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Originally Posted by Denver Bronco56 View Post
Not trying to come off as a homer.... but it will def. sound that way.

Hind sight is 20 - 20, so looking back you have Elway, Marino, Kelly all HOF qb's that came out of that class. So you can say 1a or 1b...whatever you want.

But just like the 30 for 30 made clear, or anytime you hear about QBs in the draft they are measured up to Elway. He was/is still the best QB to come out, he had a ROCKET arm. BUT WHAT I FEEL LIKE PEOPLE OVERLOOK was his athletic ability because he was white or just heard about his arm... he was the Yankee's 1st pick in the draft that year and he was drafted to play left field...just because he didnt run around ALL THE TIME doesnt/shouldnt take away from his ability to... Ironically enough Andrew Luck another stanford alum posses the same combo, great arm and above athletic ability. (Just to point out Deion Sanders played left field..just saying you have to be athletic to play the position)

But to say Marino should have been 1a or 1b is not giving Elway credit he deserves.

ANOTHER thing is if you want to mention not having talent in Marino's defense as a reason why he never made it to more than 1 SB.... go look at the 1st three times Elway went... HE SINGLE HANDEDLY is the sole reason the Broncos went to the 1st three.

By the time the 1997 and 1998 wins came around we had actually built a team and gave him players to work with... But dont act like he always had great players around him, because the 1st three times the Broncos went to the SB outside of Elway they might have had the least amount of talent to ever make it
Oh, I know. I am a Denver fan as well, and I grew up watching Elway. I am not dissing him at all. I know that the first two teams he led to the Super Bowl weren't that talented, and they shouldn't have been there, especially the 87 team. He was the whole team those two seasons.

However, their 89 team was better than the other two Denver teams that made it to the SB in the 80's. They got rid of Joe Collier, and replaced him with Wade Phillips. They got rid of Mike Harden, drafted Steve Atwater, and promoted CB Tyrone Braxton to starter. Simon Fletcher had his first 10+ sack year. They promoted future Pro Bowl LB Michael Brooks to the starting lineup.

And, they signed two DE's in Plan B, Ron Holmes and Alphonso Carreker, that made good contributions. Holmes had nine sacks that year. That was the best scoring D in the NFL.

Also, they added RB Bobby Humphrey as well, giving Elway his first good feature back behind him.

It was ironic that the 89 Broncos suffered the biggest blowout in the Super Bowl of those three teams, but the zone that SF was in, coupled with the bad vibe that the Broncos felt going into that game, spelled disaster. I remember how some people in Denver didn't want them to go back to the SB that year because they were afraid of losing again.

And, I agree with what you said about Elway's talent. He was the best prospect that year. However, Dan was pretty darn good, too. If he came out a year earlier, he would have been the #1 overall pick, not Kenneth Sims.
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