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Originally Posted by FUNBUNCHER View Post
I'd still argue that all the Giants pass rushers during that playoff run benefited from all the attention JPP received form opposing OCs.
Who do you think opponents had red marked in their scouting report?? Osi?? Tuck?? Kiwanuka?? Or JPP??
Classic chicken-or-the-egg problem. Does Jason Pierre Paul benefit from Osi and Tuck playing around him or do Osi and Tuck benefit from Pierre Paul playing with them?

Seeing as how the Giants had already won a Super Bowl based on Osi and Tuck's pass rush ability in 2007 before Jason PIerre Paul was even in the picture, I'm going to lean toward... um... THE FORMER.

You've got to get to the playoffs to win a SB and no single player other than Eli and Cruz helped the Giants more that season get to a SB than JPP.
Actually, all of those that I listed did more for the team. Pierre Paul converted an inordinate number of his pressures into sacks for a splashy final end-of-season statline, and he played solid run defense, but that's about it. Osi and Tuck were more valuable players in the playoffs for sure, and in the regular season, despite the gaudy sack stats on the part of Pierre Paul, were probably more valuable there as well.

Saying that Manningham/Nicks/Tuck/Osi/Webster/Rolle/Canty/Joseph/Bernard were ALL individually more important to the 2011 Giants SB squad than JPP is either completely delusional on your part, or a high level form a trolling.
Just because you say something is true doesn't mean it is true. You have no evidence or logic to dispute my point and all you can say is "troll! delusional!!" Maybe if you actually come up with some decent points you can debate this with me. Until then, you have nothing.

You went from saying Brandon Graham is better than JPP and a future DPOTY, to arguing that JPP was basically a scrub afterthought in a year when he was ALL-PRO.
Pierre Paul had a very good regular season in 2011. He was outplayed by Graham in 2010 and 2012. He was also outplayed by his own teammates on the defensive line in the 2011 playoffs and was not nearly as valuable to the Super Bowl run as people would have you believe.

That is all.
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