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Default Trading Down

Even though, I like watching who the Broncos' #1 draft pick will be; does it make sense for them to trade down, if they cannot draft up?

For some reason, after reading all of the articles about respective players, it seems that the talent level of players drops after the #20 pick. Not that the talent drops, but it seems that there are players in the 2nd round that could equally be as good as projected 1st rounders and projected 1st rounders that should be 2nd rounders.

With this said, the Broncos could viable recieve another 2nd round pick, another third, or a couple of 4th round picks. In this case I think the Broncos have more options to key on players like:

1) David Harris, who I heard the Broncos really like and could replace Al Wilson. Actually what I heard was that he is comparable to Al Wilson, but faster.

2) Tim Crowder, is often found on a lot of moch drafts going to the Broncos, and I have read that he has 1st round talent. I personally think, and I recently saw film, that this guy is awesome. He hits hard, he is big, he is fast, and he played at Texas on a big stage.

3) Ryan Harris/Tony Ugoh, are two prospective tackles. However, if the Broncos keep their #1 could get Joe Staley, which I wouldn't mind drafting at all. He is more athletic and less injury prone than Joe Thomas, which ultimately could mean that he might be better. But, what if Harris and Ugoh are just as good?

4) Marcus Thomas, seems to be another guy with 1st round talent, who has "character issues." I am not sure about his character issues...so he got busted smoking pot. I have smoked pot; I am sure the majority of us in this forum have smoked pot. Many teens/early 20-somethings have smoked pot. It's not like he went into the strip club with a trash bag full of money slapping hookers around. He probably smoked-up, ordered a pizza, and played Madden for the entire night. I think with his talent and you can tell him not to smoke any more pot, he would be great to have in Denver! He can be mentored by all of people...Gerard Warren.

5) Steve Smith, seems to be a favorite of a lot of people. Even though the Broncos seem to have WR depth...they could use more. I could eventually see Steve Smith, Brandon Marshall, and Javon Walker on the field together.

Who else am I forgetting...these are just a few people I have recently read about and kind of like for the Broncos. I know we need a safety, and probably some more OL depth, which could be added a lot later.

It seems like the Broncos were somewhat successful two years ago when they traded down and loaded up on DBs, maybe they should do the same with Defensive linemen, along with a MLB, and a few skill players.

Throw names out there, and why they would be good? And, if they should keep thier number 1 pick.
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hmm i like your explanation, personally i would rather be aggressive and trade up to acquire an upper caliber player but if we were to trade down i like those players, smoking pot aint a big deal, calvin johnson, amobi okoye, and gaines adams honestly admitted to it. anywayy
1. Charles Johnson/Anthony Spencer DE
2. Joe Staley - if we trade down to like 35 ish we could possibly get him but doubtful
3. Rufus Alexander - put him where dj williams is and move DJ inside... the most solid linebacker core in the league
4. Eric Weddle - a good guy on/off the field so we can use this pickup
5. Tank Tyler - can some youthful talent in out d-line
those are my top 5 second rounders
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What if we trade down and give the Bears our #21 and Ian Gold for Lance Briggs and their second and possible 5th round selection?
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