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Default My 2nd Mock after some FA time - 2 rounds

Here's my 2nd attempt, thanks to those who provided some feedback on my
1st attempt a few weeks back.

As I stated before - if you don't like what I have give me a reason (a real one). Some things I certainly changed, some stayed the same.
I do have a nice twist with this one right off the bat .... so here goes.

#1 TRADE Arizona- Geno Smith-QB- WVU
I predict that either AZ or Buffalo will make this trade & pick Geno.
The Cards' O-Line is non-existent but they have NO QB to protect anyway!
Besides history has shown you can always improve your OLine in later rds

2. Jacksonville - Barkevious Mingo - OLB/DE - LSU
Their opposing QB's had a whole lot-a-time last year.

3. Oakland - Shariff Floyd - DT - Florida
Due to FA the shelf is rather empty at DT for the Raiders

4. Philadelphia - Eric Fisher - OT - Central Michigan
They have way to many ? 's with their Line this year and he would help out !

5. Detroit - Luke Joeckel - OT - Texas A&M
Not their biggest need, but with Backus announcing retirement, they need to keep Stafford upright to throw to C. Johnson & Pettigrew somehow.

6. Cleveland - Dee Milliner - CB - Bama'
Could go a # of directions - but w/ Flacco 2x a year - why not ??

7. TRADE - Kansas City (from AZ) - Star Loutuleilei - DT - Utah
Get the guy they wanted & stocked up on extra picks for the future.

8. Buffalo - Dion Jordan - OLB/DE - Oregon
They will not be happy about right now, they need a QB but need to improve their pass rush & their OLine just as much.

9. NY Jets - Ezekiel Ansah - DE - BYU
Fits their style of defense & has a ton of upside - will he work out?
Rex is willing to roll the dice.

10. Tennessee - Bjoren Werner - DE - FSU
This could go O-Line as well but they won't pass up on him here.

11. San Diego - Chance Warmack - OG - Bama'
They have holes all over their OLine but a certain CB from Fla St could go here as well, but with C.W. dropping down to them they wont resist.

12. Miami - Xaiver Rhodes - CB - Florida State
With WR not a top priority for now & both Fisher & Joeckel gone. They may trade down or make a much needed improvement in the secondary.

13. Tampa Bay - Corradelle Patterson - WR - Tennessee
(If they don't trade for Revis, they're still here) With the release of Penn and Rhodes off the board, they need to somehow give Freeman some help.

14. Carolina - Lane Johnson - OT - Oklahoma
No surprise here, for them this is a BIG need & they fill it with a BIG fix.

15. New Orleans - Jarvis Jones - OLB - Georgia
Look who drops down !! With the spine I think he'll slip a little, & Rob Ryan begins building his attacking 3-4 with a nice pick !

16. St. Louis - Keenan Allen - WR - California
Bradford needs more weapons & Fisher knows it.

17. Pittsburgh - Kenny Vaccarro - S - U.Texas
Went back & forth with this one a bit. With Palamalu at the end of a great career, they'll wait to pick up a WR later on.

18. Dallas - Sheldon Richardson - DT - Mizzou
Want C. Warmack or Johnson to fill their bigger need but for now they'll improve their Run defense with this disruptive force. May take Fluker here.

19. NY Giants - Damontre Moore - DE - Texas A&M
They have a history of developing D Linemen & they're good at it !

20. Chicago - Jonathon Cooper - OG - UNC
They might trade down which is ok with me or insert Tavon Austin here as well. However, even if they do resign L. Louis they NEED help at Guard !

21. Cinncinnati - Alec Ogletree - LB - Georgia
This would be huge for them! The question is - can he behave off the field ?

22. St. Louis - DJ Fluker - OT - Bama'
Wouldn't surprise me if they went w/ Trufant or a LB here but they won't be able to resist Fluker's size & strength at this spot.

23. Minnesota - Jessie Williams - DT - Bama'
They need youth here & the "Williams' wall" makes it's return which will free up Jared Allen on the outside - HOLY CRAP!

24. Indianapolis - Desmond Trufant - CB - Washington
They could do a few things here - but I think this is a much needed improvement.

25. Minnesota - Tavon Austin - WR - WVU
With the trade of Percy Harvin, they need a return guy & Lord knows that Austin will stretch the field. Which means Peterson has bigger lanes - more HOLY CRAP!

26. Green Bay - Eddie Lacy - RB - Bama'
Could go a few ways here - but since they didn't want Benson & lost the Steven Jackson FA war - they'll try and move on.

27. Houston - Manti Teo' - LB - Notre Dame
They have no problems with him here. With Demarco Ryans long gone & R Cushing coming back from a big knee injury they need some depth.
Anyways, Houston is good place to find a new girlfriend.

28. Denver - Jonathon Hankins - DT - Ohio State
Had him here last time, now he'll definitely be a good fit with Dumervil gone & besides he's soooo BIG (360 lbs) he could fill 3 holes by himself.

29. New England - Menelik Watson - OT - Florida State
This draft they start rebuilding the trenches to keep an aging Brady healthy.

