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Originally Posted by G Mobile View Post
Pressure is important, but a sack has a much bigger effect on an offense. A good QB can still make a positive play with pressure. A sack is an instant loss of yards and the play is over, not including the added effect of a fumble or anything. It's like a corner playing great coverage on a WR, but not being able to make a play on the ball. It will dissuade the QB from throwing it to the WR, but the WR can still make a play and hurt you.
A sack *is* a type of pressure. It's one of the 5 outcomes that can result from pressure.

And to say that a sack has more of an impact than any other type of pressure is wrong, because a pressure that leads to a quarterback throwing an interception is far better than a sack that simply leads to another down.

And repeated pressures can harry the best quarterbacks into being ineffective for the entire game, whereas a great QB can take a sack or two and otherwise not feel pressure and continue playing at a high level the entire game.

It's the pressure itself, and the volume and frequency of it, that's the most important thing for a defense to generate.

Whether that pressure ends in a tackle of the QB (sack), or something else, is a matter of tackling technique, QB awareness of the pass rush, game-plan, and/or plain luck. The pressure itself is important, and what happens after the pressure is achieved is mostly tangential.

Sacks as a stat can be misconstrued and overrated in terms of pass rush ability, but the effects of a sack should be undeunderestimated. Actually hitting the QB and getting sacks has a considerably bigger mental effect than just getting pressure.
I don't think you understand the concept of "pressure" as an umbrella term. Hitting the QB and getting sacks are all forms of pressure.

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