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I still stand by my line of thinking that Wilson has just as much if not more potential than Miller. Obviously they are in two different schemes, and Wilson is a DE now. He will blow up soon so we'll revisit that. My line of thinking is the same on Benn as well and he will also blow up as he gets healthy/his coach realizes he can be their best WR(If they don't someone will). Its also funny that you leave out the discussions on Liuget, Jenkins, etc.

As for Hawthorne, that is funny as well. You seem to have the same "different game" syndrome a lot of our fans have. As I said Patton is the only guy who had consistent success on Hawthorne, and I made my thoughts known on that. As for the rest, I think you need to realize those stats don't matter because Hawthorne wasn't manned up with those guys every snap, which was a combo of both scheme design and teams moving players around due to Hawthorne. Check how many times Hawthorne has not only been targeted, but has had a completion thrown on him. I'll save you the time...you won't find many.

Hawthorne is better than Vontae Davis, and Davis will be among the top 5 CB's, if not the best, for a long time. The only reason people haven't heard more about Hawthorne he hasn't had the overall team support of other well known CB's (In addition to the fact that we never saw his electric ability on offense). He is the truth though. A playmaker through and through, plus he is clutch.


Senior year HS highlights just for kicks (Didn't play CB, was a FS, WR, P and return man...should've easily been a 5 star)...


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