30. Atlanta - "Tank" Carradine - DE - Florida State
They let go Abraham - so this (like last time) still makes sense.

31. San Francisco - Alex Okafor - DE - U.Texas
With their FA problem on the DLine this year & next they'll need some depth.

32. Baltimore - Kevin Minter - LB - LSU
They will be thrilled if he is still on the board at this point, if not a S is possible.

2nd Round - I did not list Supplemental & "Bounty-gate" picks

1. Jacksonville - Tyler Eifert - TE - Notre Dame
Last night I had him going to Minnesota, however after some "thought" I'm not real sure where he falls to. I know Jacksonville needs some weapons on offense.

2. San Francisco - Eric Reid - S - LSU
They might take WR here, but since the WR class is deep this year. They can be patient.

3. Philly - Jonathon Banks - CB - Miss State
With their stud CB released (his name is too long to type) they try & replace

4. Detroit - Datone Jones - DE - UCLA
With FA - probably their #1 overall need & they get a STEAL here with him !!

5. Cincinnati - Jonathon Cyprien - S - Florida International
Now that they have Ogletree - they put a very nice piece behind him as well.
Could certainly address OLine with this pick as well.

6. Arizona - Barrett Jones - C/G - Bama'
They hope he falls to them here & he'll certainly give them some options since he can move around to different spots if need be.

7. NY Jets - Matt Barkley - QB - USC
Rex is politely telling Sanchez "get your head out of your A$$ or else".
They might pick up RB Bernard/M. Ball here as well.

8. Tennessee - Kyle Long - OT - Oregon
A nice pick up for them here & he has experience with both Guard & Tackle.

9. Buffalo - Ryan Nassib - QB - Syracuse
I know, I know - this won't be popular. I can't convince myself they'll take EJ Manuel or Wilson here & Glennon is not the Marrone type of QB. But they have to take a QB with the release of Fitzpatrick !!

10. Miami - Dallas Thomas - OT Tennessee.
With Jake Long probably long gone thanks to FA they need some help!

11. Tampa Bay - Mike Glennon - QB - NC State
Josh Freeman hasn't exactly been the nice prospect he once was a few years ago, so they get an insurance policy. I know I would at this point.

12. Carolina - Sylvester Williams - DT - UNC
Need somebody for those nice LB's they have to keep OLinemen away from them in order for them to make more plays.

13. San Diego - Matt Elam S - Florida
Need some help in the secondary & they hope he will help.

14. St. Louis - Kawaan Short - DT - Purdue
With the offense addressed in the 1st they attempt to get a disruptive force for the D here in the 2nd. I wouldn't be surprised if goes higher than this.

15. Dallas - Larry Warford - OG - Kentucky
Now they're ok with the situation left over from the 1st round.

16. Pittsburgh - Robert Woods - WR - USC
Not sure about this one here, is he the next best WR at this point ??
Regardless - With they're style of offense - I think he'd be a nice fit.

17. NY Giants - Justin Hunter - WR - Tennessee
I think he would be nice compliment to their offense, could take a CB here too.

18. Chicago - Arthur Brown - LB - K-State
I realize I'am a little bias here !! I would be ecstatic if he drops down to this point. If his shoulder checks out he would be AWESOME in Chicago.

19. Washington - David Amerson - CB - NC State
If A Brown is gone the Bears might take a CB as well - but Wash could use a little help in this area & with this CB class there are-a-plenty.

20. Minnesota - Logan Ryan - CB - Rutgers
I want to say to Antoine Winfield was released ?? Regardless he's over 30 & slowing down.

21. Cincinnati - Montee Ball - RB - Wisconsin
He certainly improved his stock with his pro-day & they don't have a legit RB that I know of.

22. Miami - Sam Montgomery - DE - LSU
They roll the dice here a little with his "I take plays off against easier teams" comment. Which makes me wonder about his overall work ethic .

23. Green Bay - Justin Pugh - OT - Syracuse
They need more so a C since Saturday retired, but they also had HUGE depth issues as well which was exposed last year.

24. Seattle - Margus Hunt - DE - Southern Methodist
Their 1st pick this year & they get a MONSTER - 6'8" and 290lbs. However, the question is - Did he really play against legit competition ??

25. Houston - Jordan Poyer - CB - Oregon State
I don't think anyone is going to complain about this pick up & besides they were pretty set on Offense last year.

26. Denver - Travis Fredrick - OG/C - Wisconsin
With Stokley signed in FA they can pass on WR, they might take a CB - Champ is old !! But they also want to keep Peyton upright as well !!

27. New England - John Jenkins - DT - Georgia
With V. Wilfork getting older this makes sense.

28. Atlanta - Zach Ertz - TE - Stanford
I don't care if Gonzo is coming back - he is still 37 !!!!

29. San Francisco - Deandre Hopkins - WR - Clemson
They get a nice pick up here - Moss is as old as dirt, and K Williams is more of a return guy then a WR guy.

30. Oday Aboushi - OT - Virginia
Better start investing in some OLine help for your new $120 MILLION investment !

Guys that will probably creep in somewhere but I didn't know where to put them.
EJ Manuel QB
Khaseem Greene OLB
Da' Rick Rogers WR
Phillip Thomas S

Well there you go - let me have it - give me your best shot !

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