwynn Williams (KR/PR)

FB (1)
Zach Line (Power RB/FB/H-Back)

WR (5)
Dez Bryant
Miles Austin
Dwayne Harris
Cole Beasley
Danny Coale

TE (3)
Jason Witten
James Hanna
Ryan Griffin

OT (3)
Tyron Smith
Jermey Parnell
Darrion Weems

OG (4)
OG - Nate Livings
OG - Dallas Thomas (Will also backup OT)
OG - Mackenzy Bernadeau
OG - David Arkin

OC (3)
Ryan Cook
Kevin Kowalski
Phil Costa


DE (5)
DeMarcus Ware
Anthony Spencer
Margus Hunt
Tyrone Crawford
David Bass

DT (5)
Sammie Hill
Jason Hatcher
Sean Lissenmore
Ben Bass
Brian Price

LB (6)
Bruce Carter (WLB)
Sean Lee (MLB)
Alex Albright (SLB)
Kyle Wilbur (Backup to SLB)
Ernie Sims (Backup to MLB/WLB)
Caleb McSurdy

CB (5)
Brandon Carr
Morris Claiborne
Orlando Scandrick
B.W. Williams
Sterling Moore (Backup FS)

S (4)
Barry Church (SS)
Gerald Sensabaugh (FS)
DJ Swearinger (FS)
Matt Johnson (FS/SS)

ST (3)
PK - Dan Bailey
P - Chris Jones
LS - L.P. Ladouceur

Total (53)

Just about completed. Will polish and flesh out some of the draft picks and make it prettier but I'm beat. Numbers SHOULD be correct but after making last minute changes they be a tad off. I will check the math again at some point.


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