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Originally Posted by Brian Dawkins
Originally Posted by CGF 216/137
Originally Posted by Brodeur
Add this into the gigantic plunge of pointless sequels. I'll probably see it anyway although I think the first is overrated.
this is the year of the sequel, PoC 2, Sin City 2, Clerks 2, X3, Scary Movie 4, Hostel 2, etc.
WHAT How do u say the 1st was overrated
I didn't find it that funny and i'm not a huge ferrell or Vaughn fan. But if they get owen wilson and Jack black then i'll def. go see it.

As for Hostel 2 my bad that's 2007 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0498353/

as for the sequels i loved scary movie 4, thought X3 could've been great had they followed the script a bit more, extended it by half an hour and added Gambit.

Loved PoC and am a big Depp fan. Sin City 2 will be good. Hartnett's character kicks as. and Kevin Smith 8)
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